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Minerva and her Baby

Five years ago we met a girl.  She was new to the orphanage.  Her and her brother had recently been dropped off by a Mexican version of child protective services.  She had freshly bobbed hair, and was perpetually sad.  
Somehow she and her brother were absorbed into our family.
She was tiny and beautiful.   She had no idea how old she was or even when she was born. Eventually her birth record was found and she was thrilled to discover that she was 13.

After a while she and her brother returned home to their mother and younger siblings.

This little girl has grown up a lot in the past five years.

A couple years ago we celebrated her Quinceanera.  Her 15th birthday.  

Minerva is resilient.   She lives this life with poise and strength. 

Life doesn't slow down. In her Triqui culture it isn't uncommon for young women to become wives and mothers very young.   The demands of adult life begins early, if childhood ever existed in the first place.  Work in the fields, have babies, scru…

Our Last Day Together

Five years ago during our six month stay in Baja we met a family that somehow became our own extended family.  Not through blood, or lineage...but simply because God brought us together.  If you have been following along here you likely know which kids I'm referring to. I often refer to them as "our" kids from Santa Fe, or the kids who call me Tia.
This is Carmela the year we met her. 

Below is Carmela now.  A beautiful young lady.  She is responsible, intelligent, serious, and loves all things girlie and pretty. At 11 years old she spends her days washing clothes, keeping the house, tending a fire, cooking the meals, and taking care of the little ones while their mom works long days in the fields.   This is the only childhood she has ever known.   She does it all with astonishing maturity and skill. No school.  No going to movies. No birthday parties. No playdates.  No bedroom filled with pretty things. 

I ache for lost childhoods, and patterns that never change.  I hu…