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Raw Material.

I have been thinking about something lately and since I'm experimenting with being able to post from my trailer I thought I'd follow it through to its not so logical conslusion. I've been struggling lately with who I am. Trying to figure out in the midst of feeling pretty darn useless what God can do with a person like me. I have felt very humbled these past weeks.

Its just me. No job well done to point to. No accomplishments. No big contributions to the work here. No minsitry that I can tangibly point to. Just little old me homeschooling my kids, hanging laundry, chasing a two year old and loving on a handful of others as best I can. To say I am feeling insignificant even lonely at times would be an understatment. Its been hard not to get discouraged sometimes. For the most part I am so happy here and I do know that discouragment is something we came prepared to face. It's not unexpected but it still comes.

Stress, opposition and conflict (not here in Mexico) has also h…

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy thanksgiving to all my American relatives and friends!
We just enjoyed a wonderful turkey dinner brought down and cooked by a group of American volunteers. The meal was provided for all the kids and staff here and i heard included about 40 turkeys. It was delicious and I even snagged a spare piece of pie for later. I warned everyone that the piece of pie in the fridge was waiting for me and my coffee. We'll see how long it goes untouched. :)
I just discovered that I am able to access even though I have not been able to access anything blogspot. com from my home here at the orphanage. This post is actually an experiment of sorts. I can't actually bring up my blog or anyone else's from here but I can post a blog I think. I haven't made the pictures work yet though.
Let me know if you see it! I am still able to read comments through my email page so please fee free to comment occasionally. Yes that is a big old hint. :) I think I may have lost my readers..…

Baja 1000

This friday, other than attending Mexican festivities, Roman and his dad set out in search of the Baja 1000 route. They camped out at the pit stop at Santa Marta for a few hours.
They didn't stick around long enough for the cars to pass by but watched the speed demon motorcylcists racing. They weren't dressed nearly warm enough and poor Roman froze. Bad mommy. I should know better, just because its 25 degrees celcius when they leave at 3 doesn't mean they won't freeze their tails off by 5. It dropped nearly 20 degrees. Thats the Baja for you.
Roman had a blast though! I just realized reading over my last paragraph what a woman I am. My take on the evening of cars, motorcycles and burning rubber poor boy got cold. Oh well I'm a mom....its seared into who I am, why fight it?

Roman was given the royal treatment by the racers waiting for their turn to drive and the pit crews there. One motorcylist was especially kind and let Roman join his pit crew.

He even le…

Fiesta Mexicana!

This weekend was Revolution Day in Mexico. We had to wikepedia it becuase we had no idea really what we were celebrating.
It does mean lots of fun though. We watched a parade in town , complete with dancing kids dressed up in their little revolutionary costumes. It was so cute! I thought it would have been funny to paint a little mustache on Silas, dress him up and send him out. He wouldn't stand out would he? I didn't do it though I just chuckled to myself like a nerd thinking about it.

People were selling eggs everywhere. They cleaned out the shells and filled them will flour and confetti then covered the hole and decorated them. The kids and their friends had a blast as you can imagine. Just when we thought Silas' hair couldn't get any whiter we filled it with flour!

At the local park we found a ton of food stalls set up for the occasion and unlike fairs back home or in the states the food wias cheap! I ate like a pig of course. My new favorite sweet treat is Bunuelos …

The Dayhome

There are some big things happening at the Dayhome for children with disabilities. This past week they all went out to watch the foundation being poured for their new building. In this new building they will continue to get an education, learn lifeskills , recieve medical attention when needed and of course a lot of love...just in a new and more spacious setting.

Alexis, Domitila and little Angel.

Here Martin is discovering a straw can be used for so much more than just drinking his milk.

The princess, miss Alondra. She is the teeny tiniest litle girlie here.

I just can't help but love these kids! They may have bodies or minds that don't function quite like ours do but they are a blessing to all who know them.

Just another Sunday Afternoon.

We are finally feeling well enough to resume our Sunday afternoon trips to the ocean. Last Sunday we took Minerva and another little girl to Sanddollar Beach. It is about a 40 minute drive south but it is well worth the trip. The beach is a virtually empty expanse of breathtaking beauty. The water shockingly clear and the sand dunes and the multitude of seashells keep the kids busy for hours.
The weather has cooled a bit but its still a beautiful day at the ocean!

My girls. One is 8 years old and one is a very petite 13 year old. She is Triqui , origionally from the southern state of Oaxaca. There are many tribes with their origional native languages in the Mountains of Oaxaca. They often migrate north to Baja to find work in the fields of strawberries and vegitables here. Some of the people here are so tiny. She is absolutely gorgeous and such a sweetheart. I told more about her story in one of the last posts.
Minerva spending some time with her "Tio".

