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The End of a Season

We're finally done harvest!  After nearly 2 months of crazy pace and absent husband harvest 2011 is over. The grain is in the bins. Whoop whoop

Doing farm work was a nice change of scenery from the every day grind at home.

I'm going to go crash now.  Goodnight.

The fields are ripe for harvest

"The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.  Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to sent out workers into his harvest field.  Go! I am sending you out like lambs among wolves" Luke 10:2

 When Jesus  spoke to the masses people, when the letters that are recorded in the New Testament were written to the early churches, people were still connected to the land for their food and livelihood.  They understood certain things about harvest.   In our urban culture it's easy to breeze over certain verses and turn them into quaint scriptural cliches missing the importance of the analogies.

As I sat in a combine, cutting down wheat today I thought about the Kingdom harvest that Jesus is referring to.   Growing up on a farm, being married to a farm hand, and being part of the annual harvest crew I've come to learn that there are a few things that define harvest season.  When I apply those  to the verse above I think it helps me understand more fully what Jesus saying…

Summertime the sequel

Just when we thought summer was over for good, we had a weekend of 30 degree Celcius weather!  Incredible considering some years we have snow by now. The Hubster had a weekend away from harvest {because of an earlier rain} so off to the lake we went. We quickly packed up the trailer and drove to a campground about an hour and a half from our house. We really enjoy fall camping but it isn't usually this hot!  The campgrounds are quiet, most of the misquitos already froze to death, and the Autumn leaves are gorgeous.  

The lake was cold!

The kids didn't seem to mind.   

They had a fun afternoon at the beach... maybe a little too much fun.
Resulting in a few "time-outs".  A feeble effort to bring the gratuitous amount of crazed energy and social  un-awarness back to acceptable levels.   We finished the day with our classic camping meal.

The kids spent the rest of the evening at the playground and exploring around our campsite.
Sunday morning we all woke up a little gru…

This week kicked my butt

It had the same effect on my garden.

Although my garden resembles a bit how I feel , it's state of being mostly dead was brought on by a sudden change in temperature.   Last Sunday we had a 30 degree Celsius (86 F) hot summer day a couple days later we reached -8 (17.6 F).  My garden didn't like it so much.  I'm not that thrilled with the climate change either.  
However, my own state of mostly dead was brought on by these hooligans...and a mischievous 18 month old.  It's my own fault really. I tried to take them from this... 

to this.  Cold turkey.
{yes her hair always looks like that}
I was prepared.  I had been reading about educational philosophies, methods, and strategies.  I had wonderful plans, schedules, and ambition for our first full week of educating my kidlets.
 I'm pleased to report that it all went perfectly as planned, the children were eager to do their morning chores, and they studied with intensity from their new school books... for the first 10…

Farm Hand

Last week was the first official week of "School" for our household but my best intentions for setting some sort of routine/ schedule and dusting the cobwebs off of little brains was interrupted by recruitment.  
I was drafted onto the harvest crew part way through the week.   My work load consisted of 4 , 10 (ish) hour days sitting on my rear end, in total isolation, listening to hours and hours of podcasts of all my favorite speakers and music.  It was rough.  Not a child to be seen.  No laundry to put away.  No screeching toddler...just the comforting rubble of the combine.   

10 hour days are nothing during harvest.  The rest of the crew worked about 100 hours in 6 days.  I begrudgingly clocked out early to relieve the grandma babysitter and go home to put kids to bed. 

The She-rah in the picture above is my little brother's wife who came out to join the crew.  She has definitely earned the new title of farm girl. 

Other than my sister in law our little crew consist…

Celebrating a Decade with my Daughter

This week was my oldest child's 10th birthday. We are into double digits now! It's crazy to think what another 10 years will bring... oh, I shouldn't have gone there.   In another 10 years this girl will be all grown up, and making her way in the world.  Where did the years go? Seriously. 

She invited a few friends (the same ones that have been coming since her 2nd Birthday party)  for a sleepover.  We had a 1950's / rock 'n roll / sock hop party theme.  It was a bit of history education as well since not one of them even knew who Elvis was. 

Roman skipped the giggle fest and spent the night at Grandma and Grandpa's. Little bro stuck around and even allowed me to grease back his hair.  He refused to wear the white t-shirt that I picked out for him though.  It wasn't as cool as the shirt with the robot.  

It's nice to see his eyes again!  I may have to get this bad boy a hair cut.

He didn't seem to mind being out numbered 5 to 1.  

We did  Diner sty…