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My Circus

Staring Roman the Monkey boy and his trusty side Kick Silas. In this hallway are 4 doorways. Roman monkey's his way around to all of them without touching the ground using his toes and fingertips. I think I should get this kid to a climbing wall! He aspires to be a break dancer, not that he's ever had a dance lesson. This music loving boy loves to dance, to move, and to contort his body in all sorts of strange positions. I may have too look into something sort of gymnastics or dance lessons next winter...if we aren't in Mexico. He would love it!

Roman is a boy with various unusual talents. One of his most recent interests is constructing. It has only been recently that his attention to detail and his fine motor skills caught up to his creativity. He now designs and creates the most"things" with Bionicles, Legos, wood (yes his daddy gave him a drill, hammer, and a saw one afternoon). Actually he can create something with just about anything i…

A Call to Anguish - David Wilkerson

Anguish. I now have a word for it. It's not a word we hear very often..especially in this context.
I came across this message, and although cheesy music and open displays of emotion usually make me queezy, this impacted me.
Mr. Wilkerson put into words the things that I've been wrestling with. Intimate union with the Spirit of God brings a mysterious dichotomy of both inexplicable joy and heart breaking agony. Even more mysterious is that joy is born in agony.

That realization struck me because, I now have a name for it.

I have been reading and studying in the book of Nehemiah on and off for about a year now. For some reason God has been bringing me back to that somewhat obscure book of the Bible.

Years ago I sincerely prayed that my heart would be broken by the things that break God's heart. I not only prayed it, I yearned for it.

Little did I know what it was like to go through life with a broken heart. In God's heart there is no apathy, ignorance or arrogant disdain. …

Champion Juicer give away

I have never had a juicer but I think it would be really fun to have one. I realize that by saying that my definition of fun may be quite different than yours. I get excited about finding ways to consume and utilize all the free food that is going to pop up in my garden this summer. I also think its fun to find ways to keep my kids as healthy and loaded up with disease fighting nutrition as possible. Having a strong healthy body.....well that's a good way to enjoy life to the fullest . So there it is...juicers are fun!
My blog chum Lynnette is having a give away on her blog. I have my name in the draw and my fingers crossed.

Jungle Guide

I found a post recently on another blog. It really encouraged me. We have been making our way through the jungle for what seems like far too long. I am tired. Hearts broken. Hopes for healing crushed. Loved ones lost in the destruction. I'm tired of hoping. I'm tired of wishing it could be different.
I'm weary of the lead backpack we are carrying. I'm ready for some smooth sailing, for some journeying through a sweet easy meadow. I have been straining my neck trying to see the path ahead...hoping to catch a glimpse of a clearing. I want a grief free, stress and mess free life...or at least maybe even a short reprieve at an oasis. I'm tired of lurking dangers, uncertain footing and obscured vision....but this is where we are. It is what it is.
This post reminded me that maybe instead of wishing the jungle away and searching for a clearing.... I should keep my eyes more focused on my guide.
He won't remove the jungle but he will lead us th…


This may prove to be a bit of a strange post, considering all the pictures were taken in a country grave yard.

As a child, I grew up only 1/2 a mile from this cemetery. Because we basically lived in the middle of no where, entertainment and outings consisted of going on "backpacking adventures" in the nearby gravel pits and strolls through the nearby grave yard. Our childhood adventures were only limited by our imaginations. The walks through the grave yard peaked my curiosity, imagination and sense of history. I used to enjoy reading all the tomb stones, imagining who these people were and what their lives were like. All of the names and dates became familiar. So many of the last names still exist in our farming community. This cemetery is what is left of my pioneer history. They were the people who came out west to break the land, fight the odds, and make new lives for their families.
Because yesterday was Samuel's birthday, the kids and I (my hubby is on an …

I will carry you

10 years ago, I became a mother. It has been whole decade since I had the privaledge of carrying and holding my son.
This past year a song was written in honor of a mother who chose to carry her child, even knowing that the baby would not survive. When I carried my son, I had never heard of such a thing. There were no blogs with pretty pictures describing what to expect. I was barely past childhood myself and I was faced with grief no one expects, and no one would want. ....but it was part of a bigger plan. He had a purpose that in my sadness I could not see.
"I will carry you, while your heart beats here. Long beyond the empty cradle through the coming years."
I vowed to carry my son as long as his heart was beating. What I didn't realize was... I will carry him as long as my own heart beats. ...and I wouldn't have it any other way.
"Such a short time, such a long road"
Happy 10th Birthday in Heaven my sweet boy.

