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One Year Ago Today

One year ago today we were on our way to Mexico. We were spending time together as a family, while we drove south.

Our family one year ago.

Something special also happened one year ago today. Miss Cece's paperwork FINALLY went to the judge and he approved us to be her forever family. We didn't actually know that this had happened on Oct. 31 until we returned home 7 weeks later and opened our mail. 

One year ago today, this little girl officially became our daughter.  

The Insecure Son

Holding onto a Strawberry Shortcake book, little sister crawls up on Mama's lap and snuggles in close.  Across the room Elijah notices.  A look of betrayal, fear and horror crosses his face and he fights the urge to cry.

Holding back his tears, he rushes to mommy's side.  He insists that little sister only get one book.  Just one.  No more.

Mama invites him to sit up on her lap too, but that would be giving up half of what rightfully belongs to him.  No.  He will wait.   He tries his best to wait patiently for the book to end.
He fidgets.  He moans.  He sighs.
He slumps face first on the floor.
He starts to whine,
 then rant,
 then full on rage.

Like a jilted lover, his jealousy comes from a deep desire to love and be loved...and it is fueled by fear of losing what he had. Fear of losing his position as beloved son.

 It's just too much for his little scarred heart to bear.
Desperate, he begins to grab, pull, claw, flop and wail.
What began as a spark of envy, fa…

Yes, we're crazy

My last post was mostly whining about how overwhelming daily life has been, and how anything "extra" nearly feels impossible.
So, what did we do? We decided to go camping this past weekend. I must admit I was skeptical when my husband suggested it. We had hoped to have one more family weekend in the trailer, BEFORE I broke my leg, but I didn't expect we would do it now, especially this late in the year.
I was doubtful that we could pull it off.  After all, packing, preparing, and functioning during a camping trip (and cleaning up after it) generally falls largely on the mom in this house.
We were given the chance to have family pictures in the City taken on Friday, and we had other things to do in the city on Sunday so we decided to park our trailer in a small campground on the outskirts of the City.

It was a "chips all in" move. I figured this attempt at a weekend get away would either be the final nail in the coffin that held our sanity.  I feared that that …

Simply Surviving

Every once in a while you hit a season in life when you are merely just surviving.  
There is no ability to achieve more than just the very basics of survival.  Anything above that seems completely impossible.
During those times of illness, or a brand new baby, or post adoption adjustment phase, or in my case an injury, priorities get stripped down, standards plummet to frightening new depths and we make it through one day at a time.
Some days better than others. Some days I'm not so sure we'll make it.
Children remain in pajamas during the day, or wear clothes to bed.   We've been eating either Kraft dinner (or some other kid made delicacy), or casseroles kindly made by friends.  The house looks like it was either ransacked by hungry criminals or hit by a natural disaster (Hurricane Cece).  The big kids are getting some school work done but my junior Kindergarten class consists of reading books, and counting fingers while they sit on my lap.  Tempers flare, sympathy runs…

What is Cerebral Palsy anyway?

Today is "World Cerebral Palsy Day".

I thought I'd better not let the occasion pass without writing something about CP, besides it gives me an excuse to write about this handsome guy.

We are fairly new to this world of muscle spasticity, physical therapists, daily stretching routines, mobility equipment, and ankle foot orthotics, but after 9 months it has simply become normal.

The adoption of our son, included adopting a new lifestyle, a new special needs community, and a new appreciation for the differences among us.  Especially for kids who have to work so hard to do the things that the rest of us take for granted.

What seems like common knowledge to me now, as I ramble on and on about "AFO's" and "heel chords",  I realize is often strange, confusing or mysterious to people we may know, or casually run into.    So here is a simple overview of things you might want to know about Cerebral Palsy.  Keep in mind that I'm certainly not an expert,…