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I'm not writing a New Years post

I don't feel very filled up with insight and wise words this evening.  I'm not reflective, or even anticipating a brand spankin' new year.

I don't have the feeling that I'm turning over a new leaf, or starting a fresh page.  I didn't buy any champaign, and don't have any fireworks...even if I did the fact that it's like five million below zero outside would keep me inside (because I'm a big wimp).  My "Littles" went to bed at 7pm, and my "Bigs" went to bed at 9.  There was no way on God's green earth that I was going to enjoy their presence until midnight and then suffer the fallout of crabby kids tomorrow.
Today was enough to have me rocking in the corner...well maybe not literally but deep inside was a whiny little girl threatening to come screeching out.  Needless to say children asleep in their beds is a glorious way to end any day.

My husband also went to bed at 9.20pm.

I guess I'm just a ba-humbug lamo New Year…

Just in time for Christmas

There are so many Christmas memories being made for this little man.   It's fun to experience this season through his perpetual sense of wonder and enthusiasm. After having Santa show up at a couple different Christmas programs/parties he is officially a fan.

Santa was his new best friend.

 That's what -40 degrees Celsius looks like.

It turns out we have some strange traditions here in instead of eating our cookies we make houses out of them. 

Today Elijah finally got his casts cutt off. Daddy and his boy were up super early on this very cold day to drive to the city. He wasn't so sure how they were going to take those casts off.  When they brought out the noisy saw, he told them "No, no thank you.  No like it".  

This brave boy happy was happy to see the casts go.

He came home to his first real bath in several weeks. We got all the gnarly-ness scrubbed off, lotioned him up and it's so nice to see his little legs and feet again. He has some new…

I'm Offended

This past week has been one big mouldy internet stew filled with careless words, over reactions, offence, and demanding of rights.

It's like watching civilization implode.

I have considered sharing my knee jerk reactions, irritation, thoughts, predictions, and disappointment over the Phil Robertson bruhaha but I think the interweb is filled up with a good variety of responses to that already.  I find it all rather fascinating a rubber necking an gnarly accident kind of way. In case you haven't had your fill.

Here's some wisdom and pointing out of irony by Albert Mohler .  There is a reminder not to arm ourselves for the wrong battle by Stephen Miller.   A reminder that grace can be strong, and that love can be tough by Jenilee Goodwin.  A post about why the suspension of Phil will backfire by Trevin Wax.  A diplomatic call for genuine diversity by Russell Moore.  An entertaining rant and prediction by Matt Walsh.   Some thoughts on intolerant tolerance by Jo…

Official Family Christmas letter

Dear friends far and wide,
may those who live far stay near to our hearts, and those who are wide lose some of their girth.

Blessings to you this Christmas.
This year has been a spectacular one.   We have a minimum amount of vomit to report, and the police have never once arrived to investigate the strange noises that come from our home.

I (the mom) have managed to keep the children alive another year.  That is no small task and requires constantly saving children from their own stupidity.  I have hope that the constant nagging, reminding, and restating things I've said a million times may have penetrated some skulls.  I have found a new hobby this year as well.  I have discovered the joy of long hot showers without children peaking through the curtain, or joining me.  It's a blessed experience and one that I hope I will be able to keep up with as the years go by.  My accomplishment this year is that I have had no crying in my closet, while clinging to a bottle of wine, epis…

Orphan-care Ethics - join the discussion.

I recently wrote a post that had been in my heart and banging around in my head for a long time.  I felt compelled to get it out of those places and work it out on "paper".  Little did I know that it would gain some momentum and climb to 7,000 hits in just a few days.  That blew my pea brain a little.

It was written based on our own observations, stories from others, and a hunch that these problems are not the exception but much more common than we would like to believe.

My biggest fear when hitting "publish" was how it would be received by those who work in orphan care, and orphanages.  It's a sketchy thing to stick your neck out and speak about something that is also fiercely defended in many Christian circles.  I understand that deep loyalty, because I feel it too.  Shooting an arrow at the sacred cow of "orphan ministry" generally doesn't go unnoticed so I fully expected and feared a negative reaction.

Surprisingly, the points made, and conc…

'Tis the Season

Elijah thought we were a little crazy at first, but soon got the hang of things.
Last Christmas we were counting down the days until we could bring him home.  I hung an extra stocking along side of the other four, simply because I couldn't bear not to include him with my other children.   It remained empty, but I loved seeing five stockings hanging by the fireplace.  
This year he's home.   His stocking is hung, and he will wake up on Christmas morning with gifts under the tree.   10 months he's been our boy, and I'm so thankful that we get to celebrate Christmas with him.

{Cece helping bake some Christmas cookies, in her festive dress}

Like something out of a magazine right?

This time of year things slow down a bit.  A time to catch our breath, and curl up at home. Minus all the trips to town running kids to appointments, and activities of course.

Elijah loves the snow.  I took the snowman pictures a month ago before he had his surgery.  We now have much more snow, a…