Spring has Sprung...finally.

Spring fever? ....or a party girl who's very excited that birthday season has officially begun.

My little tomato plants are growing and waiting to move out to the garden (it froze last it could be a while)
My tulips are blooming. The landscape of brown and grey is finally turning green with splashes of color.
My cherry bush is blooming. I have my garden planted and the farm "seeding" season is almost done. It would have been finished Saturday evening but the work got rained out. Rain is always welcome in this frequently dry part of the world.

What has our pickiest eater smiling?

Fettecinni Alfredo (I used penne noodles), garlic fried scallops and edamame (the kids call them "pop beans"). I tried a new recipe that I had seen on "Dr. Oz". The secret to the Alfredo sauce is it is made from pureed cauliflower...instead of th…

La Niña de Tus Ojos

I came accross this video and wanted to share it with you. It's a bit graphic but this is a song we sang quite often in our big church in Mexico. I love it. It's so simple, but so life changingly profound.(make sure you scroll to the bottom of my blog and hit pause on the music first)For the woman who is unloved. For the woman who is invisible and without a voice.For the woman who was used up and thrown out.For the woman who carries a burden and is weighed down by shame. There is a Father who will not abandon, who will not harm, who will love you unconditionally.He loved you enough to die for you. He loved you enough to come to redeem you out of the wreckage. He came to give you your name. Daughter of the Most High King. Here is the English translation.The Daughter of Your Eyes.You saw me when no one saw me.You loved me when no one loved me.You gave me a name.I am your daughter.Because you loved me.You loved me , you loved me, I love you more than my life,So simple. So a…

2 Months

Last week Miss Cece turned 2 months old. Because we have no idea how many milestones we will be able to celebrate with her we decided to have a little mini 2 month birthday party.

This precious little girl is growing like crazy, becoming more interactive, and generally morphing from the newborn phase into the fun chubby baby phase. She is increasingly aware of and curious of about the world around her. She definitely recognizes her "mommy" and stares quizzically at "daddy" (who, because of the field work, she doesn't see all that often lately). I am very happy with her very normal development and progress.
The first two months of her life were rough. She has been a very gassy/ colicky baby that also has withdrawal issues that we are controlling with medication. She even gave Silas a run for his money at being the record breaking colic baby. I did try something different this time (which I wish I had the sense to try when Silas' tummy was all out of whack).…


Image husbands birthday today! We won't be having an actual party and birthday cake until Sunday. Although we are nearing the end of "Seeding" season he is still hard at work. He has been working very long hours in the fields seeding Canola and Lentils. That is a LOT of hours in the tractor and a lot of evenings, early mornings and meals without my husband to help on the homefront. Today was no different. We did manage to get some rain yesterday. That delayed the field word for a few hours this morning , giving him a relaxing morning at home on his birthday. Perfect timing wouldn't you say?

After school, the kids and I took him a couple of homemade blueberry muffins and a travel mug of coffee. On the way we even stopped at the only retail establishment in our tiny town..."The Bar" to buy him a can of ROOTBEER (no drinking on the job!). A can of soda is right up there with cake and icecream in this family...a rare treat indeed. Something special.

Happy Birthd…

New Camera!

It was a good Mother's Day for this mom! Better than most I would say. Some years the day has been an utter disappointment as it often gets lost in the shuffle of single parenting through our busy farming season. Usually it's pretty uneventful. This year, after being awake most of the night with a fussy baby and starting the day at 5.30am with a 3 year old who insisted at being up with the sun, I made breakfast, rushing around getting four kids and myself ready for church. I received my home made cards from my kids (love it), and a "Happy Mother's Day" greeting from my hubby. I figured that was it. Wrong. He surprised me with a Nikon D5000 SLR camera! We had discussed how nice it would be to have a good camera but never took it past the wishing/someday chat. I guess it's a good thing he didn't tell me what he was up to or I probably would have, being the sensible(cheap) person I am, convinced him of 100 other more practical and necessary ways to spend the ta…

Thoughts on Mother's Day

To all the woman who are changing diapers,
adjusting to an empty nest,
or waiting expectantly.

