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Little Hicks in the Big City

Last weekend started off with a trip to the City for some fun at the park and a scheduled visitation for Cub.
Here are my drummer boys thoroughly enjoying an outdoor drum show. Of course Roman was mesmerized.

I have no idea what he was crying about but it didn't last long. Way too much fun to be had. It doesn't take much to give these kids a thrill.

We did not come prepared for the kiddie pool but let Silas indulge his fishiness in his shorts....while I fed and burped.

AWWW, some sibling love at the giant playground.
More pictures to come, this was just the start of a fun family weekend.

Because kids live here.

Last week one of my blog chums Lynnette had a really funny post about the irritating things kids do and how we react to them. It was hilarious and it sounded just like my house! She challenged us to post our own pictures of things that prove that kids live here.

That very afternoon I snapped three photographs.
A common sight in my washing machine. Rocks and even a Swiss army knife. Maybe I should start checking his pockets....although that sounds a little scary.

That same little boy, about the same time I was doing laundry was busy "digging a trench" . Some good physical work outside is wonderful for an energetic little boy. However, the location was less than ideal. Every lawn needs a trench filled with water don't you think? He had the pleasure of using his dump trucks to fill the holes back in afterwards.

Any guesses?
I have no idea what the story is behind this. I found this on a blanket that had been on the couch for quite some time without me knowing it was there. Possi…

Meet my Dad

I wanted to do another Father's Day post honoring my own father. This is my Dad. What a handsome guy.
He is a quiet man of strength , faith and perseverance.
He is an avid adventure racer, marathon runner and canoer or is that canoeist...someone who paddles in a canoe. He is always looking for the next big challenge. He has in recent years done the Yukon quest canoe race twice and has also canoed the Churchill river in Northern Saskatchewan.

He has farmed his whole life as his father and grandfather did before him. He works hard, loves the land and watches the clouds. His job is not only a job but a part of who he is. It is not the only thing that he is though.

He is the father of five grown children. Here he is at his birthday party with 4 of his 8 grandkids.
From my Dad I learned
to work hard
to not be afraid of challenges that seem to big for us
to persevere when things get tough
.... and to operate large machinery. :)

This is my second Dad. I have been blessed with two Dads one for 31 …

What a guy!

I don't often brag about my husband on my blog but since it is Father's day and he is the father of my children its only fitting that he has the honor. :)
He has not only been an involved loving dad to his own 4 children, he has opened his home and his heart to other children as well.
That's a tall order for any man...and my husband has met the challenge and continues to amaze me.

Only a Dad could build a tree house like this! Or at least one this outrageously high (mom's still reeling and asking that he put up more railing ). Now that's a cool Dad.

Always up for some family time...especially if it involves hotdogs, fire and a lake.

Yes, that is my two year old on a homemade zipline. Now that's something a mom would just never think of. One more reason why Dad's are so important. (Before you report us for child endangerment...let me say that my husband is a former resident of WA state where he was a rock climber and part of a search and rescue team...he knows hi…

All wound up!

We are officially done with kids sports for the summer. Does any one else hear the angels singing? No more rushed dinners, driving to town for practices and then rushing to get everyone to bed past bedtime. The kids enjoyed their sports but mom and dad are just glad they are over now. We had both a baseball "wind up" (including a hotdog supper) and a soccer "wind up" this week.

I haven't posted any pictures of Roman playing soccer so here is a glimpse of small town recreation soccer.
Roman is taking his self appointed position of defense seriously here.

The last day they invited the parents to play against the kids. That's me being a good sport and wishing I had shin pads :)
I even let Silas (orange shirt) join in. All season he has been forced to sit on the sidelines. He ran around with the bigger kids and had a blast...even got mowed over a few times. The parents were vastly out numbered in this round of clump ball...I mean soccer...but we held our own. :)


Summer is here!

Just a short really it is. At least that's what I'm intending it to be :)

For 7 months out of the year we are frozen white tundra..for another couple of those we are brown and barren. So for the next few months I am basking in colour , warmth and life.

Lilacs are my favorite flower!
My bushes finally produced a whole whack of lilacs this year. I'm sad they are about done their blooming. I love that smell.
I would fill my house with them but my husband whines that they make his eyes burn and his nose run. What a baby...dumb allergies.

My garden is growing great this year despite the cool dry spring. My wonderful, non whiny, husband hauled me in a big load of composted cattle manure (about 10 years old). One of the perks of having a farmer for a husband. Free cow poop! My plants are loving it.

These are some chives getting soaked with the soaker hose.

Keep in mind I don't claim to be a photographer. I have a simple point and shoot camera....I'm easy that way. I …

New Cub in the den

Yesterday I spent the morning outside with my boys enjoying the sunshine (before the heat got any more intense). That's right, we went from wearing our winter coats last week to sweltering hot this week. Something in between would be nice...but I'm not complaining. :)

We came in from our bike ride and play time at around 11 to get cleaned up, cooled off and lunch started. I had a feeling that placement might call so I went to check my answering machine and sure enough they had called with two more little boys that needed to leave the hospital. So within an hour I was showered, had a diaper bag packed, my boys dropped off with Grandma (Thanks mom!) and was on the road to the city (a 2 hour drive).

