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Strength in Weakness

I'm experimenting a bit with my writing, and trying my hand at this blogs first "series".... which sounds better than "cluster of posts that are vaguely connected in theme".
At least "series" is shorter to write.

My previous post was titled "Raise strong kids in a world that plays it safe".   The tricky part is how we define "strong".   I know I'm not feeling particularly strong right now sitting in a recliner with my broken leg up in a cast, and my house crumbing into messy chaos around me.  I'm learning to rest....only because I have no choice in the matter. God has a funny way of knowing where I need to have some sanctifying work done.

As I continue with the theme of "strength", especially as it pertains to parenting,  I have to take a look at what kind of strength we want our kids to have.

That made me really wonder, and caused me to investigate the concept of strength.  What can make a young person go to th…

Raise Strong Kids in a World that Plays it Safe.

Hello friends,  I want to take a few posts to discuss some priorities for Christian parents, for my own reminder and benefit as much as anyone else's.   Keep in mind that I'm also teaching this to myself as we go along.

This summer I was asked to teach a session at a Family Bible Camp with the topic of "Parenting kids who stand strong".   The overall  theme of the entire week was "Kingdom Rock" which also happened to be the kids VBS theme of choice in churches all around Christendom, complete with draw bridges, and styro-foam castle bricks, and flowing banners.  I figured the two themes would tie in fairly well together...minus the moat, and the strange medieval costumes.

I panicked slightly, because really...who am I to teach anything, especially being that my kids are still young.  They have not yet entered the fiery trials of adult life. We are still just planting seeds, nurturing small seedlings, and praying for roots to grow....the coming crop remain…

Busy Season and a Broken Fibula

These pictures are from last week... at least I think it was last week, harvest is all becoming a bit of a blur to me.
The good news is they're almost done. Although I'm not really sure what exactly "almost done" means.  I guess it means there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and we're almost to the other side.

We went out for a quick Daddy visit, and to take him some food.

This was Elijah's first ride in the combine.  He was nervous at first....that is one big loud machine, but he is a tractor kind of a boy.  He loved it.  I think he could ride in there happy as could be all day.  Maybe next year I'll have to try out that theory if I get grafted into the harvest crew.

It's an excellent crop this year.  Lots of grain.  It's not our farm, but a good farming year is good for job security.   It also makes harvest time more fun....and at the same time more work to get all that grain hauled off. 
The weather has held really well, a nice late summe…

Elijah's 7th Birthday

This week we celebrated a very special day. The day that a very special baby boy came into the world.
We weren't there that day. In fact, no one, other than a mysterious woman in a far away land, knows when that day was. When I think back 7 years I try to picture my boy as a tiny baby. I remember our own family 7 years ago.. Aili was starting Kindergarten, Roman an active three year old, and Silas was making my belly big and round.
A cloud of mystery hides those first days, months, and maybe even years.   I try to imagine it. I bet his birth mother is beautiful.  Sometimes I try to picture her. Was she young?  Was she poor?  Was she thrilled to hear "it's a boy!".  As the months past did she try to hide what she already suspected?  When did she realize that he was not using his left arm, or sitting, or crawling when he should have been?  How crushed was she to make that choice to leave him?  He was not he son she had hoped for, and the son she needed to have.
I can&…