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Through the Smoke

I've been thinking a lot lately about the nature of illusions and how prevalent they are in our society and in our human nature. In the past few years of my life all innocence to the existence of deception and facades has been annihilated. That is not at all an enjoyable thing to experience. The world is a much more pleasant place when all we see is pretty colorful masks.

It seems every time I turn a corner I see and hear about another example of people with deep dark secrets. Secrets that they were able to keep hidden from the people closest to them...spouses, best friends, children.

The church elder who had a secret "sex addiction" and spent his retirement savings on prostitutes without his wife knowing.

The woman who had the illusion of the perfect home, perfect family and perfect life but on the inside was broken and looking for love outside her home.

The same woman who could look her husband and her closest friends in the eyes and most convincingly a…

Baby Cece and dorky kids

Spring time seems to get crazy busy for us. It seems we returned home from Mexico in April, hit the ground running and haven't stopped. Nathanael spent a month and a half worth of long long days in the fields seeding Canola and lentils. At the same time we added a newborn to our home. Between year end school functions, soft ball practices and games, regular trips to the pediatrician (for baby), and just normal everyday life....I feel like I'm barely keeping up some days.
My garden is gorgeous with all the rain we've had this year but the lawn and the weeds are growing so fast that they threaten to turn my yard into a jungle. I suppose I'm doing my part in oxygenating the atmosphere...or if left long enough maybe I will be recognized for my back lawn re-forestation efforts.
I am so proud of my garden this year. I made it bigger and sacrificed even more of my front lawn to accommodate our food production (less mowing and a smaller grocery bill works for me). Next year …

Color makes me happy

Painting not so much...
But I love a new fresh paint job once it's finished. Our new basement family room! We are loving our gigantic sectional. We have revolutionized family movie time from a broken futon padded with pillows off of our this. Room for more.
I love this green in my kitchen...the living/dining room is a pale greenish yellow. I'm not into biege or even more horrible, hospital white walls. Our prairie landscape is either white or brown 90% of the year....but my home is a sanctuary of color. Soothing, relaxing, cheerful, inspiring..even bold. I admit that sometimes picking a bold color turns out great...sometimes it back fires. Totally worth a try though. You can always re-paint.
Our new bathroom...I love the Mexican accents.
I think God likes color too...

Church Camp Weekend

Silas and his buddy enjoying camp treats while sharing a lawn chair.
A highlight of this past weekend was definitely the rock climbing wall. Guess who has been obsessing about this wall for the past year? Roman couldn't wait to get geared up and scurry his way to the top.
Silas ...not so much. Actually he was too terrified of the young man with the shaggy hair and black hat to go any where near the harnesses or wall. He watched from a safe distance. Could two boys be any more different?

Aili surprised us all by decided she would give it a try. She swore off climbing after trying it last year. I was proud of her for getting up there again.
Roman went up all the routes he thought were the hardest...even the one with the "lumps". Of course he made it to the top each time without even a moment of hesitation. Scurried would definitely describe how he climbed.

We joined a whole big group of our friends for a weekend of camping at a local kids camp. It is the same camp …

The Fathers in my life

We spent this Fathers Day weekend camping with our church family. I'll post more about what a fun weekend we had later. Right now I want to honor the Father's in my life, a day late. :)
I am so proud of my Dad. He has always been a quiet force of strength and stability in the life of his family. I love his strength of character, integrity and the love he has for his children and grandchildren. I am have been especially proud to call him my dad this year as he has worked tirelessly in Haiti before and after the devastating earthquake. He has also been working hard to bring home their 5th daughter and 6th new Haitian sister. We are all hoping to welcome her to Canada and to our family soon. She is currently living in an orphanage but has known my parents for years, has spent time living with them in Haiti and calls them mama and papa.
In a world where too many men sacrifice their children out of convenience , or personal gain....he has spent his life sacri…

just for fun

Let me explain why posting pictures of myself is fun. My blog chum Lynnette asked us to post pictures that represent ourselves (and actually are ourselves). Just for kicks. So here goes. I realized by doing this how often I'm the one behind the camera instead of in front of it.
This is me with my three kidlets and two others that I sponsored in Mexico. I love Mexico and I love kids (at least sometimes) Another mommy picture. There seems to be a theme.
Yikes! Now thats a mommy picture! I was annoyed that my husband was taking a picture of me in my early morning, severely sleep deprived state. You can't tell by the look on my face can you? I think this picture is funny because it's so real...and because my coffee and laptop made it into the photo. I live a glamorous life.
My family and I looking a little more prepared for a picture.
um..ok. I don't know who that is.

