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8 years!!!!

8 years ago I was given the deepest desire of my heart.
I had longed to experience the joy of motherhood.
I had already experienced the expectancy, pain and endless love of motherhood but I was childless and waiting.
We grieved, we prayed and we waited.

8 years ago my life began, like a sunrise after a long night.
I was blessed with a precious and slightly precocious little girl.
Full of spunk and spirit.
Brimming over with life and love.

Life has never been the same!

Sleepless nights, pink dresses, diaper bags and fuzzy sleepers.

(23 months)
Singing and twirling, princesses and pigtails.
Tantrums and tears,
dancing and laughter.

(4 years)
Endless chatter, characters and stories.
Playing house and pushing swings.

(6th birthday)

Collecting treasures, writing and performing.
Tu-tu's and tiaras
. Books, Barbies, music and friends.

8 Years of Aili!

She is growing up SO fast, right before my eyes. In only a few short years we will be plunged into braces and book reports, changes and choices. broken hearts and…

Harvest 2009

We have wrapped up our first full week of harvest! Today is Sunday and I am so glad we shut everything down for some rest and family time. Both are desperately needed after a week of working long hours and the kids being shuffled to grandma's house everyday.
I'm nursing a nasty sore throat and generally feeling really sickish so I'm hoping some rest (and lots of hot lemon and honey) will have me back in working form tomorrow.

The kids usually join us in the field at dinner time which is brought to us by my mom...who is also babysitting my three kids. Auntie Odette was around this week and my kids loved hanging out with her. She was a great help on the home front while her husband helped in the field. Harvest on this farm is a family affair, usually involving three generations. A few years ago we had 4 generations out in the field eating dinner together. That's farm life. The kids have all had a turn riding in the combine with mom or dad.

Here is the view out the front …

Kid Talk

I admit, I am really bad at recording all those wacky , adorable things kids say. I have posted them on occasion here but I'm usually stuck with..."I know she said something funny but I can't remember what it was".
So in an effort to record ,for posterity sake, some of the cute things my kids say:

Here are a few recent Romanism's

"Mom, if I was out playing at the tree house and a war broke out ,I think the best thing to do would be hide...but it would be really dumb to hide in the canons. "

" Mom, if you ever find food at an antique store, don't eat it".

I'm so glad someone in our family thinks of these things. I for one would be completely without a strategy if a canon battle broke out in Hickville. If I ever come across an eighty year old twinkie (probably the only thing that would last eighty years) at an antique store I will definately follow his advice.

Last night we were driving home from the lake. It was our church's annual day at…

Country Kids the Sequel

The boys, their Dad and their Grandpa were burning up some old wooden grain bins that had piled up. What a show that was for the boys (Aili was having some one on one girl time with Grandma that day.) They both asked if we were going to have marshmallows. :)

Nathanael's former firefighting skills still come in handy every now and then :) The fire was getting too hot too fast so they kept it burning a little more slowly with some water.
They would never burn without the farms water truck near by.

Roman having fun on one of the "new-school" grain bins. Out with the with the new.
Who needs monkey bars when you have stuff like this to monkey on?

I've been reading the book "Wild Things. The art of nurturing boys" and it is SO good. I love how it really helps me (as someone who has never been a little boy) understand how they are wired and what makes them tick. It sure helps me as a parent understand what they need from me and truly appreciate how God made …

Country kid pictures

Her shirt says "Total Girl".
I love this age when being all girl still means building tree forts.

He is proudly showing off his new "bench". He gathers sticks and props them up all over making shelters and spots to sit.
He looks like a little beaver with all his piled up sticks.

I love this picture of Roman. This is so him. Lost in his own imagination, unaware of anyone or anything. No end to the adventures and possibilities. I love the way God made little boys! Nature is his favorite playground and school right now. He learns and discovers so much.

All three kids having some old fashioned outside fun.
I wish I could post more than 4 photos at a time but with my slow speed it just doesn't work. I will post another batch. Country Kids the Sequel. :)

Family Time

One of our favorite things to do together as a family is go for after supper bike rides. It does take a bit of effort to get our lazy parental butts out of the house after a long day of work (at home and outside the home) but we really enjoy it once we get out there. Being active as a family is important to us. Like everything else involved in parenting; kids learn best by their parents setting the example.
Its so nice that the "big kids" are now old enough to have bikes (and bike riding skills) to keep up on a real family bike ride. (In case you are counting there is a neighbor girl along for the ride).
Its fun time spent together and its great exercise....which is important for us "30 something" parents :)

Yes, Roman is wearing his spider man pajamas. I can't remember why , but for some reason he had showered and got ready for bed early that evening. We decided afterwards to go for a bike ride and it wasn't worth having him change. The gravel road and the t…

A Positively Peculiar Post.

