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This promises to be a scattered and random post. Consider yourself warned. I'm exhausted. We aren't home yet. Monday will be our arrival at the home we haven't seen since October. I've got a head cold...the first in months. I have a 3 year old with a fever (first all winter). I feel like I could sleep for days. I don't know if it's just slowing down long enough to let it all catch up with me or if its just the last week of a crazy schedule and crazy keep me awake at night itching. Last night was the first night that I haven't woke up wishing I could cut my legs off at the knees. Aili , who is covered from head to two with flea bites as well, has also been keeping me awake. Last night she slept well too. I'm hoping that we are done with these nasty bites. They kept us miserable for over a week! No new bites for a week though so I think we left them behind.
Anyway, making sense of our experiences this winter, processing it all in the …

Day in San Diego

After one day spent in San Diego and 3 more grueling days of driving we made it to Canada yesterday. We aren't home quite yet but are enjoying some time visiting family. We will drive the last 5 hours of our 40 hr journey on Monday. The trip home went well over all. The kids are so accustomed to travelling they weren't a problem. They get in their travel zone and are pretty good at entertaining themselves. Of course, having a dvd player is a must for that many hours in a car. We have our system of bathroom breaks, garbage collecting and gas stops down to a science (with one exception that included Roman in the back seat with a water bottle ) We stopped once a day, for about half an hour, while the kids run around and I stuff pita pockets with salad and turkey to eat on the road. Other than our daily pita salad we mostly just snacked on grapes, carrots, crackers and cheese sticks. We really tried to keep junk food and fast food stops out of the travel itinerary.…

Thank you to our surrogate grandparents

After Christmas we had the privileged of meeting several people that are using their retirement years to serve God and others. The "RV'ers" usually start arriving the first of the year and continue to roll in and out of the mission until spring.
We were a little worried that the new retirees wouldn't appreciate their rowdy noisy neighbors. I was pleasantly surprised that our new neighbors not only tolerated my kids but loved on and invested into their lives this winter.
One of the difficult things about deciding to follow God's calling in our life, pack up our family and spend six months in a foreign country was sacrificing certain things. It's one thing to sacrifice for myself but ,as any parent knows ,making your kids give up certain things or lack certain things is much harder. Taking my kids away (for a time) from a very close relationship with my parents was something that weighed on my heart.
God proved to all of …

On the road again

Driving back up the Baja Peninsula. The grass is lush and tall and the wild flowers are blooming everywhere. This is definitely not the same landscape we saw on the drive down. Aili has taken up knitting which is a good way to keep her busy fingers, busy. The border crossing. Leaving Mexico behind.

Its really a shame that we don't see these north of the border. Where else can you find a giant flaming Mary statue or an un-liscenced Curious George?
or a large rooster?
On a more serious note. Crossing over into the U.S and leaving behind everything familiar has been harder than I anticipated. Not that I'm not enjoying public bathrooms with not only toilet seats but paper seat covers but it's strange how foreign and even overwhelming everything looked. Going from rural Mexico into the bustling city of San Diego is a bit of an extreme change. I turned my Spanish worship up loud and held on to the last bit of my life in Mexico that I could. We spent Sunday and Monda…

So many goodbyes

This past weekend was full of so many goodbyes as we prepared to pull our trailer out of the spot it had been parked since October. Here are a few friends in neighboring trailers (staff housing) that came to see us off...or make sure we left. I told them I snapped the picture to prove that we had friends. :)

The day before we left Mexico we drove up to Santa Fe again to say goodbye to all the kids up there. There are now 10 children living in the same household. It's been a great way to pass on extra clothing and lighten our load home. A few of the cousins and Minerva didn't make it into the picture. The older girls were washing their hair. I think they were making their own little salon in memory of the events of the previous day. We doled out lots of hugs to our 5 kids and as well as to the 4 other "primas" (girl cousins) who have also started calling us "Tia and Tio".
After the tea party our last two evenings and day included going out to din…

Little Girls

Girls at the tea party doing what comes naturally while wearing a poofy dresses.

My sweet Minerva. I am so glad that we were able to make this special memory before our winter together came to an end. Each of the girls walked through the arches , was presented by their full name and then escorted down the steps by our administrator Mario. Every princess needs to be treated like a lady by a handsome prince. It was such a great way to honor the girls and make them feel special. Beautiful Magai and Nieves. Brenda and Dahlia looking fabulous. Some more glamorous girls from the Children's Home.

Girls waiting for their grand entrance.

Two little princesses from the Daycare. The children who attend the day care come from some of the poorest homes and communities. I was so glad to see that all the girls from the "guardaria" were able to attend. They showed up in their little Disney princess dresses looking so cute. Anyone have used princess or flower girl dresses that yo…

Carla's Beauty Salon

This past Friday was our annual "Fiesta de Te" (Tea Party) for the girls at the orphanage.
I made arrangements to not only bring my daughter but two girls from Santa Fe as well. Two girls who call me "Tia".

I brought them back to our place to shower and get ready for the event.
It was a first time experience for Carmela showering in a real shower with warm running water.
It was also a first time experience for me combing, blow drying and making beautiful lice infested hair.

Our salon treatment began with a "special" shampoo. I told them that their "little friends" weren't invited to the party and that we needed to chase them away. They thought that was pretty funny.

Ahead of time I packed them each a little bag to take with them down to the staff showers/bathrooms that included a towel and a little toiletry pack filled with hygeine essentials...and a few beautifying luxeries as well.

Back at the trailer we snacked on apples and cookies (we miss…

Day Home water park

A couple sprinklers, a hose, and a slide made for a fun afternoon for some very deserving kids.

The last couple days have been a blur of activity. I can't even begin to write it all down right now. So many things I want to share and write here so I can look back and remember what amazing things we are experiencing...but I am still too busy experiencing them :) I'm sure I'll be reminiscing and processing it all here in the days ahead.

Until then ,here is a glimpse.