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I Didn't Follow my Heart

Someone recently commented about our adoptions saying  "that is so good of you, you are amazing, that must feel so good". 
As well intentioned as the comment was, it left me speechless.  I'll skip over that suggestion that somehow I'm "good"...because honestly that's just plain laughable if you know me.  Only Jesus is good.    It is an uncomfortable sentiment I hear quite often though. It was the last part that floored me. Externally I mutter something like "we are so blessed and thankful"....which is absolutely true.

But here, on my blog, I'm going to be a little more honest. 
An adopted child doesn't arrive with a bag of warm fuzzies.  Nope, not even a little carry on.
 Parenting and loving a child isn't something we do to feel good.  If that is an adoptive parents motive...Lord help that child. 

I sounded just as strange to me, as it would if you were to tell a parent of five biological children 
"it must feel so good".

How do y…

A little bit of crazy, a good dose of chaos, and a lot of love.

Yesterday we said goodbye once again to our summer time guests.   They didn't stay quite as long this year so the three weeks went by too fast.  I love having my close friend and sister in law around.  We laugh our way through the days, make fruity drinks in the evenings, and it doesn't hurt to have an extra set of Mom hands around when the kids get rangy and the laundry heap looms high.   Over the past four summers together we've worked out so many of the kinks that come with meshing two families/ households together for any extended period of time.  Certainly, any time you slam together two households into one (or put any two women into one kitchen) for a month there is plenty of opportunity for irritation, offence, or selfishness but part of what I love about our extended visits is that it's grown us in grace, healthy conflict resolution and patience.   We've learned to love each other better.  You can tolerate a family member, or keep the peace on a surface le…

Birthday and Baptism - Roman style

I've been scarce in blog world lately so I'm going to rewind the VHS tape of life for a minute and pick up where I left off, and what I've missed.

I appreciate all of you cyber friends and loyal lurkers who follow along on our wacky little journey here, so don't think I've forgotten you.

My biggest boy had a two special days in the last month or so.  The first one was his baptism.

A few posts ago we spent a weekend camping with our church family.  It was such a great time.
A highlight was an afternoon of baptisms of new believers.  One of those baptisms was my son.

He's been asking to be baptised and jumped at the chance this summer.  While I am cautious of children being baptised too young or being coerced in anyway, I am also cautious of discouraging or hindering children who have a good grasp of the gospel, who love and follow Jesus, and who know what the purpose of Baptism is.  The act of baptism has no actual power to save or "seal the deal" in…