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Every Single Stone will Fall

When we started our adoption process, we knew that it was impossible for us in every way.   We knew it would test our faith, resolve and endurance like no experience ever has.   Even then, we had no idea what we would face along the way.   We kept trusting as we put one foot in front of the other squinting ahead to catch a glimpse of the Promise.   For so many months all we've seen is blowing sand, but the Lord has been faithful as we cling to Him.

"be strong and courageous.  Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you where ever you go" Joshua 1:9

We now stand at the edge and wait.

Ahead of us I see the Promised Land, behind us the fierce desert...but directly in our path the towering Wall.   The Wall that has looms between us and the Promise, that has threatened to send us back where we came from,  but it is going to fall.   Not because of anything we have done, or can do, or will do...but because our God is mighty and He will b…

My Last Day with 2 Kids

This week I have only had two children at home.  My "Bigs" are away at camp for the week, so it's just me and the "Littles" hanging out.   My Hubster is also away from home until late at night so it's just been the three of us.   What a change that is! 
It's been an easy week...less laundry, less dishes, no real meals made (unless popcorn counts), less noise, less bodies banging around the house.   
I miss my oldest kids though...I'm so not used to them being somewhere else, with no contact for a week! 
Here is a sampling of our last day with just the three of us:
The above photo was taken when we were taking a walk down to pick up the mail.   Little Miss Cece decided she was going to throw a fit (I have no idea why).  She decided to just sit in the middle of the road.  So I did what any good mom does...I took a picture, and watched her with amusement as she contemplated the threat of being left behind sitting in the road.  Fortunately she is more …

Family Day

We managed to sneak in another lake day today....even though Harvest has begun.  Things aren't quite in full swing yet so we had a day to have some fun.  Even after just a week of Daddy working long harvest hours the kids were glad to have his attention again.

Our little sailboat (Tanzer 22) is parked at a lake about  1 1/2 hrs away, so that's were we decided to go spend the day in the sunshine.  Unfortunately  (for the sailors in the family) there was no wind.  I was happy just to beach the boat and let with kids play.  

We tried the sails for a bit and let the kids take turns getting pulled behind the boat in the life ring.  Like I've said before, my kids are easily entertained.
Silas is usually a little nervous at first but he was mister brave in no time.

It was such a beautiful day, and the lake was so quiet and gorgeous.   It was so peaceful.

We're not only soaking up the last bit of summer weather but the last bit of family time as well.  The next month will be …

My other kids

I have been writing about these kids since our trip to Baja in 2009 (which you can find back in the archives if you so desire).   They are "the kids that call me Tia" or "My kids from Santa Fe"...for lack of a better description.   I have become their Auntie and my husband is their Uncle.   I'm not sure really how and why God brought us into their story, but looking back I'm so honored to be able to share in their lives...even for only brief periods of time and from a distance.

Back in 2009, we adopted the two oldest as honorary family members while we worked at an orphanage (where we also met Amber and Saul).  Upon the children's return to live with their mother we met a whole house full of children who all call us Tia and Tio.  We promised them we'd always be family.

Three years later there are 7 little ones, we have maintained our relationship with them and we continue to love them.  It's note quite definable.  It's rather unusual.  It&#…

I want to stay with you forever

A bedtime conversation with my littlest boy,  my little worrier.

Mom, what happens when I have to grow up and move away? 

You'll start your own life, maybe you'll go to college, or find a job you like to do.

 I don't want to leave you, even when I'm an adult. 

Well, by the time you're about 18 you will want to be out on your own.  5 year old boys aren't supposed to want to move away from their moms.... but little boys grow up and change their minds. 

 I don't even know where I'll live. I don't have a house. 
 Do I have to build a house or do I just buy one? 

Some people build houses but a lot of people buy their houses.

I don't know how to build a house.  That would take a long time.   Did you buy your house or did you and Dad build it?  

We bought our house.

How much did it cost?  

A lot.  

Did it cost $100?!

A bit more than that. 

Did it cost $116? cost $116

Woah...that's a big waste of your money.   I don't want to move away.   What if …

I used to have 5 kids

Ok, that title may be a little misleading.  They weren't actually "my" kids...but for a season of our life we did in fact have 5 children that lived in our home.
I'm pretty sure that only another foster parent would appreciate what it means to have some sort of continuing relationship with children who spent 8 months in your home, even if it's just seeing Facebook pictures once in a while.   It means a lot...but it's not typically the least not for the other babies we've fostered.  
Knowing that reunification sometimes works as planned, that kids are thriving, and actually having any sort of knowledge about where they are and how they're doing is so encouraging to a foster mom.  
It does help that these kids are distant cousins, little twigs on my big old spread out family tree.   

After leaving our home 4 years ago they moved across the country.  I didn't know if we'd ever all be in one place again.    We were thrilled to have the…

pity party

So I've been contemplating throwing myself a pity party lately.  I'm usually not much of a moper or a whiner...but this adoption waiting purgatory has suddenly given me the desire to crawl into my closet, slide the door shut and post a sign on the locked door that says "wake me up when life is less difficult".

I would commence my pity party by picking a theme...not so much a "poor me" theme as a "Lord please make this easier, I've had enough of this waiting, this not knowing, this uncertainty, this aching....I'm tired."

I suppose if I waited until this world was less difficult I would have to stay there until Jesus return, so I'm trying to avoid the cowering in a corner technique as a coping mechanism.   

That doesn't mean it isn't hard.  At the moment we have two different types of adoptions being processed in two different countries. Both have not been with out their bumps and road blocks along the way.  I can't write …

First sailing day of the summer

Last summer we spent so many days on our little sail boat but this summer has been shorter, stormier, and wetter.  The vessel's captain also had a broken ankle for much of this summer.   
Today was the first time this summer we've had the boat out.  This is also the last weekend that my sister in law and nephew will be with us...they head back to Seattle on Monday.  I'm glad we could fit in a sail day before they leave.  

We drove for a couple hours down to the big river, then ate our lunch and waited for a bit while  Daddy rigged the boat, and hoisted the mast.   
I sure do love this pack of kids!
I can't help but try to picture another little face joining us on our boat next summer.

The big kids are becoming quite a knowledgeable little crew.

Silas didn't quite "get" sailing...."I wish we had a tv in here".  

Captain kissing

It was such a beautiful day...