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One year with Ray.

The last couple weeks have had many special one year milestones for our littlest guy.
A couple days before Christmas we celebrated his first birthday. 
365 days earlier I had no idea that the world had just welcomed a beautiful little boy.  We had no idea that we would have a son in 2016, or that we would have a 7th child at all. 
On the day of his birth there were no waiting room filled with friends and relatives anticipating joyful news.  There were no balloons, excited birth announcements or celebrations. 
There was an ambulance ride with a tiny little passenger.  A rush of medical professionals and social workers. 
His first Christmas didn't include any "Baby's First Christmas" ornaments, there were no packages with his name under a tree, or families proclaiming that this new little life was the best gift they could recieve. 
He brought in the New Year with beeping monitors and rotating hospital staff, as he fought of infections and endured symptoms no infant sh…