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Q and A Part 1

Now that you have experienced parenting foster children, bio children,internationally and domestically adopted children will you give us the high and low in your opinion of each situation?

That is a question that would take more than a blog post to answer I think.  I've tried to be pretty honest and vulnerable over my years of blogging with our experiences with each of these things but hindsight does offer some perspective lacking at the time as well.   Some simple truths that stand out are.....every child is so unique, and some kids it seems are more "unique" than others requiring a whole new set of parenting tools.  Just when you think you've got it figured out you enter into a new phase.  

 Adoption is not a condolence prize for people who "can't have their "own" kids".   It isn't second best, or pretending to be a parent. Adoption comes with it's unique challenges, particularly when children are adopted from difficult histories, but …

Ask Me Anything...I dare ya

Hey there friends.
Spring hasn't melted our snow yet, and "Spring fever" has nothing on cabin fever in April...
so I had the idea today to open up my blog to questions.  It will provide a nice distraction from the piles of soggy snow pants, and muddy mittens.

No topic off limits.

Is there something that you've always wondered about me or our family?  Questions about my kids, homeschooling, farming life, or raising a multi-racial family?   Questions about our faith, family life, frugal living finances, adoption, fostering, parenting, or our trips to Mexico?

Anything.  I can't promise you I have brilliant answers but I promise I will do my best to satisfy your curiosity.

So don't be shy, and help a girl out.  You curiosity might just provide me a cure from the boredom of monotony.
Ask me whatever you want to, be completely honest.   I'm not afraid of different views, or questions you would be too embarrassed to ask me to my face, but no one appreciates mo…

He matters

{picture not my own}

 Before I met my son, I loved him.  Before I held him, I felt passionately protective of him...but then, one afternoon my love for him changed.   I suddenly knew him all fleshed out in front of me.   I knew the sound of his giggles, the smell of his hair, and the curve of his toes.  He was real. He was mine.

Late one afternoon in Guiyang, at the height of the sidewalk rush hour, we ventured out to find somewhere to eat.  The sidewalk was a carpet of motion, people bustling every direction, heads turning to take in the strange sight that is two white people pushing a Chinese child in a stroller.  I could see my little boy wilting under scrutinizing scowls,  he knew they were looking at him.  It made me want to scoop him up and run away to a place where he was just a kid.

As we walked, I saw something that caused me an actual physical reaction.  On the sidewalk ahead of us was a boy, he was small, but he was probab…

Easter Photo Dump

This post promises to be somewhat random and entirely disjointed. It's been one of those weeks that feels like Friday, when it's only Wednesday. I should probably be in bed....but I had an itch to catch up with my blog friends.   Whoever you might be.   Hi. 
Yesterday was a big day for my little man.  He had another PT appointment and this time they pulled out a tricycle for him to ride.  He was THRILLED.  We're going to have to figure out something for him this summer.  I only wish we had pavement instead of gravel.  
After that he saw an orthopedic specialist and had several xrays taken.   We were relieved to discover that he does not yet have scoliosis...although he's pretty crooked.  His muscles are so lopsided in tightness that it's just pulling his spine and posture out of whack.  She emphasized (as well as the PT) that proper seating is essential.  Cerebral Palsy is non progressive (the brain injury can't get worse) but the effects of it can do more and…