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One year with Elijah, a New Kitchen, and a trip to Mexico!

This month has been nutty enough that this poor little blog is pretty neglected lately.  If there is anyone still out there in cyber land who cares about our severely mundane yet odd life here's a little update.

It's been a crazy sort of month.  Reminiscent of last January where we were rushing around getting all the last minute stuff done for our trip to China.

A year ago we were busy dropping off kids and making our way to the airport.  Three days from now will be the "Gotcha" day anniversary.  It's a bit mind blowing to think that after feeling like the process would NEVER end, that it's already been a year since it ended...or began, depends on how you look at it I guess.

On the other hand it feels as if this little guy has been a part of our family for ages.  He has just meshed in so incredibly well.  I don't take that for granted because I know that is not the "norm" with adoption.  Don't get me wrong, we definitely have our challenging…

Granola Grinder

I don't know why I've never made granola before now.  I guess I just didn't have a tried and true recipe and it never occurred to me to find one.  Maybe I'm just not "crunchy" enough.

We go through a lot of store bought cereal in our house...which translates to a lot of money spent.  Only two of my children and myself enjoy oatmeal and the rest despise the suggestion of porridge for everyone is generally met with groans (or gagging).

We also go through a ton of baking.  Homemade cookies, loaves, and muffins are lucky to last a couple days.

 Breakfasts, snacks, lunch box treats, it's hard to keep the supply up to the demand.  I really needed something that I could whip up in a couple minutes, with minimal effort and mess...but that will actually keep kids satisfied, and provide some nutrition.  We rarely snack on store bought goodies, cookies, or crackers which would be convenient...but once again too much money, too much packaging, and too much u…


We've been doing some more juicing in my house but this time instead of just a summertime treat, the Hubster and I wanted to try juicing as a meal replacement for a few days.  I know of people, and personally know someone, who did this for weeks (or months) but since this is my husbands first stroll down deprivation lane we thought we'd keep it short.  
We had watched a Netflix documentary a while ago called "sick, fat, and nearly dead".  It's pretty inspiring, and interesting.  It's all about a guy who needs to lose weight, and who goes on a juicing diet.  I'm pretty sure if my husband hadn't watched it, there would have been no way he would have tried a juicing diet. 
Before you get in a snit about a "skinny" girl on a diet....I should clarify that my goal isn't to lose weight, although after a few months of sitting on my duff with a broken leg and a month of Christmas binging the jeans are a little snug.  Even "skinny" girl…