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Sleeping in a Yurt in San Ignacio - part 1

We had considered taking advantage of how far south we had already come and heading down to La Paz but after talking to someone who had just come from there, the scales of decision were tipped toward heading back North.  Apparently the highway is all torn up and filled with road construction and repair, adding many hours to the trip.  On top of that this weekend is Carnival in La Paz and it's already jam packed full.  Low on money, and low on ambition to drive for another full day (only to find "no vacancy") we turned the van around and began to make our way back up to North Baja.

We had looked at the bed and breakfast made of "yurts" in San Ignacio on our way down but it was full.  Yesterday afternoon we called and the people who had reserved the family sized yurt had cancelled.  We didn't realize that this is whale season and the San Ignacio lagoon (a short drive away) is full of whales and their calves.  There are also a lot of Gringos migrating here …

Seals, boobies, and a little piece of paradise.

I guess we could call today our homeschool field which puts all traditional public school field trips to shame.
If I make it sound educational I can justify leaving the school books behind for a couple weeks. 

Life school is way more exciting anyway.

The day began at 8:30 am with a little boat, and a nice man who agreed to take us out to an island that we had heard about. 

Along the way we floated by some volcanic rock islands that were covered with many different creatures.
The water was so clear the kids were able to watch for fish.  Roman claimed he saw a ray.

Check out the bird with the blue feet!  Our skipper told us that this is a rare bird that is only found here and in the Galapagos.  He said it was called a boobie.  I wanted to find out more about this bird, and was about to google it, when I realized what word I was about to google and decided I'd just take his word on it. 

 Just around the corner we came across a whole lot of seals.
 Loud barking seals t…