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Making Home

I don't think people use the term "home maker" as a job description much anymore, it went out of style and has since become slightly archaic.    I don't usually use the title to describe myself either but I do see home, and being the maker of it as a high calling.   What is our home and what am I trying make?

Firstly, our home is a hub of never ending activity.  This comes naturally.  As a family of 6 people, with 4 children at home all day, it is bustling, bursting and brimming with conversations, questions, projects and creative mess.  Our house is far from a show home with formal sitting rooms and carefully selected decor.  Our home is lived in and it is lived in well.   There is not a room in the house that does not scream "children live here!", or a space that is not utilized to it's fullest potential.  Years ago, I took pride in neat perfection, carefully placed decorations that showcased my individuality and I take pride in a sink…

I married the wrong person

I may as well get that right out in the open.

I did not marry my "soul mate", nor did I marry someone who completes me.   He doesn't make me happy.  He wasn't my ticket to a better life.  He didn't  make me want to be a better person, in reality, marriage tempted me to become a much worse person.

{August, 10 1996}

It didn't take long into my whirlwind engagement and marriage at the age of 19 years old to realize these things.    However, it took me at least a decade to figure out that "making me happy" wasn't  a part of my husband's job description or even a healthy way to look at marriage.   When two needy people run toward each other like human vacuums it doesn't create a self sacrificing, servant hearted, loving creates life sucking chaos.

  Contrary to what popular romantic culture, and the Bachelor, would have us believe there is no perfect "soul mate" waiting to "complete" us.   In reality marri…

Flush and Wash

"Contrary to what we have typically heard (and been enslaved by), Christian growth is not becoming stronger and stronger, more and more competent. Christian growth and progress is marked by a growing realization of just how weak and incompetent we are and how strong and competent Jesus continues to be for us. Spiritual maturity is not marked by our growing, independent fitness. Rather, it’s marked by our growing dependence on Christ’s fitness for us. "   Tullian Tchividjian

I love this quote.  Thought I'd share it for all you moms, wives, and Christians out there who look at the task ahead and wonder what God was thinking when he picked you for it.  How on earth did God think I could raise this goofy brood.  

For all of you who still say silly quotes like "God doesn't give us more than we can handle"....phooey is what I say.  He does it all the time.   The only way we fail is when we assume we CAN handle it all on our own.  

For all of you moms who swear that …

Facing my Fears

There are few things in life that I'm really afraid of.   I hold my life and those I love peacefully under God's sovereign care as we travel through life.... but there is something that makes my skin crawl and my chest fill with anxiety. Creepy crawlies.
I'm not a bug lover and the kind I despise the most are teeny tiny and bite.
In the past, we have dealt with occasional flea bites in Baja but this time we experienced them in a much more intimate way.   I suspect part of the reason was that we weren't living on a  mission compound this time.  A couple years ago, the orphanage kids we were in day to day contact with were clean and parasite free. 
This time we rented a house in town.  Our home was surrounded by dogs, chickens and roosters.  Our arms and home was opened to children who have never seen a shower or a bathtub, children who washed their hands in our toilet and pooped in the yard.   
My slightly ocd, parasite phobic  little self was stretched.   
As people and…


Most of you have seen that abbreviation for "What would Jesus Do?".  It was a bit of a craze among Christian marketers a while back.  I avoided it, not because I thought something was fundamentally wrong with the slogan, but because of my aversion to all things trite, neatly packaged and just plain lame.  It just never seemed to fit right.

For some reason the WWJD slogan popped into my brain the other day.  Once trapped in my head I started to ponder it in my overly analytical geeky way.  So this is the summary of my very obscure topic and random thought process.

Asking ourselves "What would Jesus do?" isn't so much wrong as it is painfully incomplete.  We may as well ask ourselves what would Gandhi do?  What would Mother Theresa do?  What would Oprah do?  Then we could pull ourselves up by the boot straps, give ourselves a good moral lecture,  try our darndest to  figure out what Jesus would hypothetically do in our situation and then attempt to copy it.


Homeward bound

This is just a quick summary of our 5 day journey from Baja home to Canada.  We left the our  little beach house in San Felipe (after spending 2 days in paradise) early on Jan. 2. 
I had my last breakfast on the patio and the kids loaded all their sea treasures into plastic bags.

We drove north toward the U.S border along the east coast of the Baja Penninsula.

We eventually found our way through Mexicali and into the U.S.  Free bit of advice: It's usually a good idea to get in the right line...

From Calexico we drove straight up through the east side of California, the Mohave desert.  We had driven across it before but never up through it length wise.  

There was a whole lot of nothing...nothing but fascinating desert scenery anyhow.

It was like it's own little world out there.  I felt like we were in the Pixar Cars movie and were headed down route 66 to places time had forgotten. 

We pointed out cotton fields to our kids.  Now they know where their clothes come from. 
Our ca…

Introducing my newest big kid

It's official now.  My baby has crossed the threshold into big kid-ness.  Next comes big bucky teeth, deodorant and acne...well maybe I'm getting ahead of myself.  Seriously though, they seem to grow up really fast after 5.  It makes my heart squeeze a little thinking that my last tummy baby is now a big kid.  For the record no one asked my permission to grow up around here.  (Although I do, on many occasions, implore this child to act like a "big boy").    sigh. There are perks to older kids.  I'm hoping some of those start to materialize in this child.  

I love this boy!  He's quirky, obsessive focused, silly, and smart.   

Our family detail guy.  He notices everything but still can't figure out how to smile for the camera.

Have you ever seen Big Bang theory?  Smile Sheldon.
Silas LOVES having a birthday.  He has been obsessing about it for exactly 364 days now.   He's been counting down the number of nights for the past 2 weeks.  Every morning he …

Life School - Marine Biology 101

Now that we're back into our typical "school" year,  I thought I'd show you a glimpse of our nontraditional education by reminiscing through an afternoon at Percebu.  While we were at San Felipe for a couple days it was suggested by some locals that we take a 20 minute drive south to a beach.  

A middle of nowhere, off the grid, beach with a little settlement of houses (I suspect mostly built by retired American adventurers).
The fun part is, the tide goes out really far here revealing an incredible tide pool ecosystem.

The kids scavenged for shells, examining the various invertebrates washed up in the barnacle covered rocks.
We did have some fun with the vertebrates as well. 

It felt like we were the only humans for miles exploring our own little marine wonderland. 

We left our school books at home while we were in Mexico for 6 weeks.  Initially, I felt the usual home school mom guilt for neglecting our grammar and math, but now I know they learned more this month …