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memorable moments

This is just a whole whack of pictures, moments and memories shoved into one mixed up blog post. The last few weeks have been a blur of activity, family fun, and vacation.
The kids are having their last picnic lunch up in the tree fort (their cousin left the next day after a 3 week visit)
On a side note. We just received news today that our foster baby Cece has been made a "permanent ward" which means that she is now legally adoptable. I didn't expect that it would happen this quickly. Now begins the process of applying and praying that we will be her forever family. I would feel much more confident if she had already been in our home for a year. After a year they assume that there is a "significant bond" between the foster parents and the child. Under that she will go into the general adoption pool and could go to someone else already on the wait list for a baby. I guess 4 months is still considered an insignificant bond.... What may work to our bene…


1. to undergo or cause to undergo moral, spiritual, or physical renewal or invigoration 2. to form or be formed again; come or bring into existence once again 3. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Biology) to replace what was lost or damaged by new growth, or to cause (such tissues) to be replaced
In that day their burden will be lifted from your shoulders, their yoke from your neck; the yoke will be broken .... Isaiah 10:27 3 siblings (and their families) all together for the first time in over 20 years.

2 first cousins, only 4 months apart in age, meet for the first time.
1 mother and a son from Seattle stand in a Canola field on the Canadian prairie for the first time.

4 cousins quite possibly having too much fun in a pool.
1 little boy falling in love.

3 little boys trying to look cool.
1 Super Aunt sewing sock animals with her niece Aili. (My kids are soaking up the attention from their new Auntie!)
Our daily thunder storm.
2 cousins, who share two different shades of t…

Family Camp, house guests and miracles

I have a couple really fun and exciting weeks coming up. Weeks I should be preparing for rather than writing...but I'm so excited that I had to share.
Our first big event is having two very special house guests. My sister in law and my nephew will be staying at our place for a whole week and then going to "family camp" with us for another week. My husband met his sister for the first time in about 24 years (as well his 9 year old nephew) last month. I have yet to have the honors of loving on them in person. Three more days and all the verbal, emotional and spiritual hugs we've given each other over the past 18 months will materialize into an actual physical embrace.
It amazes me how some friendships, the deepest kind of friendships, can be forged without ever being in the same room. I have seen this in blog sphere where women connect and openly share life together. Through tears, support, long phone conversations, mutual grief and genuine honesty develops…

New kitties

After a few years of being pet-less and after many months of all three kids begging for various kinds of animals including anacondas, rats and dinosaurs....we decided to adopt two kittens. Since kittens are in abundant supply at any nearby farm we didn't have to look long to find two freebies. The kids spent the first two days outside ALL DAY with their new toys ..I mean...pets. At one point all three kids and two kittens were hanging out inside this doghouse (now cat house).
The whole crew. One of the rare pictures that includes me . Everyone is eating some left over birthday cake while I feed Cece. That look on my face is me trying to figure out how quickly I can get all those kids bathed and put to bed.
We had a nice busy summer weekend first visiting my sisters family at their new house and the next day visiting good friends on their farm. They have a little lake at their farm so the dads and kids went sailing. I had good intentions of taking some pictures but by …


No cream....just the hot, bold truth... It is your choice to swallow, but if you chose to not swallow, it still remains the truth. And you miss out on a great cup of coffee...
I love a good cup of coffee.
Keep it real. I don't have time for foam.
Espresso post inspired by Ashley!