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When the Pendulum Swings

About a decade ago I was working in the donation processing department of World Vision U.S.   I worked in a small office area with a group of other women.    In our office were people from a wide range of denominations, worship styles and peripheral doctrinal beliefs.  In this building were people from all walks of life,  races, and numerous different nations.  It was a melting pot of beautifully diverse Jesus followers.  We loved each other as we served the Lord with our everyday tasks.

One day I was sitting with my usual group of about 6 or 7 women in the cafeteria eating lunch.   A man, a temp worker, sat down at our table and started talking to us.  He went on and on about how any affliction in this life, illness, loss, financial problems, disease..even allergies was all a direct link to sin in a persons life and were linked to a specific spirit.  He went onto boast that he had not had so much as a cold in years.
 We just sat quietly stunned.  I couldn't believe he was serio…

It's in the Jeans..and random babbling

This goof ball not only looks like a little clone of his daddy... he inherited his silly streak too.

He used to hate having his picture taken.  Now he's a camera hog. "Look , I'm wearing Dad's jeans,  take my picture!"

Apparently there is a clown gene running in the family.  I didn't know the below picture existed until my sister in law sent it to me after she saw the above photo of Silas.   My husband wearing his father's jeans.   Too cute.

His sister is the little girl in the photo.   (taken just a few years before they were completely separated by foster care and decades of dysfunction...not that the dysfunction has ended, in fact the grief of it all has contributed to a mighty fine ulcer that I'm now nurturing.) The mess is just one more thing I daily give over to God as I learn to trust in his power to heal and restore what has been broken.  It is amazing to see how God has  now restored these two siblings into such a strong genuine friendship. …

I remember his feet

He had perfect little feet with adorable little toes. I didn't get enough time to enjoy those feet.
Not enough nibbles or tickles, no muddy foot prints left in my kitchen. No tickely grass or squishy mud. No trying to clip toenails on wiggling feet,  or checking to see if the shoes fit just right.
Just a few kisses on those tiny feet and it was time for goodbye.
It makes me wonder how amazing the grass in heaven feels.   Next time I kiss those toes, our time together won't run out.  I'll get enough.  We will squish our toes into warm sand and run barefoot through the grass.    

Happy 11th birthday sweet boy.


Watching a toddler explore and discover the world around them for the first time never gets old.

Miss Cece exuberantly embraces each moment.

experiences God's creation with wide eyed wonder,

loves with no reservations,

 and notices the little things that others miss.

I learn so much by just watching her.

A seeding time birthday

"As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease."   Genesis 8:22

If you are a farmer, particularly a Canadian farmer, your life revolves around the seasons.   Our seasons are extreme and distinct.  With each season comes different tasks on the farm.   We have only one seeding time in the spring and one harvest in the fall...then a long cold winter.  In between seeding time and harvest is typically a hot dry summer.   Every aspect of our life here on the Canadian prairie rotates around the seasons, and the weather.  We pray for rain some years, other's we hope it stops raining long enough to get the seed in the ground.  We  watch for frost and signs of winter coming.  Our live's are connected to and dependent on nature, which we believe God is in total control of.   In a way that makes dependence on God a little more tangible. Throughout the Bible there are so many parables and metaphors that relate to farm…

My husband is a ....

Hardworking provider.  Talented woodworker. Passionate Hobiecat sailor.

Loving father who connects with each one of his kids  and invests in his relationship with them. 

Committed, playful, and affectionate husband. Man of integrity and strength, even when surrounded by turmoil, stress, or heartache. Bold and adventurous follower of Jesus. Man who seeks God's heart and strives to live His purpose.

We are so thankful for you today my love.
For all you do, for who you are. for all the years we've spent together  and all the years yet to come... I thank God for you.

