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The Beasts

The last couple weeks our family has been nurturing two beasts.   Let me introduce you to the first one.   This is Dakota and she is Aili and Roman's first official paying job.  Our neighbors have been away for about 10 days and my kids job is to tend to this hulk of a puppy.   They were thrilled to do it, until the first time they were mauled, tackled and drug around town.   I guess where enthusiasm ends, our lesson in diligence begins.   They get up each morning and go feed, scoop poop and walk the dog and then do the same in the afternoon.  It harder than it sounds because of his brute size and exuberant puppiness.   It has been a great lesson in responsibility for my big kids.  

I'm not sure how old this pup is now but only a few months ago it was a tiny fur ball.  It's going to get a lot bigger than this I think.  It is super cute, even though it can knock me off my feet.

The second beast our family has been nurturing is Norovirus.
This beast isn't cute at all. F…

This boy scares me

As a mom, I want to keep my kids safe.  Forever.   However, since the time that this child could crawl I have known that keeping him alive would be a challenge. He was built with an extra dose of courage,  a ridiculous craving for adventure and  heightened sense of honor.    
At the age of 2 he started informing me that he would soon be leaving to travel the world.  He told dramatic tales, at 3 years old, of sacrificing his own life to save us all from whatever danger or villain his imagination could conjure.  He assured us he would be our protector in the face of any adversary or disaster.   Despite his promises of "tomorrow I'm leaving" he hasn't left me to save the world...yet. 
I know I've only got about 10 years left before this boy is off and running though.  That makes me a little nervous sometimes.  There will be no safe accounting job in his future.   Whatever he does, it will most certainly include adrenaline and danger.  He aspires to protect the inno…

Valentines day Bingo

We don't make a huge deal about Valentines day, especially now that we're not in public school with the usual card exchanges and parties.  It could easily go by unnoticed for the most part.  I'm kind of a cheap skate that way.  I just dislike spending money on commercialized money grabbing holidays.   Maybe I just like to be a nonconformist or maybe it's my own little way of "sticking it to the man" or most likely I'm just a  slightly cynical Fuddy Duddy.  My perspective is that we should be showing our loved ones that we love them every day by our words, actions, priorities and time.  A lifetime of sweet conversations, gentle eye contact, chubby little armed hugs is worth more than a Sponge bob heart shaped box of candy once a year.   I like what my friends in Mexico call Valentines day.  "Dia de amor y amistad" Day of love and friendship.   More than just cheesy "will you be my valetine?"  I guess I can embrace a day that reminds us…

A Burlando in Haiti

I have been a lazy blogger.  Life around here has been both busy and mundane so I haven't had much ambition to write.  Our biggest event this past few weeks was that the man of the house was gone for 2 weeks.  Me and the kids held down the fort at home while we gave the Dad of the house our blessing to go and work in Haiti.  We survived without him...barely.

My parents have lived and worked there on and off for several years.  Originally they were based out of Port au Prince but since the earth quake they have lived in Dessalines.  Other than seeing occasional pictures we really weren't sure what life was like for them there or even what they really did.

My parents asked my Hubster (who works for them on their farm) if he would be willing to come to Haiti and share some of his cabinet making/ woodworking skills.  He honestly wasn't all that eager.
We had just got back from Mexico, he wasn't keen on leaving his family for that long, and quite truthfully....we've…