To all the moms who's own mothers are in heaven,
who's babies are in heaven,
who's husbands are in heaven.

To the single mom with the strength to do it alone.
To the woman still waiting, hoping and longing....

To all the women who ever were, still are, or ever hope to be a mother.


Happy Mothers day to my mom.

Thankyou for loving me unconditionally,
for believing in who I am and who I will be.
Thankyou for supporting me through life's twist and turns.
Thankyou for all the years you put your children's needs ahead of your own.
Now that I am grown....
Thankyou for loving my children and taking the time to really know them and invest in them.
Thankyou for accepting, understanding and loving them.

Thankyou for being my friend.

I appreciate and love you so much.

The Love of a Mother:

- Lets her children eat the raisins out of her bowl of raisin bran leaving her with only …

Normal stuff

Back to life as usual ....which includes lots of baking.

Hunting for big sticks (and dragging them home) Playing with cousins. Visits from family. (My three sisters all came for a visit along with their was SO good to chat, giggle and share trench stories of motherhood)

Eating tape measures. Enjoying the comforts of home and the love of our family.

Aili's new "big girl" room. After 6 months crammed into a camping trailer with her brothers this girl is loving having her own little sanctuary of femininity.

One Million Arrows:

Struck down but not destroyed.

I don't have any cute pictures today. In fact I'm in kind of a picture taking slump. Perhaps because my decent Panasonic camera is still out of order. Or perhaps because ,compared to life this winter, my life at the moment seems a little mundane. Not that mundaneness stopped me before. There is beauty in the little things and the monotonous moments of life. I think I'm just forgetting to look.

I'm posting because I need to write. It's that or tear into an unopened bag of chocolate chips. I have no idea what I am planning on writing about. I will figure it out as I go....and I may or may not delete the whole mess afterward. If you are reading this I obviously chose the latter.
I am living in a bit of new baby sleep deprived fog right now. It has been snowing and or raining for what seems like an eternity. A combination of those two factors is making me feel slothful, unmotivated and like I have the physical composition of Jello. I need some fres…

Happy Birthday Sis!

I never dreamed that I would ever really know you. Even after 13 years of marriage I doubted that I would ever meet my husband's only sister. I certainly never expected that you would become one of my very dearest friends and a true sister in Christ. It has been beautiful to watch God work in your life , transform and redeem it for His purpose. You exude true beauty inside and out!
God brought us all together in His timing, in His wisdom, and for His glory. It was all Him. I thank Him for that. Nathanael and I are both enjoying making up for the decades taken from us. You have been such a loving new auntie to my kids. They love you and their cousin already and we are looking forward playing together soon. I wish you lived closer!! I am so excited that ,even though the past is lost, the future holds so much promise for all of us.
You've shown me in a powerful way what faith can do....
You have been a blessing in our lives this past year and a half. In you, we …

Back home (take 2)

The above photo is of our yard today. May 4. Spring where are you? The grass was turning green. The snow was gone...again....and now this?
Our yard in April. When we arrived back home at the beginning of April it was sunny, warmish, very dry and no snow. Other than being a little concerned about the lack of precipitation I was relieved that the weather back home was closely resembling the weather I had left behind in Baja Mexico. The kids didn't skip a beat as they pulled on their shorts and ran around outside in their flip flops. However a short while later...winter returned in all it's raging glory. The problem was the kids didn't have winter snow gear. Fortunately it wasn't terribly cold and the kid managed to scrounge enough clothing to have a good time playing. Our Canadian spring blizzard.
The yucky weather gave us lots of time to do some projects inside the house. I painted Aili's room pink and turquoise. Nathanael finally finished the bathroom remodel. Our m…