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Las Aves

Las Aves is a community only a few minutes away, on the outskirts of town.  Dwellings scattered up on a red earthed hill with a stunning view of the ocean just a few miles to the West and the rolling mountains to the East.  It is a newer settlement and does not yet have power or water access.   The settlement is largely made up of indigenous field workers making about 10 dollars a day.  For some reason when we hear that, as Canadians, we assume that the cost of living must be proportionately low here but it's really not.  Of course there are some things that are cheaper here, but some things are more expensive, and a lot of things are about the same.  A  2 litre jug of milk costs about the same as it does at home.   As you can imagine $10 doesn't go very far especially in households that are often made up of single moms, many children, extended relatives, and elderly grandparents.  

I had planned on this post being a simple set of pictures and a few descriptions...but I sense…

Adoption Obsessive Disorder

Spending this past month in Mexico, filling our home and our days with friends and kids we love, soaking up sunshine, and consuming copious amounts of Mexican food has been a great distraction from my continuing AOD (Adoption Obsessive Disorder, a rather pathetic debilitating condition that afflicts every waiting adoptive parent).   It has been a good way to pass the time and focus our attention away from our “LOA” (our final approval that will indicate imminent travel) wait time.   Despite the pleasant distractions, I still find my mind and heart occasionally wandering back to the child that isn’t with us on this trip.   It feels like someone is missing from our excursions and outings.  Someone else should be curled up on the couch reading stories with us, someone else should be discovering sea shells at the beach and playing out on the sunny patio.  I am determined (mostly successfully) to live in the moment and enjoy each day,  but as we near the end of our Baja trip I am finding…

Viva Mexico!

Days like today is why we love Mexico.   It's so rich in color and culture.

Our little town celebrated Revolution Day by blocking off the main Baja highway for a parade.  The parade ended in the Park that was full of food stands that had been set up for the occasion.  
These colorful egg shells filled with confetti and flour where also being sold.    The purpose of these is to smash them over your friend's heads.  We bought a bag full at the end of the day but unfortunately my camera's battery ran dead before I could take a picture of my confetti covered kids.  

It was a beautiful sunny morning.   We found a spot on the highway median and watched the show with some friends.

Miss Cece and our amigo Kayden. 

A spectacular show it was. We watched kids from various schools do summersaults on a crib mattress, jump through hoops, dance, march, and wave pom poms, all done with patriotic flair.

Cece and her amiga Brielle wished they could be a part of the show.  I kind of suspect…

Another play day

Yesterday we had the kids over for a play day again.   Nathanael went and picked them up at lunch time while I prepared chorizo and eggs, refried beans, hot off the grill tortillas, cheddar cheese brought from the U.S, and a variety of local produce and spicy condiments.  I can't help but love these kids with food.  A full belly and a tasty meal with friends crosses all languages and cultures.   It is especially satisfying knowing that these kids typical diet is extremely basic and often lacking in fresh fruit and vegi's.   It's fun to treat them too some "rico" extras like avocados, cheese, and cookies.  

Every bit of it was gone in no time. 

We pulled out the toys and "plasticina".

The big kids worked hard on a puzzle (games and puzzles happened to come with the house)

Silas was sweet with Gabriella.  Little girls bring out a soft and gentle side to this boy, he enjoys his big brother role...even when it's not his own little sister.

Gabriella sur…