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not much to say

Not much to report but I thought I'd pop up and say hi.   Life is busy, and Spring has made it's mushy, muddy appearance.   I've begun my new full time babysitting gig which means 2 extra little ones in the house everyday.  They are really quit refreshingly quiet, calm children.  Very obviously from a different gene pool than my little rascals.  Although I must admit that all 6 of them mashed together keeps me about 3 seconds  from utter chaos at any given moment.  Cece has had the hardest time adjusting to having another 2 year old on her turf.  She is quite a little bully in fact.  After two weeks she is finally now starting to warm up and "play nice" with the intruder.  She is so comfortable around big kids, and so sweet and gentle with babies....but other toddlers she's not at all sweet around.   I'm hoping as she develops verbal skills she will feel less inclined to get her point across with brute strength.  I'm hoping she develops verbal skills…

My baby girl is 2!

{Miss Cece adding a finishing touch to her ice cream cake}
A 2 year letter for Miss Cece.

Happy Birthday my sweet little girlie.  I think you already know you are treasured, adored, and loved.  You are so secure in that love.  Although I don't know if you will ever comprehend the depth of our love for you.  

 I watch the way you swoon over your Daddy.  Snuggling up on his lap isn't enough.  You  place a chubby hand on each of his whiskered cheeks, and with eyes fixed squarely on his you demand his full attention.  Full of stories you jabber your jibberish, while he listens intently.  Content that you have been fully heard, you press your cheek against his and gently pat the his back. 

I love the way you interact with each one of your siblings.  If any of them are upset, crying or hurt you are the first to run over to them with your arms wide open for a hug.   If Silas is grumpily sitting on a "time-out" you go and sit next to him in quiet support.  Your natural empath…

Destination China

I mentioned in my last post that we are in the beginning stages of another adoption.  At this point I'm not sure how much I should say and how much I should just store up in my heart for a while.

We have begun the process of adopting a child from China.

My husband and I both knew that someday we'd probably adopt again but neither of us expected to do it internationally.  Although I have always loved to read about families who have adopted this way, and have a few close friends and relatives who have done so, it always seemed too big.  Too hard.  Too expensive.  Too scary....the list goes on.  We also didn't expect to seek out a child with special needs that will force us to adapt and to be stretched in all areas of our life.

It turns out that God has been preparing our hearts and lives for this next step for a long time now, just as he has been preparing, protecting, and choosing a child for us.

The Spirit has been at work in both my husband (who was not at all eager, o…

A Whining, "Paper Work " Pregnant, Nurse Mom.

or maybe a janitor.   Although I'm not feeling all that "super".
We have never in our lives been so chronically sick for so many weeks, which have now turned into months.  We went from 3 weeks of horrific stomach bug, to a wheezing and coughing flu, and now back to having a toddler with raging diarrhea.   
I have a mom and a sister who are both nurses...but the job never appealed to me.   I don't like sick people.  I think they're gross.  I would make a terrible nurse.   I have more compassion for my own children while they are spewing and squirting body fluids but after a couple days I'm pretty much done.   After 6 weeks I'm WAY past done.  
I just know you want to hear the poop story of the day, so I would hate to disappoint you.   If not, feel free to avert you eyes now and find something more pleasant to read.
We left for church this morning thrilled to be able to integrate back into society, after being sickly outcasts for the past month.   We had p…

Just what we needed

After a month of being cooped up at home.  After THREE WEEKS of nasty gastroenteritis aka "the plague"  our family was in need of some fun.   Patience was short.   Tempers were quick.  Sibling bickering was getting out of hand.  My kids were driving me crazy. We've discovered the best remedy for situations like this is to take a "day off" and just go have some fun together.  After a morning of swimming and some Fuddruckers burgers I rediscovered how much I love these kids.  I rediscovered how much we can actually enjoy each other!

Cece LOVES water!  She is such a little daredevil!  This girl was either giggling or smiling ear to ear the whole time. 

Roman was in  heaven.   He couldn't get enough of these water jets.

This was his other favorite place to play.

I hope this will be our "reset" button and refresh us for another few weeks.  

Faith in the unseen

By this time of year winter is starting to loose it's luster, if it ever was lusterous for me at all.  It  has been a very mild winter and I did miss an entire 6 weeks of it while we were in Mexico but still I long for spring.

The sun is starting to have more melting strength, the days are getting longer and we are anticipating a new season.   Even though I can't see it right now, I trust that under all that white snow will once again be green grass.  

I trust that in a couple months I will be tilling up  black soil and planting seeds right here. Our trailer will emerge from it's hibernation and host many fun filled summer days and nights. 

"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see"  Hebrews 11:1
This verse has been my meditation lately as we plunge headlong into a completely new season in our family life.  We wait in eager anticipation for what God has in store for us.  We are stepping out on a limb like we never have befor…