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Hold on Dorothy!!

Last Wednesday we had a crazy fierce dust storm. Even many Mexicans here have said they've never seen one that strong. The wind was intense! It felt like our poor trailer was going to pick up and blow away. The wind did pick up every bit of the fine, dry dirt that is notorious here and blew it around. The above picture was taken while I was desperately removing my clothes from the community clothes line. They came off dirtier than they went into the washing machine! A tree actually broke behind me almost giving me a heart attack. Fortunately I was about done and rushed back to the trailer away from the straining towering trees.

The kids were having too much fun with the family car! :)

I did in fact take a picture of dust. Is that strange? The dust/dirt blew into our trailer at an alarming rate all day. The above picture is about 10 minutes worth around where my coffee maker was sitting. I swept up dirt like a mad woman all afternoon as we huddled in a hot stuffy , dirty trailer. Fo…

La Playa

It has been beautifully warm here since our arrival. It will get a lot cooler as winter approaches but we are soaking up the heat for now. The nights are starting to cool already though. North Baja has such drastic temperature changes from one hour to the next.
Check out that sand!
My boys were in exploring heaven.

Last Sunday was visitation day for the kids who have family members that come and visit them. For the kids who don't have visitors it can be a very sad day. I'm sure there are lots of broken little hearts. The staff are encouraged to take these kids out for some fun.
We went with a group of other staff ( and filled our car with extra kids) and went to the beach.
Its called sand dollar beach because it is filled with sand dollars. The kids had a blast collecting them and our yard is now full of these strange little creatures.

We all had a great time playing in the surf. There were permanent smiles stretched accross the faces of all the girls...including my own. It was a be…

Life at the children's home

Here is our new home. After SO MANY days and miles of lugging this trailer around we were very relieved to finally park it for the winter. The plot was full of dried up thorny weeds when we pulled in so we spent the first afternoon landscaping. The kids took ownership right away and did a majority of the work.

So far Aili's favorite place to be is playing in the "cuna" (nursery) with the babies there. There are a lot of 2-3 year olds there for her to entertain. We can only go hang out there during certain hours of the day though. I had a good baby fix with a 3 month old there. I've been missing "my boys" lately. Maybe its the black hair and big brown eyes of the little ones here that remind me of my former foster babies. It felt good to feed and love up a little one again.

Adjusting to being here has been quicker and easier for Nathanael and I this time because we have been here before and we know a lot of the kids and staff already. It will be more difficul…

A visit with old friends.

This morning we left ventured to a nearby town to visit some friends of ours. We met and became good friends with this family 4 years ago when we were here last. This little girl was born while we were here last time. She is beautiful!

Silas entertained himself with some of their toys. They live in a modest but adequate home by Mexican standards. It is definately different than any homes north of the border but persective changes quickly here...afterall we're living in a camping trailer ...everything seems spacious. :) They live in both a truck camper (without the truck under it) and a separate wood room. They are hoping to get electricity to their place next year. We enjoyed a visit and even brought home some homemade tortillas!

Dispite the language barrier these boys (who were both 2 years old last time they met) became good buds. I guess, like love...goofiness knows no barriers. :)

After our visit we all went out to a local taco stand for some fish tacos. I am in Mexican food he…


I'm back! Well sort of. We have been in Mexico for over a week now and although we do have highspeed internet here the access if very
limited. Everything Blogspot has been blocked (every unmonitered website). Rather frustrating but I understand the need to protect the kids and teens at the childrens home. If I want to blog I have to go into town to an "internet cafe" which is hard to find the time alone to do. I made it here though and after an initial half hour desperately trying to make my own computer work with their wireless I think I finally have a connection. My wonderful hubby dropped me off and took the kids back....hopefully he and Silas are catching a nap. My hubby went out on three fire calls last night. He is on the bomberos y rescate team here (fire and rescue). It will be another crazy night tonight since it is Dia de los Muertos here.

Anyhoo....going backwards...these are a few photos of our 2 days at Disney land. It was great.

Silas LOVES Mic…

Medieval dinner

We made it to Anaheim on Sunday afternoon and decided to surprise the kids by taking them to a Medieval Times dinner. We had seen a brochure for it and new that it would make an incredible memory for them. Roman has fancied himself a noble knight for years now and he and Silas regularly practice their fencing skills so I knew they would love it. Aili was so nervous when we went it...not knowing what to expect was hard for her. It was cute. I was a little worried about what our over tired, over travelled 2 year old would get out of the evening and I envisioned myself hanging out in the lobby with him while everyone else enjoyed the show. He was mesmerized for the whole 2 hours. He didn't move a muscle. He may not have even blinked.

