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Trick or Treat...anyone got an Epi-pen?

Buzz Light Year was woken up from his nap to go outside ....and the velcro from his hat rubbed his chin.   Life is hard sometimes.  And his wings kept falling off.                                     Not off to a great start on his first time  "trick or treating." Once he got  to the first house and was handed his first package of sugary goodness the world was a better place.                         I think Cece is a little turtle off of Nemo.                                   This little lady bug isn't one of mine but I had to show her off because she is about as cute as it gets.               We had a nice time walking around our tiny village with some good friends of ours. I'm not a huge fan of Halloween but I fine with claiming it as a few hours of community and family fun.  We don't "celebrate"anything on this day.  Not anything that has to do with Halloween anyway.   We don't celebrate darkness, we don't make death into something scary and goo…

Happy "After Today I can start looking toward Christmas and be done with this Halloween crap" Day

These are a couple pictures of Aili and Grandpa riding horses yesterday.   We are "horse sitting" Aili's horse this winter for a nearby kids camp.  It works out great because she needed an old "camp horse" to learn to ride on and to take to 4-H with her.  We aren't exactly horse people (notice the lack of cowgirl duds) but I enjoyed riding as a kid and Aili is really enjoying it as well.   (I think Grandpa like passing on his cowboy skills onto his granddaughter too)
 We've  had such a nice family weekend.  The sun was out and we were all just home hanging out.   Saturday evening we rented "Karate Kid" (the new one starring Will Smiths adorable son).  We all enjoyed it.  I think the kids could relate a little to moving to a new culture, being surrounded by kids who speak a different language and feeling a bit on the outside.  I think most of us can relate to getting bullied at one point or another.
The boys LOVED the fighting scenes.
It has s…


Since writing my last grumpy post I have felt God's sustenance in a new way.  Although I'm sure it was not because  I whined and complained on my blog...maybe in spite of it.  I decided to once again take it to him.   The lead suitcase,  the ongoing battle, the heartbreak for loved ones, the fear of the unknown, and the sense of feeling overwhelmed by even the smallest daily responsibilities...are too heavy.  I am a slow learner.  I'm pretty sure I've been taught this lesson before.

My broken cd player finally started intermittently working again on Wednesday.  I popped in a cd I hadn't listened to in a long time.  I think I have missed music breathing life into the monotony of my day.   As I listened (and sang obnoxiously loud) to Selah this song brought me to tears.   I had never really noticed it before.  This time I sang and prayed every word.
I will continue to cling to this truth.
Ultimately God is able to redeem that which has been most shattered.  The pers…

Might be the weather

My two Littles bonding over a Nintendo DS.   Brings a tear to the eye doesn't it?

 Help I've fallen into self pity and I can't get up!
Ok, I'm mostly joking...mostly.
It's been one of those weeks that I just can't kick my grumpy mood.
I hate feeling this way and I'm trying to get my head squared back on.
I need to get out from under feeling overwhelmed by life in general.

It feels like recovery week.   Getting the big kids focused back on their school books after a week of touring Seattle has been a bit of a challenge. Getting me immersed back into my normal laundry-piled-high-screaming-teething-baby-messy-house-one-volume-children-ADHD-infused-multiplication-drilling-phonics-nagging-often-chaotic-life has proved a little less than seamless.

I'm usually a rock emotionally.  Steady as hours in a day.  I REALLY dislike feeling stressed out, depressed, discouraged, and just plain exhausted.  It doesn't feel like me.
 I feel like I should feel better t…

Do the Next Thing

Do The Next Thing
Elisabeth Elliot
“At an old English parsonage down by the sea, there came in the twilight a message to me. Its quaint Saxon legend deeply engraven that, as it seems to me, teaching from heaven. And all through the hours the quiet words ring, like a low inspiration, ‘Do the next thing.’
Many a questioning, many a fear, many a doubt hath its quieting here. Moment by moment, let down from heaven, time, opportunity, guidance are given. Fear not tomorrow, child of the King, trust that with Jesus, do the next thing.
Do it immediately, do it with prayer, do it reliantly, casting all care. Do it with reverence, tracing His hand, who placed it before thee with earnest command. Stayed on omnipotence, safe ‘neath His wing, leave all resultings, do the next thing.
Looking to Jesus, ever serener, working or suffering be thy demeanor, in His dear presence, the rest of His calm, the light of His countenance, be thy psalm. Do the next thing.”

dirty cup

"The hypocrite is always hoping that people will not find out what his heart is really like. But the believer knows that what is happening on the inside is far more important than what seems to be happening on the outside”. - Philip Ryken

"Hypocrisy is the act of persistently pretending to hold beliefs, opinions, virtues, feelings, qualities, or standards that one does not actually hold. Hypocrisy is thus a kind of lie."

