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Love, Atoms, and Oceans

(scroll down to the bottom of the blog and push pause on the music first to avoid auditory chaos)

 I loved this rhyme performed by  rap artist Propaganda.
Whether you're a believer, a seeker, or a skeptic, I promise you this is totally worth 4 minutes of your day!  This powerful video captures the essence of God and human interaction in a simple, profound, entertaining and relevant way.     So cool!
 (although "cool" probably isn't a good rapper term...fresh? me out here, I'm a farm girl).
You could leave me a comment telling me what you thought in your best rhyme or rapper lingo.  


I came across this photo on this blog this morning. I suspect like most of you, I grimaced and wanted to look away. You probably did not want see it in the first place. It's disgusting.
Now that it's too late to not see it, I supposed you could justify, make excuses for, or somehow compartmentalize this image into a scenario that does not involve you.
It's too real.  It threatens to burst the bubble of my own little world.  So, like the man dressed in white we look away.  We keep walking.
We click to something more pleasant.  We buy another gadget that we think might fulfill us, soothe us or distract us from what we are meant to do.   After all we deserve it...don't we?   Our children deserve the finest things our money can buy. That is not ourchild.
meanwhile... We choose to walk away. Maybe the man in the picture was busy, in a hurry, consumed with problems of his own. Take a look again.  I dare you. 
It's almost too extreme isn't it? It's nearly impossible to imagine y…

My Mysterious and Beautiful Gift

My handsome boy is growing up so fast. Although some days it seems not quickly enough. 

Caught between " can I be your baby?" and "I want to be a teenager!"
Careful, imaginative, and analytical. Smart and competent. A timid comedian. Terrified of everything that a child's imagination can conjure. A fragile spirit. Very persistent and very particular.  Clothes, food, hair, and even socks must be just so
or his little world slips of it's axis.

One of the most wonderful and most difficult parts of parenting is attempting to discover the unique creation that is each of our children.  My 4 year degree in the School of Silas, leaves me realizing only how little I know.   My previous 5 years of parenting had very few transfer credits.  
God is unfolding the mysterious gift that is my child. In the process He is teaching me, again, to pray, to trust and to seek wisdom. I am learning how to reach my boy's heart.   I am painstakingly teaching him empathy, honesty, and courage. He i…

Boys Baking Bread

Because the weather is still blasting winter and the highways are treacherous (even for us tough Canadian drivers) we have been stuck at home this weekend.  Our stretch of highway has been so bad that it has been closed on and off for the past few days.   The strange fluctuations in temperature, wind and snow have made our only connection with town into a white, snow drift covered sheet of ice.  There have been so many accidents, some fatal between us and our usual destinations.  We we were all disappointed to miss church.
I kept the boys busy making bread on Saturday.  Two birds with one stone.  A project that keeps us fed, and keeps my boys from systematically destroying my house.

Although there was some extra sweeping and scrubbing to be done as a result of the extra "help".

They love the kneading. I use a big bowl and a wooden spoon to mix the dough.  Then when it's too stiff to mix with a spoon I dump it out onto the counter and the mess fun begins.

Just a little more fl…

Visions of Spring

Today is March 24th. My calender tells me it is officially Spring.  
My camera and I wanted to share with you the stunning beauty of springtime here on the Canadian prairie.
The lambs are frolicking in the meadows of fresh green. The wild flowers are blooming on the hills.

Children and animals enjoy the sun on their backs as they once again find freedom in the great outdoors.

Winter coats are exchanged for light sweaters.   Mittens are stored away in the basement.

There are  no lakes of mushy snow and rivers of mud.  There are no snow drifts that block our driveway.  The cold howling snow storms  have been replaced with gentle spring showers.  ...because I said so. Being grounded in reality is highly over rated.
 I see  tulips and the daffodils blooming.   Fruit trees blossoming.

The colorless landscape has been  filled with a vibrant new green.

It's springtime in Canada.   Can't you tell?
Happy Spring!

Once upon a time

( My little sister, me in the middle and my twin sister in the lead) I played with my scanner for the first time today. It was fun to look through envelopes filled with old photos and reminisce. It makes a person think. Appreciate. Remember. Thank God for family and friends. Life flies by. It is too short of grudges, selfishness or ignorance.  Life is fragile, brief  and precious.