When I told Silas that I was going to get a new baby he was over the top excited. I soon realized he thought I was going to get Peanut (our last foster baby). I explained that this would be a different baby.

He crossed his arms , stuck out his lips and in his best grumpy voice shouted


Meet the Graduate

This handsome fellow just graduated from Kindergarten. Yep, they celebrate "kindergarten graduation" now. I thought that was kind of weird when we first started back into the school scene but turns out its a lot of fun. Moving from kindergarten into grade one is a big deal after all. :)
In kindergarten they are still "little" in a cute , innocent sort of way. I realized with Aili how fast they start to change and grow up once elementary school really begins. They turn into "big kids" SO fast. I kind of feel like this is the official end to his little boy years. Next come disproportionately large permanent teeth and an expanded knowledge of the world. I enjoy the big kid stage, but something of that adorable innocence is lost with the baby teeth.

Clowning his way through the award service. Shocking, I know.

Graduating Kindergarten class of '09! With nine kids this is considered a really big grade in our school. I told you it was a small school.

Each of th…

Dorky picture challenge

Imagine my surprise this morning when I realized that I was Lynette's "featured blogger" on her "getting to know you" feature (scroll down and click on my getting to know you button to see what its about).
I am so excited. I'm in nerd heaven right now!
I had to resist bouncing upstairs to wake up my sleeping husband with "I GOT FEATURED!!"
I resisted because , for one thing it would mean absolutely nothing to him....and for another thing,
he would make fun of me mercilessly for the rest of the day!
Apparently I also inspired a new idea for her blog.
Dorky kid know the ones that we sift through to find the cute ones.
Is that a challenge?...well I'm up for it and so are my dorky kids!

The problem is I had trouble finding any.
All I could find was pictures of my kids looking both intelligent and photogenic.
The above picture of Aili is obviously not dorky enough...the purple in her hair clearly matches her pajamas.

My scholars off to school…

Confessions of a Mediocre Mom

As I blog hopped recently, I noticed I began to feel more and more inferior as I looked into the lives of other moms. I try to soak up all the information, tips, and tidbits from women who provide encouragement to strive for better . We need that. I need that.  I need to learn and grow as a mother but sometimes it leaves me feeling more frustrated than encouraged. 

I wonder if sometimes I give off the same impression of the perfect family, the perfect kids, the perfectly balanced nutritional meals.  Some of you who know me are laughing already.  I couldn't fool you could I? As much as I'd like to appear like a "Super Mom" that just wouldn't be the truth!

I try to be as candid and real as possible when I blog but I also have the luxury of choosing what I talk about and what I don't (some things just shouldn't be shared or vented).  Honestly, some things are just not the image I want to portray.  I get to sort through all the pictures of my kids looking like …

Silas goes swimming.

Here are some photos of the other two kids since Roman hogged the previous post. Aili enjoyed her horse time too...It would be nice to get her actually riding on her own sometime. It won't be long before she will be old enough to at camp. Some kids around here are riding horses not long after they are walking. She's been taking 4-H horse club all winter and loves it. She loves anything that involves meetings and book work. She also got to be the "vice-president" of her club...all 5 members. That was a big deal because if something happened to the other girl she would be president!! And we all know Aili likes to be in charge (I have no idea where she gets it from).

Silas wouldn't go near the big "scary" horses but he found these less scary versions at the play ground. What a great use for old tires.
It was freezing the whole weekend. It stayed dry at least but we did at one point watch snow flakes June! I packed our trailer almost a week early…

Family Camp Weekend

Our church has an annual camp weekend to kick of summer and to just enjoy building relationships and spending time together.
This year somehow my husband and I got picked to organize the event....yep one more thing to add to the craziness of the last couple weeks. It was actually fun to put it all together this year and we had a pretty good turn out. There was mostly young families with young kids there. It think at one point we counted 36 children so it was a action packed weekend. I came prepared with a pile of sand toys, Tonka trucks and rubber balls. The kids spent most of the weekend in the beach volleyball pit playing in the sand. Since the actual lake is a bit of a hike away it was nice to just be able to let the kids run around and make them selves filthy in the sand while we visited. We were also able to use the camps horses to give the little ones "pony rides"..they were actually full sized horses but we led them around instead of them riding for themselves. They ha…

A week of sports

Spring has been packed with activity. After a winter of hibernation Aili and Roman both were eager to join some spring sports. Aili chose to play base ball and Roman (who hates base-ball) really wanted to play soccer. So we have had practices three times a week and sometimes an actual game thrown in there too. I realize that most families live like this all the time, running from one event to another, but we usually don't. As much as I appreciate my kids being involve d and learning skills we've usually erred on the side of being home bodies. Having kids in every lesson, sport and activity is not only expensive but time consuming. Its a balance though..I want them to find things they are good at. Playing sports, doing ballet or music lessons are very valuable for learning discipline, commitment, team work etc. but I also hate running ragged. My kids like down time at home....I like them having down time at home too. This last couple weeks have been a bit crazy with all the act…