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Beer cans and Icecream.

What do bags full of empty beer and soda cans have to do with icecream? Let me explain.  Yesterday while we were sitting around the table talking about our upcoming, still in the planning stages, trip to Mexico, the kids decided that they wanted to save up enough money to take each of the kids at the orphanage out for icecream.  They also came up with a lot of other ideas on how to treat their amigos to something fun, show the kids at the orphanage that we care about them, and provide for some basic needs for their friends  not living at the orphanage but who are living in poverty.   I just sat back and listened...smiling. This is part of why we do what we do.  It's so great to see the fruit starting to form.  
After they made up their plan to start an "Icecream for Orphans Fund" they found a jar, ran and got whatever change they happened to have in their rooms (which is all they have) dumped it in their jar and then decided they would need more.
Thus started the list of ways …

Freedom fighters, duct tape and Fishermen

I love the way God made children.   Their ability to create, imagine, and play remains so untainted. My 3 oldest kids have been playing outside most of the day, lost in their imaginations, the story line of some great adventure. Unstructured, child led, unplanned, unscheduled, unplugged play.
Silas' pose might lead you to think that play time is miserable.  They were having a great time but this child is good at looking (and acting) like he's miserable at any given moment.  I guess I would be unhappy to if I was imprisoned by Nero the evil Roman Emperor.

That is indeed what they were playing for hours this morning.  They were "freedom fighters" hiding from the maniacal ruler,  and trying to survive under his murderous regime.  
They survived in the first century A.D by taking out their little fishing boat to catch fish.   Roman (appropriately named)  informed me that he also did Blacksmithing on the side. Of course he also had an assorted arsenal of wooden swords to protect…

Imago Dei

Imago Dei.   A fancy Latin way of saying
Image of God.
It's kind of fun to say, and may even make you sound smart which is important if you're blonde.

Imago Dei is a foundational belief in Christianity.  When it is understood and applied it effects how we  live and reflect God's image.

Why do I value it?

As a human race we are creative because God is creative.
We love beauty because God loves beauty.
We have a sense of order and justice because God does.
We love to laugh because God is fun.
We strive to do good, because God is good.
We seek meaningful relationships because God is in perfect complete relationship within the trinity.
We crave communication because God communicates and revealed himself to us.

We ALL mirror his image, although we have become shattered mirrors distorting what was.

We are made in his image but we are not, and never will be, gods ourselves.
There are  many attributes of God that are unique and belong only to Him.

If we genuinely believe th…

Summer is almost over...but I'm not letting go without a fight.

Last week harvest officially began.  For us that  signifies the end to summer festivities and the beginning of a new season.  The Hubster is starting to work long hours again so we won't see him much during the next couple months.   The exception being Sunday, which is the day that the tractors are parked and my man spends much needed time with his family.   Our day of rest.  This week we are having some wonderfully hot summer weather despite the late season so we kept our Sabbath holy by enjoying each other out in God's creation.  Living, loving, and thanking God for sunshine.

I love just sitting back in and watching my family interact with each other.   So many unique relationships within one 6 member family.

A good Daddy listening to a weeks worth of important stories and events as told by a pre-teen who thinks everything is important.   

I love watching my children play, get filthy, and use their imaginations. I love that beach days get me away from the house work and distracti…

Fo' Realz

Courtney over at Storing Up Treasures challenged us to post about nitty gritty real life. It looked like fun being the exhibitionist that I am.
Although it's my husband that I'm exhibiting. 

Why, yes, that is my husband in a hole and no he's not mining for coal, or digging to china. His eyes plead for escape but onlookers only mock and take pictures.

He's trying to figure out why we don't have a functioning sewer pump. Balancing precariously on a bar gazing into the tank o' poo.  

$200 giant vacuum rental. $600 new sewer pump. multiple trips to town for parts. hours and hours of work... equals one crappy day. Actually it was a few days worth of fun.
Toilets that flush a washing machine that drains and the green light to shower again. priceless. 
That's life Fo' Realz.

Sacrament of the Mundane

I was told recently that it's sad that I'm using my writing talents for such an ultimately useless topic as theology. I guess I should consider it a compliment that I am perceived to have "talent"...and that my ramblings could even be considered theologian-ish.   Not bad for a barely educated housewife I suppose.
It did make me think though. Should I be writing about something other than the trivial topics of life, death, love, family, and eternity? Those topics do tend to make people uncomfortable. I suppose I could stick to writing about housekeeping, recipes and gardening. It would be safer and more comfortable but you know me too well.   I don't do safe or comfortable.
Today I'm going to smash the two worlds together.  Instead of categorizing this post as either ordinary secular house-wifery or matters of theology I've decided that for me the two are intrinsically linked.
As I trudge through each day with it's endless stream of diapers, laundr…

I Love my Quirky Kids

"Do not disturb playing video games". This shirt should say  "do not disturb I'm obsessed with video games." More specifically my new/old game boy that my cousin gave me.

Miss sentimental is enjoying her cozy new quilt.   Thanks Auntie.

You okay under there Roman?
No he's not injured... or being punished in some bizarre illegal way.
The day this was taken was an hard day. He was moody,  melancholy, and fidgety. Somehow he discovered that this helped him feel better.   His own little decompression, self regulation chamber.   After the chair experience  he spent time lying under an overturned coffee table.    He was devastated that I wouldn't let him take the table to bed and sleep with it on top of him ...on the top bunk.   He asked me if I could  make him a bean bag the size of a blanket so he can sleep under it.  That sounds like a LOT of beans.  Whatever works.
Some days they make me so proud to be their mom.  Some days I wonder if we'll all survive. Either way...go…

The Mercy Quilt

A quilt lovingly, painstakingly, patiently cut, stitched and embroidered.   Hours spent kneeling.  Hands cutting fabric and a spirit deep in prayer.   Boxes full of seemingly useless clothing salvaged,  a reminder of a life as vibrantly complex and contradictory as the mismatched patterns and colors stacked and waiting to be sewn.   
The hum of a machine that once belonged to the owner of the clothing now being used by an only daughter to sew a quilt for a granddaughter.  Two sets of freckled hands, two women with an ability to create beauty, united for a moment.   Three generations being stitched back together in one quilt.
Grief untangled like thread woven  through knotted generations....   

 Severed mother/daughter relationships going back 6 generations.  Women broken under their burdens. Curses uttered with painted lips.  Scars well masked and covered from sight.  
Daughter wounded and abandoned turned to Mother who wounded and abandoned.
Each one tries, Lord knows she tried...but the well wa…

Kids who still get excited about escalators go to the big city fair

Yesterday was our first time going to "The Ex"  the annual summertime fair/ carnival/ chance to wear your short shorts, cowboy boots and fanny pack. Sadly I don't own any of those things and really didn't fit in all that well.
We began the day by arriving in the City bright and early to take my sis-in-law and her son to the airport.  They have spent the last month visiting from their home in Seattle...although after the first couple weeks our living situation is more like co-habitation rather than a visit.  We were one big household of eight.   People had the hardest time figuring out our crew.  Two kids that just didn't match the other three or appear to match the adults, 2 women and 1 man.  I wanted a shirt that said " No we're not sister wives...we're a sister and a wife"  
It was sad to say goodbye but it is nice to be back to just us.
We spent the day doing some shopping, eating out, visiting my Grandma and waiting for the fair to open it's …