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A day in the life of home school freaks

I've been a totally boring blogger.  I go through phases and right now I feel like I have nothing much to write about.  Just my same old life. I've probably said everything that's possible to say over the last 3 years.  I never really have a shortage of  new stuff on my mind or things I'm learning, but I am lacking time and ambition to write them down or come up with entertainingly readable posts.  I assume that my predictably unspectacular life will bore you to tears anyway.    
It occurred to me recently, as I was flipping through some of my favorite blogs, the reason I enjoy them is because they are such ordinary people (although sometimes doing things out of the ordinary).   I enjoy having glimpses into other family's lives, their priorities, their routines, and their parenting struggles and wisdom.  I always glean some little bit of encouragement or even some ideas that I can use in my own day.  
I decided to follow my kids around for a day and give you a gli…

We're leaving for Mexico in a month!

I must start by apologizing for leading you on with my last post.   Even my own mother assumed I was reffering to some exciting news about our adoption.   Sorry to disappoint.   Still no movement on the adoption front.  Nothing to report.  Nada.

However, we do have a nice distraction from the fact that we are still lost in adoption land.  We are going back to Mexico!!   After a year and half of longing, working, trying, praying, knocking...we are finally headed back.   It will be a very different sort of Christmas for our crew this year.

This trip will be quite a bit different than our past adventures in Mexico.
For starters we are only able to stay for 1 month instead of 6 months.  6 weeks is the longest that we are allowed to leave the Canada with a foster child.   We now have all the permission letters needed to take Cece and get a passport for her...which should be arriving in the mail any day.

Another major difference from past trips is that we aren't returning to work at t…

Pumping Iron

I feel like a new woman.  Seriously.  No, I haven't been hitting the gym to pump iron.  Laundry baskets carried up stairs multiple times a day still serve as my only source fitness.  Although as my energy level increases I may once again be ambitious enough to seek out intentional physical exertion.

As it turns out I was totally iron deficient!  I discovered this quite by accident. Out of desperation I bought iron suppliments.  It only took a few days to feel like my batteries that were chronically drained were being charged once again. 
Once I unexpectedly noticed such an extreme change in my energy level and a lifting of my totally overwhelmed, slightly depressed mood...I thought maybe I should look up iron defiiency anemia.  It described me!...right down to the light headed fainting feeling, creepy crawly restless legs, and total utter exhaustion..although I can't say I've ever been tempted to eat dirt.  I don't know how long I've been putting up with it...but f…

A rant about Happy Shiny Salesman Preachers

Because sometimes I need a good morning rant.

Here's the scoop, with a tasty sprinkle of sarcasm:

If you wanted to promote yourself, sell your books, sell your brand of feel good -God wants you to be rich religion what do you do?

Here are my suggestions....but apparently the most "unfluential" pastors motivational speakers out there have already discovered these strategies on their own.

First,  appeal to people's basic greed.
In our natural hearts we have an insatiable lust for more.  More wealth, more prosperity, more success, more health....more fame.   Promise people that their wildest dreams with come true if they come to Jesus and they will come, by the thousands.  They will enthusiastically embrace the incarnate God of the universe as their own personal VLT token.

Next,  paint God as  a giant vending machine.  God the great idol giver!  Forget crushing your idols.  God wants nothing more than to serve you up your idols on a silver platter.  Is it status you wan…

So thankful for 18 months

My baby is morphing into a little girl a little more each day.  She follows the big kids around and is convinced she can do everything that they can.   She is full of toddler opinions, attitude, and independence. Her scrunched up nose ear to ear smile, and generous giggles light up our home.
Miss Cece is a smoocher.  There is nothing sweeter than her little puckered lips and her chubby hands on my cheeks.   Anytime she hears music she dances.  She loves to snuggle and sing with me in the rocking chair at bedtime.

She is Daddy's little sidekick, and his cherished treasure.

Every little girl should have a Daddy that reflects God's constant, secure, gentle, protecting, and adoring love for her.   I'm so thankful that I have that kind of Dad, and that my kids do too.  It makes my heart ache to know that so many little girls don't know that kind of love, most will seek to fill that void the rest of their lives. 

I adore her curls.  

She is my little shadow, wanting to &quo…

Happy Friday!

So glad it's the weekend.  Me and my Honey are going to town!  Nothing a trip to Walmart can't fix.

Something Hazardous

"My desire and prayer to God is that your life and your ministry would have a radical flavor. A risk taking flavor, a gutsy, counter cultural, war time  flavor that makes average American people in your church uncomfortable.  A strange mixture of tenderness and toughness that keeps people a little bit off balance.  A pervasive summons to something more, something hazardous, something wonderful.  A saltiness and a brightness about your life...something like Jesus. "

"Jesus said do this.  Be light. Be salt.   Reviling comes. Persecution comes....and you rejoice.
....Crazy people who meet cancer, and meet death, and meet suffering with unflinching confidence in Christ and joy in being known by him and loved by him." John Piper

So much easier said than done.

Are we willing to embrace suffering...especially the kind that we choose by following Jesus into a world that hates him?    Are we willing to set our face unflinchingly toward heart break, pain, sacrifice, sicknes…


I don't know why I used the word audacious as a title, other than that word clattered around in my head last week.  Maybe it's just a fun word to say.

Bold, unconventional, fearless, daring, unrestrained.     Exactly the kind of faith we need to have to move mountains.

Right now I am none of those things.   I am discouraged, weak, shaken, and wounded.   Maybe I was given the phrase "Audacious faith" to ponder earlier this week because God knew I would need it by Friday.

It's been a difficult weekend, despite the fun we had.   I was reminded once again  that even though we make plans God ultimately directs our steps.   Sometimes the path we're confidently walking down drops out from under us and we're left suspended frantically looking for the road ahead.

The lies being told to me are "you are going to fall...there is nothing for you up ahead.  This is the end of the road.  You are rejected.  You may as well just quit now.  Give up.   Forget your dr…

Summertime The Sequel Encore..the last camping trip for real this time

We just spent another night camping.  We finished off our harvest season Friday and promptly threw the kids in the car, hooked up the trailer and drove to the lake.  The weather here Friday was amazing!  I didn't even take swimsuits's OCTOBER! but it was warm enough for them.

This trip was unique because we met up with some "new friends".  Funny story. We met a family at this park a couple months ago and decided we should be friends. It's not everyday you meet someone at the beach, strike up a conversation, and make  plans meet up for a camping trip in the fall.  It was that wierd...or God ordained.

This young family stood out to us the day we met them because of their multi-ethnic fabulousness...and they had a whole herd of little kids.   Upon further stalking we discovered that 4 of their children are adopted from Ethiopia (at varying ages) and two grown the old fashioned way.  They have a passion for adoption (obviously) and take their faith, mis…