I had begun making Pizza for supper last night when our party girl Aili had an idea. "Let's have a "p" party since Pizza starts with "P"! Our perky party planner was persuasive and persistent. She then proceeded to demonstrate her party planning prowess. "Are there peppers on the pizza? do we have pepperoni? Do we have any peas? What about pop?"
Peppers definitely, pop no, pepperoni...well I have turkey sausage , close enough.
Our supper, provided by the lovely kitchen personnel, was both punctual and palatable.

Much to our pleasure we were seated on pillows, dressed as princesses and princes, used place mats, wore our pajamas , drank punch and ate pizza. The party was positively perfect.

I can assure you there were no "p" jokes happening at this table. That would be preposterous.

What "p" party programme would be complete without after dinner entertainment?

What a performance.
Applause please.

p.s I presume you found your peek into o…

13 years!

Thirteen years of living life together.
We began as two young people, taking our first step into the world of adults, full of hopes and dreams. Thirteen years later we have laughed and cried, shared sunshine and storms. We've celebrated carefree days and helped each other through long troubled nights. Your support and love has made my blessings more meaningful and my heartaches easier to bear.
We have been through so much together.

Two kids began a journey together, no money, no education, and no idea what what it meant to be married. That long haired mountain boy and that wide eyed farm girl had everything going against them. According to statistics they should have gone their separate ways years ago.
Thirteen years later we are still hand in hand waiting to see what God brings around the next corner.

It hasn't all been easy. We've had our share of hard times and disappointment along the way.
There were days and years when it seemed it would be easier to cut our losses and walk…

Swimming with the kids

This is such a funny picture of Aili jumping off the spring board. She is so careful and nervous about each jump. This just captures it so perfectly.
I don't have a picture of Roman doing flips off of it but I should look through my archives and find one. Not a careful or cautious bone in that kids body.

Skinny rocket boy.
p.s I do feed my kids. They aren't ill or starving , just healthy and very active. :)

Dad's new work out plan. The goggles are just for looking extra cool. :)

This little water boy's eyes match the water. He loves to be wet!

Our hot summer days were in short supply this summer and are already feeling more like fall days. We are squeezing as much summer fun out of our too short summer as possible.
Harvest is just around the corner.
It just occurred to me that I've been blogging for a full year!

The count down to Mexico has begun. Not so much in days but it things that need to be done before we leave. Yikes.
We are all excited for this tri…

The last couple days

This post will likely be a somewhat scattered compilation of the happenings of the last few days.
This "little bear" shirt is one I bought for "Cub" a few days before he left. I thought it was pretty cute...given his bloggy alias.

This past weekend my husband's twin brother and his family were out for a visit. We had a really good time with them, lots of visiting and playing. The Dads took the kids for quad rides, out to play in some nearby "forts" and gravel pits. I think they took the city cousins explore the farm a bit.
The kids all got along great, (minus the occasional sword fight gone bad). Not too bad for 6 kids under 8 years old.

Me and my girl hanging out next to the backyard campfire. Still not too big to sit on moms lap.
I'm so proud of this girl.
After years of strong wills, butting heads and irritating quirks I can honestly say I am enjoying her to pieces right now...irritating quirks and all :)
She is turning into such a lovely big gi…

Goodbye ...again.

Yesterday was a rough day. Started out with grumpy kids and a frustrated mommy. One of those mornings.

It ended with an abrupt phone call from "Cubs" case worker resquesting I bring him in today.
Since we have family coming out today to spend the weekend with us I told them I couldn't come until Monday.
Like I needed an excuse.
I worked on his baby scrap book all yesterday evening and got it finished. I feel good about how it turned out. Now I wish I could keep a copy for myself. I might have to photograph some of the pages.
I don't know if the foster family that he is going to live with will keep up with it or not but the first chapter of his life has been recorded in loving detail.

We brought him home at 4 days old...he will leave our home a day before his 2 month birthday.
We are considered short term emergency.
I think I would be better suited to long term/forever.

This is SO hard.

I wasn't expecting it to happen like this....this suddenly.
Although it has happened like…

10 things about me

I am posting 10 things about me as part of a getting to know each other "McLinky" community over at my favorite blog. Lynette, I might not be able to join you on your front porch for a good chat but I do have a pile of beans that need to be snapped. :) I'll think of you while I'm snapping.

Here goes!

1. I'm a big dork/ nerd that tries in vain to pretend that I'm not. Now the truth is out. Those who know me are not at all shocked.
( In an attempt to rearrange the writing and pictures from their currently disfunctional format I accidentally deleted the picture to go with this point...and have since discovered it is also deleted from my picture files..hmm. The rest of the pictures have no particular purpose or placement)

2. I'm a totally flexible and spontaneous person. Life is more fun that way.

3. I like to dance in my kitchen with my kids. Why? see #1.

4. I like adventures. I like to see new places and try new things. I've never had the resources to travel…