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Are you his mama?

This boy has been on my heart for a few months REALLY on my heart.  If I could orchestrate a way to bring him to my home I would...but I can't.  However I will shout it from the roof tops , pray for him , and become an advocate for this child until he finds a family.  
He SO badly wants a family.  He has expressed this aching desire to others. 
I've never met him personally but I have friends who have.  There are others who are praying that this boy's family finds him.  
From what I hear he is smart and so very capable, even though he has Cerebral Palsy. He can even walk independently and ride a bike!  His speech is affected (a bit unclear) although he does know quite a bit of  English already.
Such a handsome boy with a smile that lights up a room.  I love it when kid's have smiles that go right up to their eyes! This boy has a heart of gold.  When a group of foster kids were pulled back into the orphanage from foster care, he volunteered to go so his litt…


Today is Samuel's 12 th birthday.  To be honest I knew it was coming up but I totally forgot about it today until nearly supper time.
 I paused while I pruned bushes and mowed the grass to say "thankyou".  Thank you Lord for bringing our special little boy into our lives.  Thankyou for the time I had with him, and for all the ways he changed us.

Instead of crying over the 12 year old boy that "should be" riding his bike around town, tracking mud into the house,  and grumbling that he doesn't really need a shower....I instead turned my thoughts to how he changed me and how he tore open my heart for children with special needs.   In the days of waiting for a diagnosis, and of saying goodbye, my paradigm shifted.

Life has moved on, but it has moved on in a direction that I don't believe we would have gone if Samuel hadn't been a part of our lives for those 8 months.  
I did a lot of missing today, but the odd thing is most of my missing/ longing/ ach…

What works for us - Home School review pt. 2

Every  family is unique, and every child is different so it only makes sense that every home schooling family does what works for them.  That is the beauty of home based education, the freedom to customize each childs education acorrding to their learning styles, interests, and personality.  We also customize how we do "school" around our family dynamics.

I'll save the specifics of curriculum for another post but I wanted to share a little about what home schooling looks like for us.

When I first began a couple years ago I knew nothing about educational philosophies, I had never heard of Charlotte Mason, and I didn't know the names of any common curriculum suppliers.

I researched, read blogs, and printed out all kinds of charts, schedules, and ways to keep us "on track" and motivated.  I scrutinized the public school grade lists to be sure we would cover the exact same material.

Only a few months into the school year our schedules were scrapped out of fr…

The "S" word - Rookie Home School Review part 1

We're winding up another school year so I decided I should write down some of what I'm learning as I go.
A topic on my mind today is the "S" word...socialization.

As a family that chose to begin home schooling a couple years ago, I hear the word "socialization" quite often.  Usually in the middle of an concerned observation, or line of questioning.  Over the past few years my internal reaction has ranged from fear "oh my, I had better make sure my kids are properly "socialized", to wondering "what the heck is socialization anyway?", to irritation at the continuing myth that somehow children who grow up being home schooled lack the ability to function as part of society.   
I grew up in conventional public schools, so did my husband.  We knew few people who home schooled and it seemed very foreign to us.  Very fringe. It brought up mental images of denim jumpers and awkward children in high water pants.

 As we continued in our adult…

Sowing Season

Spring is here in all it's glory.   The grass has turned green.  Tiny leaves are fresh on the trees. Color and life emerges.

Seeds are planted in the soil, with promise of a harvest to come.

This seeding season on the farm reminds me that I am also in the season of sowing seeds into the hearts of my children.  
Each little seed I sow  holds hope for the future, whether it's the seed of deep conversation, loving correction, or extra special little surprises....I keep planting and praying that those seeds grow into something that is strong, with deep roots and plentiful fruit.   

Sowing seeds takes long hours, and hard work.   There is no putting off the work until later or cutting corners.    This short season will soon end.  The seeds must be carefully cleaned, sorted and free from weeds.  The soil must be prepared and fertilized.  The timing must be right.....but only God can transform and grow this tiny seed.  

Beneath the brown barren looking soil, lie the seeds of promise…


Patient endurance during trial seems to be a lesson I need to learn over and over again.

In God's word we see so many examples of this sort of sanctifying preparation.  When God's people begin to boldly call out to Him for mercy and deliverance, He will often wait to see if they really want what they are asking for.  There is often a time of repentance, cleansing and a faith building time of testing or tribulation before God shows up in all his redemptive glory. We are a quick fix people but we do not serve a quick fix God...we persevere in fasting, praying, and working out our faith.

I don't usually share much about fasting (or nothing at all) because it is such a personal thing but I think it's something that Christians don't talk about, or teach about enough.  So I will make myself transparent for a moment, not to boast in the flesh, but to boast in my Savior.

 For years I had no idea why on earth someone would do such a thing.   I love food.  I love eating.  …


I haven't updated much about our adoption process lately.   Things are moving along really quite quickly.  Our home study is complete and we're waiting on our provincial approval to be able to sent off our finished Dossier to China.  It has been one huge whirl wind of activity and a ridiculous roller coaster of emotions...and we're only about 2 1/2 months in!

The things we took for granted would come easily haven't , and the things we were most afraid of ( money) the Lord has provided in amazing ways.   So instead of focus on the bumps in the road....I want to share with you how incredibly merciful and faithful our God is.   Bear with me this could get long...

When we started considering and praying about adopting again back in Feb. We had no savings account, a checking account that we barely keep afloat, and all kinds of things we could justify spending any extra money our broken down second hand furniture, the old  fridge that doesn't shut quite right,…

Happy Mother's Day

As I sit at my kitchen table exhausted, with a sink full of dishes that still need to be contended with, the thought ran across my head that I should post something for Mother's Day.  As usual I have all kinds of thoughts and things to say about it...the problem is the effort it would take to bring it out of my aching head and onto the computer in any sort of coherent manner might give cause my brain to implode.

So to avoid that sort of a mess, I'll keep it very brief.

Happy Mother's day to the moms  who get up at 6 am every morning and forget what quiet sounds like. To the moms who no longer expect or need to be pampered, praised, and showered with gifts on a specific day of the year because they have already sacrificed their own self on the altar of love.

Happy Mother's Day to the empty nest moms who pour love on another generation of children.  Happy Mother's Day to the single moms, the expectant moms, the moms to many and moms to just one.

I honor  and reme…

Deep Breaths

Our first sunny day after a solid week of rain.  I decided to set aside my never ending to-do list and heightened stress level for a couple hours.  I chose to... Sit. Soak up the sunshine. Watch. Give thanks. Smile. Breathe.   Inhale grace and exhale quiet prayers.

These childhood years are passing by so quickly. I want to capture it, to pause long enough to memorize the freckles, to hear the stories of adventure and conquest, to record the sound of a toddler's giggle. 

As we trust, hope, wait and work through two different home study processes.... I find that I'm cherishing the moments with my treasures that much more.  I'm so thankful for each one of them.