Silas looking a little shell shocked.
They served us each half a roast chicken, a spare rib, half a potato and garlic bread in courses. The kids weren't sure what to make of the fact that we had no utensils. They caught on quick though.....I told them …

Baja Bound - day 2 and 3

Since I have fallen so out of date with my travel updates I will try to do a quick overview of Friday and Saturday.
Friday (day three) began at Nephi ,Utah where we had parked for the night at a truck stop. We were on the road bright and early and headed for Boulder City Nevada. This was significant since we had booked an actual rv spot for that night...showers!

We stopped for gas and what should have been a $50 fill up ended up costing us $750. We noticed that our trailer tires were cracking and bulging in weird places. It didn't look good at all. The cheap factory tires just weren't holding up after a couple years of use. We decided having our tires blow up on the middle of the freeway would be much more costly than getting new tires so we pulled out the old credit card and bought new tires. It could have been worse and we were glad to get on the road again. Entertaining 3 kids in a desert drainage ditch while tires were being put on was a feat of parenting endurance and c…

Baja Bound- day 2

I'm a little behind on my trip journaling. I finally have access to some really fast wireless. I am sitting in our trailer at a rv park in Anaheim California! I am surrounding by rv's, palm trees....and my sleeping family. I am going to stay up to make use of the internet and get some clothes washed for tomorrow. Disneyland!!

To back -track now....hopefully I remember the last few days its all a blur of bathroom breaks, bad coffee and road signs.

We got up bright and early Thursday morning. Our trailer was 5 degrees when we woke up. Good thing the kids slept in their clothes. As you can tell they are all wearing the same travelling clothes they left home in the day before.
Montana was amazingly beautiful. The kids were in awe as we drove past the Missouri river and the mountains. I heard Aili gasp as she was looking out the window and say quietly "Thankyou God for making all this....and thankyou that I can see it. " That made all the miles so worth it right there. They…

Baja Bound - Day 1

This is what we left behind.
Actually the highway was pretty good until we were about an hour from home and turned south. Its was horrible! Nathanael said at one point "only an idiot would be out on this road"...I replied "it takes a special kind of idiot to attempt pulling a trailer out on it!" Self depricating humor helped lighten the tense atmosphere a little.
By the time we hit the snow we were in the middle of no where...literally. No towns for hours. We averaged about 40km/hr for the next 5 hours. We prayed and white knuckled our way through. We made to Medicine Hat Alberta ready to call it a day but the highway and weather cleared up from there. So on we went vowing to get as far away from winter as possible.

The kids doing their school work in the car. It worked great since there isn't a whole lot of distractions or other things to do.

Finally in a city after 5 hours of no mans land.
The trailer was a little worse for wear and so were our nerv…

First ever product review!!

Welcome to my first ever product review! Actually I just really needed a break from ...well...everything else I should be doing right now. While I was browsing through Costco a couple weeks ago I came across this box. My neck and shoulders were holding weeks worth of stress and tension and since personal massage therapists are hard to find in my house I couldn't resist doling out money for one of these. I have also discovered that too much time on the computer wreaks havoc on my neck. The thought of a thermotherapeutic bag nestled comfortingly around my tense shoulders sounded heavenly. I ripped open the box and tried it that very evening. My first thought upon opening the box and pulling out my magic bag was that the term "natural" actually meant "bag of horse food". I think it would have been more accurately called"sack of oats" instead of "magic bag". I suppose it wouldn't have the same appeal though. I also realiz…

first snow.

I realized after posting the last batch of pictures they were somewhat deceiving. Notice the tank tops and shorts. We had a record breaking HOT September! It was amazing weather for harvest. A blessing to all the farmers here...a cruel joke to all the kids who started back to school the week summer finally arrived. We finally were able to use our new air conditioner and pull out the shorts...after a summer of fleece sweaters.

A couple weeks ago the weather flipped like a switch. It's been COLD! Winter is officially here. Nasty wind, rain, sleet, and sub freezing temperatures have been our norm lately. Today we had our first dusting of snow. Its not very often that we get green grass and snow in the same picture.
The kids were thrilled that they didn't miss the snow....I was considerable less thrilled.

Here are a list of things I will not miss about winter:
Plugging in my car so it will start in the morning. (digging around in the snow trying to find the extension cord and then att…