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Something New

As we approach a new year I find myself in a contemplative mood.   A bit of a shocker for you I'm sure. Warning: this post contains Carla Style rambling....

I have the most delightfully awestruck feeling that this coming year is going to be a digging up the potatoes kind of year.  For some reason, I see God smiling and with a twinkle in His eye, He says to me "Watch for me.  I am coming with God sized deliverance".   This is what has been on my heart the last few weeks as we prepare to enter 2011.

I recently watched the movie "Faith Like Potatoes" in case you were wondering where my potato  analogy came from.   So often the work that God is doing goes on out of our sight.  We have seasons of planting. Seasons of waiting.  Seasons of trusting. Seasons of drought.    Then there is the harvest...the day we see with our own eyes what God has been doing all along beneath the surface.  We stand amazed at how beyond our own understanding, striving, complaining, figur…



A whole whack of Christmas photos

This is a bunch of random pictures from the last couple days. Aili and Roman had their first piano recital...which was cute and slightly embarrassing.  Christmas was a beautiful family day.  We soaked it up.

Christmas Eve included games, food, and family at our home.

...and a ginger bread house.

 My grandpa.  My tall, strong, handsome grandpa is getting more frail and small each year.   Still a handsome old fella though.   So much history in those eyes.    Christmas Eve preparations.  My grandma loving up her great grandkids.  She doesn't remember their names or how exactly they are descended from her but she knows they are hers and they need to be loved up by her.  Grandma loves a baby even when she's not quite sure how she ended up looking so different than the other children.  Christmas Eve entertainment. It was fun to celebrate Miss Cece's first Christmas with her!
Christmas morning was a bit overwhelming for Silas.  He has no memory of "normal" Christmas at home.  He …

Merry Christmas 2010

From our very noisy house to yours,
wishing you  a Merry Christmas!  Feliz Navidad!  Joyeux Noel!

Drink some eggnog.  Eat some chocolate.  
Hug someone you love.  
Ponder something sacred.

My wish for each one of you is...

Truth that lights the darkness
Grace that restores the broken
Peacein the midst of the battle
Freedomfrom the prisons we create
Hope that gives strength to the weary
Joy that defies circumstances
Life everlasting.


God is with us.  Immanuel.  


Depraved Indifference

I came across this video after I wrote the last post about rethinking Christmas.  It is powerful and heart changing.  It left me speechless and weeping.  Amazing.   (don't forget to scroll down and hit pause on the music first)

Rethinking Christmas

I've been thinking a lot the last little while ,as we celebrate the Christmas season,  how overall  it makes me more uncomfortable than it used to.   While kids rip open gift after gift to add to their elaborate toy rooms on Christmas day thousands of other kids will die that same day of starvation and neglect.   Countless others are living in quiet desperation.  Not exactly a cheerful "Christmasy" thought.    We as Christians are celebrating the birth of Christ but if he were here would he be sipping cider and buying more video game systems to add to his collection?  I suspect he would he be sitting on the street corner next to the drug addict, weeping by the grave of a forgotten child, or wrapping his arms around the woman dying of AIDS.   I love Christmas! I love the decorations, lights, our snow and frosty white trees.  I love the baking, eating treats the getting  together with friends and family.  I love Christmas trees and pretty wrapped presents.  Even though I lo…

Easiest Christmas cookies ever

This is what we set out to create.    It is one of our favorite easy Christmas recipes.  No baking, no rolling, no cookie cutters. So easy even kids could make them (although it is admittedly much messier when they do)   1. Crush candy canes using a heavy blunt object.  Kids will fight over who gets to do the smashing.
 2. Melt baking chocolate in the microwave then add 1/4 tsp mint extract.
 3. Dip Ritz crackers into the chocolate.
 4. Lay them on wax  or parchment paper.  Sprinkle with crushed candy canes.
5. set aside to cool and harden.
6. clean off your fingers, the spoons and the bowl by thoroughly licking them.

 I didn't manage to take a picture of them nicely displayed on a platter but here they are freshly made.   Not quite as pretty as the picture in the recipe book, but they taste great and took only a few minutes to make.