Four fleecy little girls (me on the left) 30 years ago. Now each with babies of their own.

So many of my pictures  include me mothering real babies or my dolls. Foreshadowing I suppose. It's fun to look back.  

It's strange to see myself at the same age that my kids are now and have such vivid memories of that time. I guess it's a good reminder as a parent to make the most of these years.

I  used to love to make up my own strange cake recipes and then feed them to my Dad.  Thanks mom, for letting me experiment in your kitchen. Thanks Dad for tolerating my masterpieces.  
A little stroll down memory lane put a smile o…

Miss Cece's first birthday

You are my sunshine,

My only sunshine

You make me happy, when skies are grey.

You'll never know dear

how much I love you.

Please don't take my Sunshine away.

Mercies in Disguise

I heard this song on the radio for the first time this morning.
 I stopped clearing up breakfast dishes for a minute and just listened.
I have never heard a song that dares to point out where God's real blessings are often found.
We aspire to happiness, comfort, safety, health and success.  We ask God to give these things to us and our loved ones.  I need this reminder.
What if God has something better for us that can only be learned through grief, struggle, or heartache?
I want my prayers to look more like this.

I'm yours God, 
I crave more of you.
Bring me into your Holy presence and refine me with your consuming fire.
Teach me what love really is.  
Take away more of me, so I can see more of you.
Use my life for your glory.

Lord, my children are yours.
Help me to raise them with hearts that have been transformed and filled with you.
Give me your strength and wisdom every day. 
 Remove my selfishness as I pour myself out.
May my little ones truly know, to the depth of their spirits,…

Waterslide and Burgers

Our week started out with a spontaneous "family fun day" trip to the City.   My husband, who has a wonderfully flexible job, took the day off of work.  My kids and I took the day off of school work.  We drove 2 hours to the City with our swim suits packed.   It was a wonderful day.   The weather was sunny, slushy and Spring-ish. The company was unbeatable. The destination was sure to provide hours of fun.
We weren't disappointed. This Daddy's girl  couldn't get enough of the water slide.  She gleefully clapped her way to the top as I lugged her up flights of stairs over and over. 

Being that it was a Monday we basically had the place to ourselves.   Aili and Roman feel pretty lucky that they have the freedom that they do.  

I love that we have time together as a family.  Especially now that the weather is nicer and we can have little breaks from each other too!

It was nice to get out of our routine and just enjoy each other's company doing something fun. Sometimes in t…

Stop and Think

I am a woman of deep conviction and active faith. That is evident to any who read more than one or two lines of this blog.
What does that mean?
I believe in an awe inspiring, all powerful, creator. I also believe that the One who created the Galaxies hundreds of thousands of light years apart, and the intricate muscles in a caterpillars head also knows me. He knows you. Do you know Him? Do you believe that a God that holds our universe in His hand, and spoke the sun into existence can also know the number of hairs on your head?
So many people are convinced there is no God and yet question what the meaning of it all is. Is life really all just random? Is this just a bunch of molecules accidentally falling into place or is there order, meaning, and purpose?

If you wonder what all this God/ faith stuff is about.  Watch this.  I dare ya.

Unexpected Gift

This week my baby girl will be celebrating her first birthday.   Crossing over the threshold from infant to toddler.  This year has gone by SO fast.  Before the arrival of my other kids there was  9 months of expecting, waiting and dreaming before the arrival.  Expectation. Even with a more typical adoption there is a lot of waiting, planning, preparing and expecting.  Not that I'm sorry to have missed any of that.
I didn't plan.  I didn't wait.  I didn't expect.  I didn't prepare. In fact, on the day she was born I was not even in the same country. I had no idea that 5 weeks later my world would change and I would have another daughter.

It is a strange to think back to this week last year.  I wasn't pacing in a hospital,  packing a bag, or putting the finishing touches on a nursery.   I didn't even have a nursery.
This week last year we were saying our goodbyes to all our friends, celebrating spring, swimming at the river,  and having a very special tea party