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Cookies for Emma

Today is the day that a precious little girl named Emma was due to be born.   Instead, she went straight from her loving mama's womb into the arms of Jesus.  Today she is celebrating her first Christmas Eve with the same angels that announced the birth of the Messiah.   She will never know tears, suffering, or pain.
Her mama and papa, on the other hand, are far too familiar with tears, suffering and pain.  My heart aches for them today.  While the rest of the world celebrates...they grieve what should have been.  They mourn all that  they have lost. 
A couple weeks ago Emma's mama asked all her friends if we would do a random act of kindness and report back to her so she could write them all down and fill Emma's stocking with all the ways that people have been blessed in her honor.   
I thought is would be a very special way to remember their daughter but I hadn't come up with something specific that seemed worthy...thankfully my friend my in Mexico, Amber (who is als…

Beauty that not many get to see

My precious kids.   The little rascal dressed like my boys often are, nearly knocked me over when I showed up at their door.  He jumped so high wrapping himself around my neck I think his knees almost touched my ears.  I love these kids!

Rain coming again...

Candy and a broken heart

This week  we had a couple different "outreach" Christmas events that we were so grateful to be a part of.
This one constisted of a lot of dulces...candy.
The kids used the "Icecream for Orphans" fund to purchase candy for 75 candy bags and a pinata full of candy.

This is the Dulceria.   The big bulk candy store...aka heaven on earth for children.

This time we drove south to a small community and met at a church there.   This church wasn't quite like the one at the toy bag outreach.  This community is a settlement of squatters for a lack of a better word.  Make shift shelters built on unowned land.  Many of the houses were built only from flattened cardboard boxes sewed together.   I didn't get a picture of those.   Over the last decade there has been a lot of change and development in this area of the Baja but this community is a flashback.  Extreme poverty.

Thankfully poverty can't stop faith , hope and love. "House of Prayer"

{Roman in the…