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Happy Birthday Silas!

One thing about blogging that I love is memory keeping.  I began this blog when Silas was only a year old.  I can scroll back and reminisce through each of his Birthday's.  Which is especially nice if you have a memory like a sieve. 
My last "tummy baby" is eight years old.   The years rush by so fast it leaves me breathless.  I really do love this age though.  There is a sweetness, and softness that happens when a boy is between the barbaric preschool years and the onset of adolescence.  It is a beautiful but brief window of opportunity to pour in and invest.   A few more blinks and these last couple years of boyhood will be replaced with becoming a man.  

Every year Silas covers his ears when we sing "Happy Birthday".  It's just his thing.  I think I would miss it if he stopped. 
Once again we kept the party simple.  Just us.  We are enough to fill the room anyhow.  We made the evening special with bags of popcorn, a family movie, corn dogs for supper an…

Christmas 2014 and starting a New Year.

We kept things pretty simple this year.   Actually, I'm not sure we know how to do "not simple" when it comes to holidays.  We are easy to please I guess.   Or just a bit lazy.

Six stockings remind me how blessed (and tired) we are! 

Christmas morning with a house full of kids is a lot of fun. 

Especially when they get this excited about a pack of gum. Or a little book.

or noodles.

The biggest gift went to Miss Cece! 
She got a suit case all her own.  A "Trunky" suitcase that she will be using for our upcoming trip to Belize.  

In fact, we bought all our kids gifts they can use on our trip.
We're just practical that way.  

Annie got her first dolly.  

Silas was very happy with the bin of random Lego pieces that he got from Aili.

We got smart this year.  Most of Elijah's gifts were food.  Not just any food...his favorites.  He appreciated them so much more than he would expensive toys.   In fact he was thrilled. 

 It's hard to beat a big bag of popc…