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Coming and Going

The last couple weeks have been crazy busy. In fact the last thing I should be doing right now is sitting at my computer. I'm choosing to call it a sanity break and let my work wait for me.
Last Sunday through Tuesday Aili was at a Bible Camp. She had a blast as usual and it was just the right amount of time to be away from home. This picture is Aili and her little brother Silas reuniting at the end of camp. They missed each other!
We stayed for a little chapel service and got a taste of the program and songs the kids had at camp. It was so cool to see Aili standing on the wooden pew (along with most of the other kids) singing, dancing and worshiping. As important a role as we her parents play in her spiritual development I love giving her chances like this to learn about God independently from from trying to please us or our expectations. It makes it real for her and God can speak directly to her heart.

The next morning we left for another 5 days of camping as a family. M…

Good Clean Fun

Yesterday we decided to visit a Provincial Park about 2 hours from our house that we'd never been to before. We met my twin sister, her two kids and my parents there for a hot day at the beach. Our afternoon included a mini birthday party for my sister and I (my mom even brought us a cake!). Our birthday isn't until Monday but it was fun to do something while we were together.

The kidlets entertained themselves quite nicely all afternoon. We only lost track of Roman for about 20 minutes or so. He came wandering back from his adventure treck hot tired and oblivious to the fact that we had been looking for him. I really wasn't worried...he always makes his way back. Everyone else kept cool in the lake but Roman preferred to play up in and explore the rocks and sanddunes. I'm surprised he didn't get heat exhaustion.

Silas the mud monster. I wonder what SPF protection factor mud has?

Aili in her mud pit.
I stuck my feet in before we left, mostly to see what the great attract…

Random summer pictures

Aili and Roman grazing in the garden and making a snack while they play.

Summer boy.

One of our many campfire times so far this summer.

Roman and Silas being junior archaeologists.

Free Range Children :)

My garden is almost in full production right now and I am enjoying it so much this year. This picture was taken a few weeks ago (before our big rains) so it has grown a bunch since then. For the last couple years my garden has been pretty dismal and last year nothing grew in my tiny plot at all. I used to have a big garden but a garage was built in its spot a few years back. After that I was trying to grow a few things in a tiny, too shaded, cement dirt spot and it wasn't working. I hated having to buy overpriced nasty produce from the store all last this year we sacrificed part of our front lawn , hauled in some fantastic fertile soil (aka decomposed cow poop)and Yippee I have a garden again. Endless supply of crunchy, healthy stuff.

I love how convenient it is. We live 40 km from the nearest store and we try to conserve gas so when we are out of fresh stuff...we are out of fresh stuff until the next trip to town.
Now all I have to do is go select my veggies from the ya…

Family reunion weekend

Aili, her great Aunt and some second cousins watching minows or some other fascinating thing in the water.
We travelled over 4 hours north of our house for this camping weekend. It is beautiful up there.
We live surrounded by prairie farmland but only a few hours north of us is all forests, lakes and rock. Gorgeous.

Silas watching a family ball game with Grandma, Grandpa and his great uncle.

The snack shop at the camp opened briefly on Sunday and Silas was thrilled to have his first icecream on a stick. They actually had chapmans peanut free icecream treats! He was a little confused by the chocolate coating but he made quick work of it :)

Cousins enjoying a brief couple hours of sunshine at the lake. It rained and was cool most of the weekend but the sun did make an appearance. I remembered Silas' ear plugs and head band this time.

My boy is 6 !

6 amazing, exhausting, adventurous, hilarious, action packed years.
His birthday was this past weekend.
We had his cake and presents a couple days early. The night before we left for a family reunion.
He didn't seem to mind getting his presents early!

Roman in his glory.
He's been begging for a skate board since he was 2 years old.
He had a little one when we lived in Mexico when he was 2 but we left it there with one of the boys. (He used to ride it down a hill face first scaring everyone half to death).
He's wanted one ever since...that and a surf board.
Unfortunately we have neither pavement (or an ocean) where we live.
Fortunately we will be returning to live at the orphanage in Mexico in a few months.
There are cement side walks at the playground and a basketball court there for his skating pleasure...soooo
Time for a skate board.
I guess there will be an ocean there too.
Not getting a surf board anytime soon though.