It was so good to see he…


Last night I was listening to our satellite radio and a song came on that was beautiful. The last couple weeks have been difficult in ways that have nothing to do with our being in Mexico. We love our life here. Life is still messy though and being far away from those we love doesn't always make it easier. Sometimes seemingly hopeless situations get us distracted and discouraged. I have felt a lot of that this past couple weeks. Sometimes it feels like we are facing chaos and confusion that is just too big for us. Heartache is unavoidable in this life. I felt led a couple days ago to start reading the Psalms , a beautiful book of poetry written by the ancient king of Isreael, David.
I love how he cries out so honestly to God expressing his confusion and his fears. He cries out to God for rescue, vindication and for relief. My heart is also crying out for deliverance and rescue for me and for loved ones. God sized problems require God sized deliverance. I know he hears our prayers a…

Brownies and a really cool fort

We were finally able to have Minerva (the girl we now sponser) over to our trailer to make some brownies. It was the first time her and her brother had been to our home. I think she enjoyed it. We all enjoyed the end result. The kids were excited to surprise "Tio" (Uncle) with them.

I think I may have mentioned or showed pictures of the kids "tire fort" . They now have a new and improved fort in the same location thanks to some other girls who came to help. They scrounged through the "junk piles " behind the warehouse where all sorts of treasures have been discarded after the recent demolition of the daycare and renovation of several casas.
This is the office of course. Now you know why I enjoy the coffee shop in town. Just kidding this isn't my computer. :)
Every good childhood fort now needs a computer...a sign of the times.

And a puppet theatre is a must.

I have no idea where this thing came from origionally but what a find. They have it propped up on s…

Some Baja scenery.

It's been a couple weeks since I have been able to return to my favorite internet spot for some quality alone time. Just me , my latte and my computer.
Since I last updated we are all much healthier. Nathanael (the hubby) got really sick that next week and spent most of the the week in bed with a high fever and nasty cough. It was a good two weeks of flu for us. However, last week were all feeling better and very much enoying being back at life here. Last week was a really good week here, not because of any one thing in particular but because we weren't taking anything for granted.

This is just some cactus pictures I took while we were out on a Sunday afternoon drive exploring some back roads.
Pretty exciting stuff , I know.
It gives you an idea of the terrain here though.
It is very dry right now, as you can see they could use a good rain.
Those cactus survive somehow though. When the plants around them are all literally turning to dust they are standing tall and proud. Ok…

Create in me...

Isn't he the cutest little rugby player you ever did see?

Roman doing his best Darth Vader impression. Now he just needs his cousin's halloween costume ;) Poor guy is pretty miserable. It takes a lot to slow this monkey boy down but he went down hard and fast this week.

This is just a random snap shot while waiting in my car in town. I got bored and started snapping pictures.

My hubby has done a LOT if digging! They will be pouring cement next week.

I'm going to switch gears a little now. I am surrounded by so many spiritual giants here. So many lives and saints that are totally unoticed, unapplauded but portray the very life of Christ. I am humbled and challenged by each one of the servants here that I come across, from the woman who serves by cleaning the bathrooms each morning to house mothers who care for 15 children. The humility and joy in which they face the daily challenges of life astounds me.

God does not expect us to imitate Christ. That is not only phony but imposs…

Just Life

Here is a picture of me and my least they were all my kids last Sunday.

Roman spends A LOT of time on his bike. What a life he has here!

Playing bottle caps with one of the boys. Roman is now obsessed with his budding collection of professional wrestler tokens. He keeps loosing them to the other boys though since they play "keepsies".

Silas playing Rescue Heros with another little boy.

In the last post I wrote a lot about this past week of life here. I must admit the elation and excitement of the first couple weeks wore a little thin this past week. I remember this happening last time we came after about two weeks it started to feel like a camping trip gone horribly wrong...then in time it began to feel like home. This time has been a lot easier because it felt like home the moment we arrived, I haven't even minded living in the trailer. Even with that head start my attitude became less than enthusiastic as I nursed and entertained sick kids in a confined space. Ev…

First and Last

Last Sunday was our first outing with the two children that we have sponsered since last winter. We have sponsered other children in the past through other amazing organizations but we wanted to sponser some kids that we would have the chance to meet this winter. Little Lluvia and her brother Cesar have had their sweet faces on our fridge for several months. We have corresponded and looked forward to meeting them in person.
We met them shortly after our arrival here but this was the first day to actually go on an outing to them. To la playa (the beach)!
This was the third beach we have visited since we arrived in Baja Norte. Another beautiful day with some beautiful kids.

Lluvia (her name is rain in english) worked her way into her 'Tio's" heart pretty quickly.

Roman met up with some fishermen returning to the beach. They let him check out their strange and colorful collection.

Cesar was one happy boy playing in the waves. He had been very stand-of-ish and shy towar…