Happy Place. Last spring my husband and I took a very spontaneous (booked on Friday, left …

Summer is here!!

Finally...after what seems like endless days of clouds, cold and rain. Summer arrived. What better way to celebrate than bringing out the sprinkler. Really, nothing strikes more hilarity into a child than ice cold water shooting up the backside.
We are loving this weather!

Back yard construction

After many years of begging, our kids finally have an outside play fort! We put up the posts for it a couple summers ago but it wasn't completed until this past weekend. The rainy weather has given the hubby a little extra time for things like building tree houses.
Its really high...well high for a kids play structure anyway (the crows nest floor is 14 feet from the ground!). In case you are wondering ...that is indeed my sexy sweat pant clad legs and couture foot wear.

The minute the structure was complete they ran to the house to grab some costumes and props.
Roman has a toy guitar slug over one shoulder, a wooden rifle over the other and is wearing some sort of vest. Silas is ready to catch minows or something.

Since my carpenter husband designed and built it I have no doubts as to it's strength and attention to safety (within reasonable limits of still being thrilling and fun)

Aili and Roman spent many hours helping dad on the project. In this picture they are almo…

Darkness to light (shocking stats every parent needs to read)

I am posting on a topic that is not only very taboo but that also stirs up strong emotion in many people, whether shock, anger, horror, guilt, fear, denial or grief. It is something that runs deep through the fabric of our culture as humans. It is an often ignored stain that invades all races, genders, socio-economic status', and religions. There are no social barriers when it comes to child sexual abuse. It is not always an "other side of the tracks" problem. It is easy to turn a blind eye to the issue because there is a generally prevailing ignorance to what it actually is. Among those who know all too well what it is...there is a prevailing shame and fear that prevent people from talking about it. As a society we would rather just not know. Because I am not overly concerned with societal taboos...I will go there.As foster parents, learning about this topic is something that is mandatory to our training and education. We are front line adults who will at some…

The cause of the fatherless.

This is borrowed from another blog. Such great insight into God's heart for the orphan and the parentless child.
"Caring for orphans reflects the heart of God. From Isaiah’s call to “defend the cause of the fatherless” (1:17) to James’ placement of orphan care at the heart of “pure and undefiled religion” (1:27), the biblical mandate is clear. But this is not merely God’s expectation of us; it is a mirroring of His own character. “He defends the fatherless,” declares Deuteronomy 10:18. Describes the Psalmist, “He places the lonely in families.” To be like our heavenly Father, we’re invited to do the same.

Caring for orphans makes the Gospel visible. At the heart of the Christian story is the God who pursued us when we were destitute and alone. He adopted us as His children, and invites us to live as His sons and daughters. Perhaps nothing makes this truth more tangible than when Christians follow in their Father’s footsteps, opening heart and home in unconditional affection t…

Celebrating 100 years of Hickville!

What better way to celebrate than a parade? If you have never been to a small town parade then this will give you a glimpse of what you're missing. If you have been to a small town parade...this is even smaller. We live in a teeny tiny village with dirt streets and a population of about 100. The population increased exponentially this weekend as a large centennial celebration/homecoming weekend was planned in conjunction with our annual "sports day". Hoards of Hickville ex-patriots came to reminisce, reconnect, and honor 100 years of this little farming community. On the Canadian prairie our little village now is a rare one. Most communities like this have become ghost towns and have virtually disappeared over the past few decades. For some reason the population here has stayed steady. Our village and the surrounding farms are made up of many young families. The community is active, thriving and everybody knows everybody. That in itself is a great benefit…