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Yesterday, I was driving to the City to take Cece to her first biological family "visitation" and driving is often the place when I relax , think and pray.   As long as there isn't chaos in the back seats...even then I'm pretty good at tuning it out.   My mind wandered, as it very frequently does, but instead of going an imagination tour of what might be, would could be, what I would say if, how I would feel if...
My mind wanderings surprisingly came as flashes of mostly forgotten, not usually thought about, moments of my life.   It did occur to me that  my  life flashing before my eyes while driving down a highway is a little strange.    I  allowed the moments and memories to come anyway.   What struck me was how blessed I feel by beauty, love, relationships and family.  There have been many horrible, stressful and dark moments in my life but none of them came readily to mind.  Also, I thought it strange later that I didn't even think about the big events or th…

Survivor Gianna Jessen Part 1

I remember meeting this amazing young woman when we were both teens. I can't remember the circumstances but I heard her speak at a small gathering and even then she left an impression on me.  She is now arguably one of the most "dangerous" woman in America because she declares life.  She speaks truth. Truth no one wants to hear.   Truth  is dangerous to those who would rather not know, for those who have already hardened their hearts, closed their minds and drawn a line. Who is worthy of life and who is not.  Who deserves compassion and who does not.

Whether you consider yourself adamantly "pro-choice" , passionately "pro-life" or somewhere in between. Please take a few minutes to watch this in it's entirety.   I only found the youtube version in two parts.  Please watch this one and then scroll down to find part 2.  It just gets better.
She is incredibly articulate and compelling as she shares her own miraculous story of surviving the silent H…

Abortion Survivor Part 2

This is part two of the video posted above this one.  Please scroll up to watch the beginning if you haven't already.   You will want to watch this second part too.

Te Extrano

I miss Mexico.  I miss our amigos.  I miss the kids.
 I miss Pollo Loco quesa-tacos. I am particularly missing, thinking about and praying for these little ones. I wish I could visit and check on the kids that call me Tia. I worry about them. I wonder if Minerva and Alvaro are still in school?  Will Carmela and Ramiro ever be able to attend school with their older siblings?  How is the new baby?  Are they being cared for?  Are they hungry? Are they being abused? Are they sliding further into the cycle of poverty and all that goes with it?

What future will they have?

 I miss my princesses Minerva and Carmela. I miss these princesses too.
 I miss hanging out with these girls...  and this boy.  I miss the girl we sponser (right) and the other little girl that is growing up so quickly.

I miss taking trips to the ocean, going out to eat at taco stands , and going on adventures with our friends. I miss our friends.  All of you...who probably aren't reading this because …

Suppose God charged us...

"Suppose God charged us for the rain,
or put a price on a song-bird's strain
or music, the dawn , the mist of the plain.

How much would autumn landscapes cost,
Or a window etched with winter's frost,
And the rainbow's glory so quickly lost?

Suppose that people had to pay
To see the sunset's crimson play
And the magic stars of the Milky Way.

Suppose it was fifty cents a night
To watch a gull in graceful flight.

How much, I wonder, would it be worth
To smell the good, brown , fragrant earth
In spring?  The miracle of birth.

How much do you think people would pay
For a baby's laugh at the close of day?
Suppose God charged us for them, I say!

Suppose we paid to look at the hills,
For the rippling mountain rills,
Or the mating song of the whippoorwills,

Or curving breakers of the sea,
For grace, and beauty, and majesty?
And all these things He gives us free!"

author unknown

(both pictures taken in Saskatchewan, Canada)

6 month birthday and my adorably odd sometimes naughty children

Cupcakes half decorated for my Miss Cece's half year birthday party.   It was a fun little celebration of our little girl and an excuse to eat cupcakes.  Aili and Roman surprised me by bringing out wrapped gifts for Cece.  They each picked out one of their own toys that they thought she would like and would be appropriate for a baby.  It was cute.  Cece received her first doll.
Cece has grown a head full of adorable curls.   I'm loving that her hair is long enough (in the front anyway) for little pigtails.  It's so sweet done up with bows and ribbons.  I'm having fun.   

Since Aili was old enough  to stand and sway she has been putting on shows for us.   Her life is one big broadway musical.  On  regular basis she hand delivers tickets with the time of her next show.   We don't dare loose them because they are required for admission at her bedroom door.   We don't dare sigh in relief and walk away when we loose them either.... Attendance is mandatory. This time it ev…

Religion vs. Gospel

What's the difference?  Aren't they the same thing? I found this  here  and thought it answered that question very well.  "What is the Gospel? The word gospel simply means “good news.” The central message of the Bible is the gospel, or good news, about the person and work of Jesus Christ. In 1 Corinthians 15:1–4, Paul provides the most succinct summary of the gospel: the man Jesus is also God, or Christ, and died on a cross in our place, paying the penalty for our sins; three days later He rose to conquer sin and death and give the gift of salvation to all who believe in Him alone for eternal life." "The great reformer Martin Luther rightly said that, as sinners, we are prone to pursue a relationship with God in one of two ways. The first is religion/spirituality and the second is the gospel. The two are antithetical in every way. Religion says that if we obey God He will love us. The gospel says that it is because God has loved us through Jesus that we can obey. Rel…

Wilderness school

Because harvest has been rained out for the last couple weeks my guys set out on a fishing trip up in northern Saskatchewan.    It was Roman's first time fishing.  It was also his first time experiencing the northern forests and lakes.
If he had been enrolled into a conventional classroom he would have had to stay home.   He would be sitting in a desk...coloring pieces of the lines.  TORTURE!
Since we are homeschooling we can be flexible and embrace life's opportunities. We are already loving this lifestyle.   Our math and reading curriculum got put on hold for 4 days this week while he attended wilderness school.
He learned how to reel in a fish.
He learned rules of initiation.
He learned how to drive a boat??
He learned how to stay calm while marooned alone on an island.  (He was probably thrilled)
He was taught how to gut a fish.   He had a fish anatomy lesson. He learned how to start a fire in the rain using a flint and "old mans beard". He learned that his Dad th…

Beans, pitas, and kids clothes.

It's that time of year again. Summer is gone....a little early this year it seems. The crops are still lying in the fields while the cold rain continues and temperatures drop below freezing.
My kids have been fortunate enough to have been able to keep out their "summer clothes" for the last year and a half. When we packed up for Mexico this time last year we took hot weather clothes as well as their cool weather clothes. The temperature changes drastically in the deserts of Baja Mexico.
Now that we are once again facing (dreading) a Canadian winter it is time to put away the shorts and t-shirts. What spurred me on, other than the freezing yucky weather, is the fact that my boys haven't figured out that clothing is essential for warmth. As long as there are shorts, swim trunks, and sleeveless shirts in their drawers the sweaters and jeans will be neglected. They are not at all impressed by my sudden insistence on wearing confining things like socks and …