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When a killer isn't charged with murder.

I'm sure most of you have heard {this news story} out of Colorado by now.  It's a horrifying crime that makes us collectively appalled and disturbed, because it is appalling and disturbing.  It's a vile and heinous sort of crime.  I think there is still something in our collective consciences (maybe called common grace) that realizes this was wrong and horrible and that this baby was a helpless victim.

However, the woman who savagely cut this child (named Aurora) from the safety and warmth of her mothers womb and left her and her mother to die, will not be charged with murder.

Let that sink in a moment.

An intentional, premeditated, violent act that directly resulted in a death will not be considered a homicide. Why?

Because the victim is not considered a person by law.  

It comes down to the issue of personhood.  We have never learned from atrocities in history.  We still think that we have a right to pick and choose which human beings can be classified as people, and which …

Annie - 11 Months

Sweet baby girl is 11 months now. 
I pulled out my camera to do a little photo shoot. Although my photography skills are sorely lacking, I've been trying to take pictures each month to mark each precious milestone.

As you can see she's a delightful bundle of energy.  She's clever, curious and full of personality. Annie has a quick smile, a contagious giggle and a surprisingly well developed sense of humour.  She is an absolute doll and I enjoy each and every day we have with her. 
She is very relational and affectionate.  Her hugs and kisses are the sweetest thing ever.  She has a special relationship with each one of her siblings and they absolutely adore her. 
She is a very quick crawler and cruises along the furniture on her feet.  At 11 months she has six cute little teeth.  She is also starting to climb.  This girl has always been strong and agile but as she enters the toddler stage that physical ability and ambition is really keeping me on my toes!
I seriously can&#…

A Rant a Day Keeps the Straight Jacket Away - ADHD edition.

Have you ever heard the saying "A rant a day keeps the straight jacket away"?  No?
That's because I just made it up now.

You know how, in my previous post, I suggested that exhausted mom's find something they enjoy doing and make time for it?  It turns out that my new hobby is ranting about stuff that threatens to steal my last shred of sanity.

I'm only kidding.  Sort of.

Today's rant is about crap we find on the internet and spread around as if it's actually real information.  I find the biggest culprits of this sort of thing are supposed natural health websites that are often simply PR for selling "natural" products.  It's a racket.  What I despise about it other than the quackery peddled is the constant fear mongering.  Big Pharma, vaccinations, GM food...the list goes on and on. If you can create a big bad enemy to fear and disdain, people will open their wallets to the alternatives that you are peddling.  Rather than getting into all t…

An Exhausted Mom's Survival Guide

Self Care is a topic I have very little natural interest in.  In all honesty any time I hear people talking about "self care" I think about Oprah type motivational speakers, or ladies ministry groups painting flower pots and I want to gag.

I realize it may seem odd to make that assertion and then proceed to write about the topic.

I find in our culture today we are inundated with "self".  We are implored to love ourselves more, to exult ourselves higher,  and to put our own needs ahead of those around us.  It's everywhere, even drilled into every child via innocent cartoon characters.   "Just follow your heart" and "Believe in yourself" are the theme of most every children's program I overhear my little one's watching.  After a while I just find it nauseating.   Self love, self esteem, self preservation, self glory

We are raising generations of completely delusional, hyper-sens…

Miss Cece turns 5!

Because her party last year was super lamo, I decided to step it up a notch.  Fortunately because the bar has been set so low I didn't take much to pull of a spectacular event. 
Ta-da!  A make it up as you go along Minion cake.  
My glorious mess is in full view as a back drop.  Keeping it real friends.  Actually I'm just not that aware of what I'm doing when I'm snapping pictures.   If you look closely you can see that we still have no backsplash (from last years kitchen reno) and we have begun a new renovation project which will be massive as far as mess and destruction goes.  The chaos is only in it's infant stages right now but by summer will have morphed into a full fledged raging reno adolescent.  This old house needs some major work, including all new windows.  But more on that later. 

That smile.   It melts me into a puddle. 

I actually planned ahead this year and bought some dollar store Minion theme decorations.   I'm super original and creative like…

2 Weeks in Belize

This February we went on what feels like a trip of a lifetime, although I sincerely hope that is isn't the last or only time I visit Belize.  I enjoyed it too much.
This year we were unable to take our usual road trip down to Baja Mexico for various reasons that include most of my kids returning to boring old public school and having a foster baby.  We really wanted to get away from the cold and needed to have a break from the stresses of normal life.   We could only be away for two weeks so spending two weeks driving somewhere was out of the question. 
My parents recently bought a home in Belize.  They are semi-retired and leave my husband to keep track of things on the farm while they are away for the winter.  So with some money scrimped and saved, lots of airmiles points, and cheap seats we flew our crew all the way to Belize.   Other than Aili, this was the first time our kids have flown.
We bought our tickets and planned our trip when we thought our foster baby would be leav…