Hi, We're Home-schoolers

It might be because we live out in the sticks.
It could be because Roman found the one pair of jeans in his dresser that are  too short and decided to wear them with his "muscle shirt".
Maybe it's because my boys need haircuts but  I haven't bothered to take them into town to get sheered.
It could be my 7 yr old boy frolicking skipping down the sidewalk beside me,
or the baby that doesn't quite match the rest of us,
or the 4 year old who also picked out his own clothes

but for some reason I think we scream "homeschoolers".
That realization dawned on me today as we wandered through town shopping, going to appointments, and running errands.
We may as well start wearing matching denim jumpers.

 I thought we could take our kids out of school and somehow still be cool.   I think I was mistaken.  First of all we never were cool. Now it's just a hopeless cause.

When you spend most of your time at home where it doesn't matter if your t-shirts say &qu…

love without a safety net

For some reason I have a whole bunch of current and past situations, losses, dreams, passions, and heartaches swirling around in my heart the last couple days. Sometimes it's hard to stop the vortex long enough to stop and look for God, to seek direction, clarity, and peace.

 I really have no idea what God's doing in me right now.  I find myself fighting for control and asking for a safety net.

Christ's command for us to live our lives defined by love also came with a sacrificial, scandalous example to follow but our western Christian culture has created it's own ideals and models.   I think too many Christians fall for the assumption that God's favor upon us generally  includes comfort,  health,  respect and esteem by others, possessions, and financial security.
  Maybe it's partly because of that notion that we love with limits.

We love when it's safe.
We love when we are shown love in return.
We love when it is in our best interest.
We love when we a…

Little ones to Him belong

Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so. Little ones to him belong. They are weak but He is Strong.
Thankyou Si-Fry for reminding me once again of that we may be weak but HE is strong.

Perfect in Weakness

"My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." 2 Corinthians 12:9
I found this verse on a little card under a bed as I was cleaning up mountains of clutter and muttering/complaining to God that I didn't know why he thought I could handle this many kids, with this many extreme personalities, who get their clothes dirty, use dishes, and pee on the toilet seat.   I'm pretty sure I'm under qualified and that He way over estimated me.  
It was like God had dropped me an instant message directly answering my questions.  
I picked up the card with a picture of a woman running up a hill and read those words over..and over again.  Sometimes life feels like a cross-country run.  You "hit the wall", feel the burn, wonder what you signed up for, and are pretty much sure you won't make it out alive.  

My grace  is enough for you to bear up under whatever I chose to give  you. Your weakness, your inadequacy, your inability is a part of my plan…

Motherhood is not for sissies

Motherhood is not for women with weak stomachs, or white carpets. It's not for women afraid to fight for a child, even if it means sleeping on the streets of Port au Prince.  

Motherhood is not for women who refuse to believe in miracles or  refuse to have a car filled with cracker crumbs and cheerios.

Motherhood is not for women unwilling to protect, unable to sacrifice, too wimpy to discipline, or incapable of pulling Legos out of the toilet with her bare hands.

Motherhood is not for woman too proud to stand and cheer the last runner across the finish line, or too weak to pull a door off of it's hinges. 

Motherhood is for the caring and courageous women who change the world  with every diaper they change, skinned knee they kiss, car pool they drive, and lecture they give.
HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY  to all you warrior mama's who face blood ,sweat and tears to sacrifice your hearts, your time, your sleep, and your own bodies... for the life of another.
HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to the single mama…

Easter in Seattle and a special Happy Birthday!

Easter at Qwest … Without the Rain | The Mars Hill Blog

This year in Seattle, WA there was an enormous Easter church service held at a sports stadium.  God is doing great things in what was once the most "unchurched" city in America.  I have a few ties to that city.   I married a man  that grew up near Seattle.  He and I spent 3 years living in the Pacific Northwest.  Our first son was born and died  in Federal Way, WA.    My husband's only sister lives in Seattle and last year she began attending Mars hill down town campus church.  Since then, I have been actively following sermons, events and the work being done in and through this church.   God has done an incredible work in my sister in law and he used this loving, bold, truth speaking body of believers to breath life and faith into her.  Needless to say , I'm a fan.

I conspired, wished and dreamed of attending this event with her but alas it was not to be.  Maybe another year.  Fortunately for us we can watch i…