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Actively waiting

Learning to wait with patient endurance seems to be a recurring theme in our lives, but our adoptions have pushed us into a whole new stratosphere of learning to wait  (or maybe just into a new level of obsessive psychosis) 
I should start by saying, I naturally suck at waiting.  I'm a go for it, get it done kind of person. Waiting and being forced to be still when all I want to do is sprint is sometimes a bit crazy making.  I am learning though...

There is some progress being made in both our foster adoption and our Ch*na adoption, albeit seemingly slow progress (by my clock anyway).   I know that our God is never late though.  His timing and perspective is so far beyond my own narrow little agenda.  

So while we wait for files to move, for court dates to be set, for a Dossier to go to Ch*na... we prepare.  
We're preparing for the child that we trust God will bring to us.  We are preparing to raise an older child who may come with various physical, behavioral, and emotional…

As Christ loves the Church

Ephesians 5: 22-29
"Husbands love your wives as Christ loved the Church and gave himself up for her" (v.25)
I wanted to share something with you that spontaneously happened this past weekend as we camped with our church family.   Our church is a smallish group, a newer church plant,  but we are very diverse in race, national origin, age and demographic. Despite all our differences we are a family.  I would say that the biggest demographic in our church is a lot of young families, young couples and university students.  We have tons of kids under the age of 6.  It's an exciting and vibrant church to be a part of.

One afternoon as we sat around the campfire one of the young men, a newly wed of 1 year, confided in the other men something he wanted to do for his wife.  They decided it was something they needed to do too. 
The wives were invited to sit down in a row of lawn chairs, as a row of  men stood in front of us. 
The first young newly wed, began with tears in his eye…

A beautiful afternoon

This past weekend was a pretty special one.  
I had the privaledge to witness my oldest daughter be baptized. It is something she has been asking to do for a while now, and this year she was unwaveringly serious it was something she wanted to do.  My first instinct was to say "you're too young" but I chose to squelch my knee jerk response in favor of a more prayerful one.  We had some long conversations, and did some Bible reading together.  Our wonderfully gracious pastor sat and casually chatted with her on a few occasions about her desire to be baptized and asked he lots of tough questions.  We didn't do any formal "baptism classes", quite honestly the Bible doesn't make a huge formal deal about preparing for a baptism...the only qualification is salvation, faith in the finished work of Christ. I believe that she has a repentant heart, she confesses Jesus as her Lord and savior, and she is showing signs of a heart regenerated.  Believe and be baptiz…

Boys can have tea parties too

Especially when they have a 2 year old sister that they adore.

Love can make a man do all kinds of crazy things.

My Little Entrepreneur

A couple weeks ago Aili set up this little store on main street of our tiny village hoping to raise some money to bring her new sibling home from China.

She invited her cousin and brother to come and help staff her little store.   She sold home made chocolate chip cookies  as well as ear rings and other beaded necklaces (the hand crafted jewelry had been donated and was left over from our previous garage sale)

After only about 1hr out in the mosquitoes and drizzling rain she had sold all the cookies and a few pieces of jewelry.
For a grand total of $26.00 to add to our adoption fund.
Thankyou Aili!   Your generous spirit, soft heart, and creative ambition makes your mama proud! You are such a delight to have as a daughter. 

It's pretty awesome...

It's pretty awesome to have a Dad that is willing to drop what he's doing to slam out a sword and shield....just because he knows it will make you into a brave dragon fighting knight.

It's pretty awesome to have a Dad that will find the patience and time to sit and play battle ship with a table full of kids who have no idea how to play battle ship.

Yup, It's pretty awesome to have a husband who loves his kids this much. 

It's pretty awesome to have a  husband who generously embraces being a father to the fatherless.

In a world that is desperately short on men willing to be Dads.... it's pretty awesome to be married to one that  loves being a Daddy,  a Baba, a Tio,  and an uncle to a bunch of kids that need a glimpse of what the Father's love looks like.  

A moment captured

"I'm never gonna do it"
(A classic Silas picture)

"Here Si, I can help you"

"This is how it's done"

"wait up guys!"

"Now you try"

"Hooraay! MOM, HE DID IT!" "Go Silas GO!"

A 1/2 hr slice of my life

A 1/2 hr  slice of life at home with four kids.

A shriek comes from the basement as a protective big brother tries to remove a game piece out of a toddler's mouth only to have said toddler react like a pit bull trapping his bleeding finger in her mouth.  Fortunately this cannibalistic little girl is sensitive enough to burst into open mouthed, remorseful tears at one cry of "NO!" from mommy.   One finger bandaged, one reminder to the big kids to clean up their game, and one toddler scolded "No biting, No eating games!"
Moments later I hear a quiet "mommy...mommy?" only to look over and see a puddle of pee running down a toddler's legs and into the carpet.  One pee puddle scrubbed, one more load of laundry started.
As I load the basement washer I'm pretty sure I just hear the very faint sound of glass shattering.  I assume I'm just hearing things ...until the blood curdling screams coming from upstairs tells me otherwise.  
A big brother sh…

New Hair

Me in all my glorious frumpishness. Desperately in need of a make over....or at least just a hair cut.  It had been 9 months since I did anything to my mop. It's in a pony tail every. single. day.
(note to self: when having a child photograph you, stand them on a chair so everyone isn't looking up your nose.)
Well, you get the picture...and it ain't pretty.

After Another farmers wife, and mom of young kids, a few miles away set up a hair salon in her home (after owning her own business in town for years).  It couldn't be more convenient for me...Aili can babysit since it's not very far away and I don't have to take the travel time to get there.  Less time, less gas, and I don't have to find a babysitter!  I may actually have to get my hair done more than twice a year now!

I got quite a few inches off, lots of layering, and highlights. It's brighter and bouncier. It makes me happy.

My husband said I look 7 years younger and much less haggard.  I'll t…

Quiet Down

This is what happens after a bunch of really late nights and busy days.  A little boy who never naps, konks out in the middle of a busy noisy house.  

My little baldy.  The summer buzz cut had a little mishap and well...he's now mostly hairless.  Oh well, it'll grow.  Hard to believe this is the same shaggy little boy who had hair down to his shoulders for about 4 years of his life.  He was my only bald baby though, so his bare little head doesn't seem all that unfamiliar.  Such a little boy...dirty feet, camo pants and a Darth Vader shirt.

On the adoption front, not much to update or movement forward on either one.  In fact, with our China adoption we find ourselves going backwards and having to re-do some of our Dossier.  Not a major hurdle like some others ...just a set back...another delay.  I realize these sorts of things are all just part of the battle.  I knew the process would be difficult but I don't think I realized how much utter resolve,  dependence, and e…