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365 Days, Happy Birthday my Darling girl.

One  year.

It's been a year since you left your mothers womb and were welcomed into this big scary outside world.  The circumstances surrounding that day are mostly fuzzy to me, and even if they weren't, I wouldn't share those sacred details here. What I do know is that you were a tiny very vulnerable little girl, not quite ready for this hostile world, but yet God's plan for your life began to unfold.

Despite being born from and into less than ideal circumstances your life was preserved and protected. Your life has value and purpose and is not an accident.  When I think about the day of your birth I ache for the woman who carried you.

 When I laid eyes on you at just one week old, weighing just a little over 4 lbs and hooked to various tubes, wires, and monitors I fell in love. I will never forget that moment when we first met.  I was instructed to wear a paper gown and gloves, an uncomfortable barrier between your skin and mine, and was encouraged to take you into m…