I came  across this quote and it hit the nail on the head so well I decided to pass it on...and knowing my tendency to over-think things and over-write about them , add some of my own thoughts.  Hypocrites be warned.

Such an ugly word.  A word that is thrown around a lot (unfortunately quite often in malice  by other hypocrites)

  Jesus had very little patience for hypocrites, in fact, he saved  his harshest words for them. 

"Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites!  You clean the outside of the dish, but inside they are full of gr…

A song almost heard.

This picture is from the archives.   A picture of a little boy I loved and said goodbye to.   A little boy who still owns real estate in my heart.           I am relatively new at foster parenting and even more of a rookie in the world of adoption.   We have cared for 6 children in our 3 years of fostering.  Cece is our  first attempt at adoption.   We did not set out to try  to adopt a baby this year.  It was not in our 1 year plan...even if we had such a thing.   In fact we had other dreams.  Hopes that included returning to Mexico  this winter.   
       One thing I've learned to let go of is planning what we will be doing next year, 5 years from now or beyond.  I have hopes, aspirations and dreams  but all of them have been laid in God's hands.   I have learned that following His lead, instead of my own, is far more satisfying. 
       Our only plan in life is to be available.   We don't want to be so caught up in creating our own little world that we miss what God is doi…

7 months - A letter to my girl

My littlest girl will very soon be 7 months old.   It has occurred to me lately how quickly her first year, her baby year, will be coming to an end.   I love this age!  I think I could keep her 7 months old forever....although I love watching her grow up too.   I already have her 1st birthday party planned in my head and  ideas for her own little girl bedroom.  I envision tea parties, pink rubber boots and  tu-tus.  I imagine a chubby cheeked little girl with dark curly pigtails pushing a little dolly stroller down our driveway.  
She is developing and growing wonderfully (maybe I'm a little biased).   She loves her bath time.  She adores her daddy.   She thinks her siblings are hilarious (they finally have an audience who appreciates their antics).   She has never met a morsel, spoonful, or bottle of food she didn't like.   It's a new experience for me to not have to practically force feed my baby. 
  Speaking of food....I've been cooking up lots of sweet potatoes and a…

My Own Little World

We turn off the news when we don't like what we see.
We plug our ears and close our eyes when life gets ugly.
Draw our lines.  Close our hearts.  Protect ourselves.
Shut people out.

If I open up my heart, love, listen, reach out....I have to set aside my own hurt and fear.
Thats hard.  The wounds go deep.
Living in a Land of Make Believe is easier.
My own little world is safer.
I choose who can enter...and who I will shut out.
Who is safe and who is not.
Who will allow  me to be blindly comfortable and who will take me face to face with reality.

I don't want to know that there are millions of children living unloved, unwanted and alone in the world.
I don't want to know that sin can take hold of any heart and destroy any family.
I don't want to know what kind of evil humans are capable of.
I don't want to see suffering and pain.
I don't want to know that babies die of starvation, while I complain my jeans are too old.

That kind of reality makes me want to cr…

Thanksgiving 10/10/10

Filled up with thanks.

For the newest member of our clan (my adorable nephew)

For pumpkin pie and real whipped cream ....or bowls full of whipped cream if you're allergic to pumpkin pie.

Love and acceptance of family. The  girls in my life...

and my 'guys'. A Thanksgiving day feast. Full bellies and hot coffee.

Children who keep us amused...
...even when they spill their juice.
A beautiful summer day in October!

Like rain on dry ground

My days lately have been a blur of fall work, single parenting, phonics, multiplication, diapers, teething,  and snotty noses.
My handsome (very dirty) hardworking husband has been working long and hard on this years harvest.   His 80-90  hour work weeks are a rush of trucking grain, fixing machinery, and occasional hours in the combine.  It's a grueling season for both of us.  This is farming.  Things will slow down quite a bit once the grain is in the bins and the snow falls.
I miss having my husband around for meals, for reading to the kids at bedtime,.... for the  structure and discipline that Dad is best at providing ornery rascally little boys (for some reason mom just isn't as effective).   I'm missing half my team.    We're almost done though...I think.  It has been a rough week as far as breakdowns go.  The machinery and the crew seem to be limping to the finish line as winter looms close by.
The weather this past couple weeks has been perfect.  We've …