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This is the week

A week from today we should be back at our little rented house in Baja Mexico!  This past week has been a mess of packing sorting and finishing up odds and ends...although I'm not exactly finished yet. 
This is one of the piles in my house.  I don't have any spare rooms to pack and stack in so there are plastic totes, piles and suitcases everywhere.   This particular donation pile is made up of boxes of kids clothes and shoes that I've pulled out of our dressers and storage, some school supplies, as well as blankets given to us by friends and relatives.  I may have over estimated that amount of space we have in the back of our van.   This pile doesn't include any of what I have packed for us, a family of 6.

I try to pack our things as light as possible but with a wide range of temperatures in North Baja in the winter, a road trip through snowy provinces and states,  and a sketchy laundry/ water situation in the town we'll be living in I can't pack too light...…

Snow Birds

Silas face pretty much looks like how I feel when winter arrives.

It looks like he's thinking...."Remind me why we live here again"

I'm glad I pulled out the snow gear yesterday, because this is what we woke up to this morning.

Some of us are more thrilled than others.  Cece thought it was wonderful and Roman is just happy he has something to dig.  He and his shovel are having a fantastic time together.  Thank God for heavy work.
Speaking of Roman, he got glasses last week and I'm happy to report they are still in one piece.  He insists that they make a big difference (even though his prescription isn't very strong) so I'm hoping that it helps with his frustration level when doing book work.  He has done an awful lot of eye rubbing and complaining of head aches lately. 

In other news.. our little guy in a far away land received the care package we sent to him. 

Here he is winding a tiny little transparent music box. 

Looking at some pictures of his new f…


Can I get a witness up in here?

"We have come to testify...
God is surely great"

I was blasting this track (featured below)  from my stereo in the kitchen, when Miss Cece came wandering in with her new tambourine   A tambourine that I bought yesterday at a second hand store (you know the depths of desperation I had sunk to, when letting my 2 year old play a tambourine 40 minutes home from town was the best option).

This afternoon, I smiled as I watched her dance, jump, sing/hollar, and bash her tamborine to the music.   She sang "ooooo"  "hawewuwah!".

She has no idea.  She has no idea why mom was singing "Hallelujah" this afternoon.

She has no idea that today her mommy and daddy just signed the last of the papers....the papers with her new name.   The papers that will soon be sent to the judge.  The papers saying, YES we want this child!

She had no idea, even while we were in the case workers office, what we were doing, she was only concerned…

Filled up with Thanks

Today is Thanksgiving in Canada.   Our American neighbors to the south also have a 'Thanksgiving' holiday but they celebrate late in November.  Our Holiday lines up with Autumn and harvest.  It is a day set aside to reflect on the abundance we have and give thanks to God for our blessings.  
We started our holiday a little early with a visit to our good friends who live a few hours away. 
I'm so thankful for friends that are just as strange as we are.  It's not very often in life when you find a family that meshes completely and naturally with yours.  The more our life looks a little odd, or we make decisions that are out side of the norm...the more we come across raised eye brows,  criticism, or the opinions of others on how our life should be.  Not that we expect, or require, the approval of anyone...I had my people pleasing idol painfully crushed a few years back.  We have friends and family that we dearly love and enjoy spending time with on all different paths th…