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Why I don't give my kids an allowance.

I have a confession.  For years I've been hiding the full extent of my parental negligence.  No more.  I'm letting the cat out of the bag.

I do not, nor have I ever, given any of my five children an "allowance".

Years ago when I was a much greener, wet behind the ears, parent I assumed that I would eventually put my children on the dole and that this would be proof my parental provision for them.  They would learn to take care of the money entrusted to them and we would all be happy with the arrangement.
That day never came.  For one reason or another I found other things to spend every last cent of our family's income on.  I squandered it on things like food, shoes that fit growing feet, and keeping the power from being shut off.

Still, I assumed I would give them an allowance someday.  Someday when we had a little more cash left over.  Someday when I'm not such a flake.  Someday when I actually have some sense of stick-to-it-ness, consistency, and follo…

Life as it is. Sunday's coming.

This time of year the stores fill up with plastic eggs, chocolate extravagance, and multicolored stuffed bunnies.  I don't generally over think or over react to the secular variations of Christian holidays (goofy traditions can be fun) but for reasons other than my general revulsion to materialistic gluttony, I struggle to make room for it in my head.  I can't reconcile fluffy overpriced bunnies with the enormity of a blood drenched cross where our murder of God accomplished His own plan to saves us.

 Maybe the muddy snow outside my window puts a grimy damper on the whole daffodils and tulip Easter stereotype, but I think it's more than that.

I look around me and I see this aching and twisted world torn apart by suffering and sin, and all the plastic grass, and food coloring in the world can't hide it from sight.

Last week dear friends of ours received the phone call that every parent fears getting.  Now they wait in a hospital room for their college age son to wake …

Before it's too late.

For most kids their 14th birthday is nothing more than just another year passing.  A bit of pride in getting older, some extra privileges or responsibilities earned and likely a big birthday party with lots of carefree friends.
For a child owned by the government, a child without parents, a 14th birthday means that your last shred of hope that you will have a family to call your own is crushed.  
At the very young age of 14 a child "ages out" of the orphanage and foster system. The worldwide statistics for orphans aging out are staggering and the future is bleak.  In a country where family ties and lineage is extremely important there is a profound stigma and a huge disadvantage attached to being labelled an "orphan"....a label that will follow him long into adulthood. 
I would like to introduce to you a boy that has been on my heart, and in my prayers, a lot lately.  He has just over a year until he crosses that line.  He has until July 2015 for a family to commi…

Welcome Home

I wish I could live two consecutive lives. I want to jump in, with both feet, into two different pools. For years now my heart has been split between two countries.
This past trip to Baja reignited the familiar desire, or maybe that "this is home" feeling.  This feeling loses it's force the longer I'm home in Canada...simply because life here is also full, and rewarding, and challenging,  but life there will always call me.
Like everything else I hand it over to God and let him do as he pleases. 
This year we had the honor of serving in a new (to us) ministry.  We were hopeful but hesitant. 
This past year some close friends of ours, who have lived in Mexico for years, were asked to be in leadership.  It's been exciting to see God working and leading in their lives.  They have been through a lot, and I know not one of those experiences will be wasted...but rather used for God's glory and the good of people He brings into their lives.
It wasn't long into …