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my girl is 9!!!

Aili decorating her cupcakes. It was very important to her that she decorate her own this year. I bought her a real scrap book this year for her birthday, complete with fancy paper and 3-D stickers. She has been begging for one for months now. She is a crafty girl who is also very sentimental. I might add that she is much better with those goofy jagged scissors than I am.

This girl is not capable of not being a goon during picture time.
I can't believe my silly, creative, unique, independant girl turned 9 years old today. Where do the years go?! I keep getting flashbacks to the ridiculously alert bug eyed newborn we brought home from the hospital with us and countless nights I tried unsuccessfully to convince her we both needed to sleep. Where did that pig tailed little pixie with the impish grin and adorable speech impediment go? I swear she was here a minute ago.

She had a sleep over party planned with a few friends last weekend but unfortunately a …

Harvest time begins

This is a busy time of year. Hubby is out cutting Canola until late every evening. Harvesting the food in my yard and garden before frost is becoming a full time job. The maintaining of my household has not become any less demanding.
There are more apples to pick,

mountains of laundry waiting to be folded and put away,
meals to make, dishes to wash, jars to fill more canning to do, more berries to pick, BUT, it can wait for a few hours... because... Childhood is short

......and our Canadian summer is even shorter!

Children of the corn

We found this little guy on the "Island of Grumpy" and against our better judgement decided to bring him home with us. He is a gifted grump...he could put Oscar out of business.
That is unless he decides the fun, silly, happy boy should come out to play.
I like the happy boy...the grumpy one can go back to Grumpy Island.
This little girl is about as sweet as strawberry sherbet. She is so easy to love.
At five months old Miss Cece is full of giggles and smiles. She is a relentless flirt and melt hearts where ever she goes. I love how she smiles with her whole face. I wish I could show you a picture of how adorable she really is. She now has two teeth and a bunch more on the way.
Cece has come so far this past month. She is rolling all over the place, picking up and playing with toys and discovering the world around her. I really do love this age.
I forgot ,after a string of newborn foster babes, how much I love the big baby stage....until they get to the toddle…

What does a Christian look like?

I was browsing through some new-to-me blogs today and came across one that I fell in blog love with. They are a very non typical large family. You must pop over and check out this rockstar tribe! Storing up Treasures.
I came across a recent post written by Courtney called "What does it look like"
I appreciated her fresh and very honest perspective on what it really means to be a Christian.
So often we are more concerned with making up rules to follow than we are about following Christ. We are more concerned with judging appearances than we are with looking at the heart of someone. We go about in our masks of hypocrisy confident that because we never drink alcohol, live in a nice neighborhood with nice friends, attend church every Sunday and dress conservatively that we are somehow made more holy because of those things.
A man covered head to toe in scars and tattoos may be a passionate disciple of Christ. He may be visiting the outcasts in prison and sharing a m…

Joy of Adoption - Facts

Gods Heart: Adoption

Bucking the status quo...again.

This time we are doing it with our children's education. I heard that gasp. We have decided after much deliberation, investigation, and introspection to switch to educating our kids full time at home....rather than a conventional classroom. Why ,you ask ,would we do such a shocking, unusual, drastic thing? Well, that is what I'm going to try to put into words. I know most people around us will think we are mentally insane, negligent or too brave for our own good. They might be right. Time will tell. That being said... I was not home schooled myself. None of my close-by friends or any of my own large extended family home schools or was home schooled (to my knowledge). No one in my church home schools. 10 years ago I think I knew of one or two stereotypical home-schooled families but that was it. We live in a small rural community with out clubs or co-ops to meet other home schooling families. When Aili began Kindgarten we entertained the idea of homeschooling…

August Camping

My "big kids" got their first try at carrying Cece in the Ergo carrier while I supervised close by. It made them feel pretty grown up and Miss Cece enjoyed the view and attention from her big sis and brother. Roman is looking a little bit Mexican in this photo. Barefoot and a baby sister strapped to his back...although the carrier is a little more high-tech than the average shawl sling.

Miss Cece loved the water. She was fascinated by the sand and water as she sat wiggling and splashing in it. It's so fun to watch a child discover the world around them. I feel so blessed to be a part of that. Cece will be 5 months old in a few days!
My boys waiting to get pulled behind a friends boat. They had so much fun!
The Dad's hanging out with the boys around the campfire.Serenity. a disposition free from stress or emotionpeace: the absence of mental stress or anxietyLast weekend we went camping with our church family. It was so nice to visit, relax and enjoy each ot…

little boy ecstacy

nothing a little water won't fix