From my Mom and Dad he got a regular black luggage set. Now for m…

An un-wasted wasteland

My heart has been heavy and burdened in recent months..or maybe even the last couple years if I think about it. Not about life in general but in one certain area of my life. I am in the process of finding peace right now and I feel that God is really showing me some things and teaching me through this adversity. The situations remain the same, the people involved haven't changed but as usual the way we react to them makes all the difference.
Over the past months my resolve has been to stay out of issues that don't involve me directly and to avoid offense when they do find their way to me. My resolve has been to focus on what God has called me to do in my home, in my church in the world...instead of focusing on drama. There have been times I have been able to do this and times I have totally missed the mark and found myself neck deep in hurt feelings and negativity. I am learning as I go.

I think God allows these times in our life for a reason. Its not because he wasn't pay…

Sunday Fun day and braggin about my girl

"I dirty Mama!"

Aili has been such a big girl lately and by "big girl" I mean she is turning into a really enjoyable and helpful young lady. She will be 8 next month. Its hard to believe that in a few short years she will be entering adolescence. That seems totally inconceivable to me. A few years ago (or so it seems) she was my bright eyed baby girl.

I am really getting a taste lately of the friendship I know we will have as she grows up. Its been nice having her around home more now that school is over. We've had a lot more one on one time together lately because of her once a month orthodontist appointments in town....we ditch the boys and try to make a date of it. Its been fun.

Now for the bragging. We got report cards this week and as usual reading it makes me so proud of her. She is doing really well in all her subjects and has even improved in them since the beginning of the year. More than the subject grades I love the marks she gets on character and socia…

It's not easy being Two!

Nothing is my size. Everything is made for the big people in this house. As much as I like to climb, it would be nice to reach something for once.

Dad will not give me the keys to his truck. Even though everyday when he pulls in the driveway I shout "DADDY'S TRUCK IS HOME!" and run out to take it for a spin. C'mon Dad I've been watching you do it...I know I could drive this thing.

The baby gets all the cool furniture around here. As if having his own teeny tiny bed with bars isn't enough he also gets a really cool little the living room!

Well two can play that game! Look mom, I'm a baby too. Waaah, wahhh, wahhhh. ga ga. Convinced yet?

To quote a literary great....Elmo
"Its not easy being big,
It's not easy being small,
That's all."

Its a Thoratic Vertebrae from a Bison!

I realize what an odd title and post this is. To make any sense of it scroll down to the picture of Roman holding a large bone that he dug up at a lake.
After the last post I got the brilliant idea to do some research on the Internet...(in case you think I'm a little slow on the draw with that idea ...I guess I am. We have dial-up so looking up anything on the Internet is a time consuming process).

The bone is exactly the bone in the diagram below. I had no idea that Bison had bones that stuck up like that. I guess I should visit more with the Bison ranchers around us. I always assumed that hump was just fat, but you can see from the picture about how that ridge of bone shows on his back.

The mystery is solved.

I still have no idea how old the bone is. It is completely a brown color and has a strange porous consistency. It is likely at least a couple hundred years old since wild Bison haven't wandered the prairies in a long long time.

A pretty cool discovery for a 5 yea…

Day at the beach

Roman was in his glory exploring and digging for treasures and dinosaur bones. This is one of his finds. Any bone experts out there? It looks pretty old and it is obviously a vertebrae but I can't figure out what part of the anatomy the the long part is. Its not round but long and flat. I know there are a lot of bison bones that get found at the lake but I would like to figure out what this bone is from . Roman spent a couple days playing with it, burying it in sand and showing it to everyone he came across. Not exactly archaeologist protocol.

This lake is super shallow for a long long way out. Perfect for kids , its like a giant kiddie pool!

They boys cruising with the wheely thing. What a great toy.


After our day in the City we kept driving to a lake where Nathanael would be sailing in a regatta the next morning. We woke up to some cool blustery weather but the sailors didn't mind all the wind. It was too cold to swim so fortunately someone had brought a trampoline to set up for the kids. It was a nice little community of people who come up to this lake to sail almost every weekend (not always for races). The kids had a blast exploring along the beach and playing in the sand despite the weather.

Daddy and the kids getting the boat ready. His is the yellow one. Aili was going to be his crew but because of the wind kids couldn't go out. The next day he took her with him and they won second place in one of the events. She loves it. I'm totally shocked that she does but she likes to figure things out and there is a lot to learn with Sailing a Hobie cat. We might get her on the sailing team next summer. They start at age eight.

The boats out on some rough wat…