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We are "in-between" having extra kids in our house right now. We started being foster parents two years ago but have taken it pretty slow given the ages of our own kids. We have had three children in our care in those two years. We had lined up another little guy, a three year old little boy, but that got put on hold since we needed to take more classes. So last weekend my hubby and I hired a sitter and spent the weekend in the city taking classes. They were really good overall. I think I could have crammed 8 sessions into one weekend instead of two though. We still have another weekend of classes to do but since we are now in "seeding time" on the farm it will have to wait, at least for my husband. I might try to go on my own this weekend and see if that will suffice for a while.

Its hard to answer the question of why we want to be foster parents. One myth and subject of gossip in our little town that I intensely dislike is that we do it for the money. Where do I e…

Being Two

A day in the life of a raging two year old

6.15 am - Wakeup - I want my mommy, my sippy cup and my toys and then life will be good "MOMMY!!! MORNIN!"
I don't know why mommy is so grumbly ...she seemed fine a couple hours ago when I woke her up the first time.... the sun is up and so am I.

Whats that? my diaper is dry?...that must be why my tummy feels funny. "NO PEEE! " I don't want to pee, I don't need to pee. I will not sit on that potty. In fact I don't want my cozy pajamas taken off. This calls for a full out fight for my life and my dignity tantrum.

life is not good anymore. I can't believe I caved , I was betrayed by my bladder.

I will make her pay.


wow, I'm not the only one who can throw a tantrum. Moms pretty good at them too.

I don't want breakfast...only milk please.....I said "NO WANT FOOD!"
Just me and my milk , life is good.

Uh-oh all gone, life is not good anymore. NO I will not get dr…

The body

" The body is a unit, though it is made up of many parts; and though all its parts are many , they form one body. So it is with Christ. For we were all baptized by one Spirit into one body whether Jews or Greeks, slave or free- and we were all given the one Spirit to drink. "
1 Cor. 12: 12-13

I have been doing a lot of thinking, praying and soul searching lately on what it really means to be part of a community of believers. I must admit there is something vaguely appealing to me about the lifestyle of a monk. Secluded, set apart from the world and its people, totally focused on God and personal growth. There is something romantic and idealistic about it....or maybe just easier. That isn't Gods design for believers though. God calls us to be a light in the darkness, to be the salt..flavouring a world that is choking on its own bitterness. It is pretty hard to be that if we seclude ourselves, wall up the fortress, or live in our own man made "Christian" bubbles. H…

Allergy Baby

Silas is my allergy baby. He has shown signs of allergies since the day he was born, literally, he broke out in a rash from everything that touched him. He had to be suctioned many times a day while he was in the hospital as a newborn because of all the mucous he was creating in response to his new environment and nursing.
He was severely colicky for the first three months of his life, even though he was a very easy and tolerant temperment. His tummy would fill with gas and he would scream for hours and hours. Usually at night...all night. Fortunately that improved by three months old and he was an angel baby after that...when he wasn't having ear pain.
At about three months old he started with ear infections...which I have now read can be caused by allergies too. He had so many ear infections (at least one a month) that he had tubes put in his ears at 11 months old.

He was one big rash, he was prone to eczema which became horribly bad once he started solid food. We tried ever…

flashback to the '80's

This is what happened to my hair after I took out the braids. I figured that since all the 1980's styles seem to be coming back I'd jump on the fad wagon and play up my new do. No crimper required. I made all poodles jealous I think.
Ok, I'm bored and sleep deprived right now so posting an embarassing photo of myself from a week ago seems to be the thing to do.
I think perms will make a come back too. What do ya think? Pretty soon we'll all be perming out own hair out of a do-it -yourself box. We'll be going out to buy "pick combs" and hair spray to back- comb our fluffy new hair into the perfect do. I'm still in shock over the resurgence of leggings, baggy sweaters, narrow bottom high waisted jeans (formerly known as "mom jeans") and even horror of all horrors leg warmers. My theory is that if you enjoyed a fad the first time around (in the 80's) you should pass on it the second....its not quite so cutting edge 20 years later.…

The best morning!

The last morning in Puerto Vallarta we decided to do a little excursion of our own. We walked a couple miles along the beach, down some trails, over some rocky places to find some more secluded and amazingly beautiful beaches. It was a great way to spend a morning. This is Nathanael walking back down our little trail without his sandals on. He scraped his foot on a rock while playing in the surf.

Scenery along the way.

Awesome waves to play in!! I wish I had a surf board...and maybe a surfing instructor.

We spent hours playing like little kids in the pounding waves. It got deep pretty quickly so I had to get brave enough to swim out to meet the waves and then ride them back in...and by ride I mean get tossed around and dumped on the sand. It was the most fun I've ever had in the ocean. I guess being that I'm from a cold land locked part of the world I don't have that many experiences to draw from. Nathanael brought his snorkel and mask and entertained himself lookin…

more pictures just for fun

First morning at the ocean... I still could barely believe I had a whole week to enjoy it! Like a kid entering a candy shop.

Heading out on our sunset sail. It was beautiful! Check out the braids. I had them done the second day while I sat on the beach. It was great to not have to do may hair all week. A perfect solution to frizzy wind blown beach hair.

Pit stop along the boardwalk for some tacos. Note to self: When the Mexicans put a sign on a condiment in spanish saying "very hot" it usually means very hot!

This was one of our other excursions. It was quite an adventure. We floated around on a big party barge most of the day. Then were shuttled off the big boat in tippy overcrowded tiny boats (through jelly fish infested waters...literally) on and off two different beaches. We ended up hiking up the side of a mountain to a waterfall. That part was fun. We were so hot and dusty after the hike that even a chilly swim with the fishies was great. You can play "Where's…

Mexico for cheap

Here is a how to vacation in Mexico (or maybe anywhere warm) on the cheap. And trust me if there is a way to do something cheaper I will find it. First of all pick a week, then call up a travel agent (or several) somewhat last minute and ask what deals they have. There are some amazing vacation packages out there with the flight included. It helps to be flexible with location. With the economy in the states in the tank there there are some incredible deals to be had. Our 7 day all inclusive trip cost us much much less than buying a plane ticket alone..anywhere....and the plane ticket was included!! Go slightly off season, the busy times in these places are the deep dark cold months of winter when everyone needs to get out of Canada.
The above picture is a resort in NuevoVallarta...absolutely gorgeous! We went there for a "presentation" and earned ourselves a free gourmet breakfast, two "excursions" and a bottle of Kahlua. Take advantage of the free stuff....just tak…

Puerto Vallarta Trip

My husband and I just got back Sat. night from a week long vacation in Jalisco, Mexico. We booked the trip on a Monday and left on a Saturday. We felt the need to get away from the snow, cold and slushy mucky weather so we just left. My parents were wonderfully generous and spontaneous enough to keep our kids for the week. Yes this is our second trip to Mexico this winter....without our kids. Yes I feel totally guilty about that. Our first trip was to a very different part of Mexico and for a very different purpose. This was a purely selfish trip meant to relax, recharge and explore another part of Mexico. We had an amazing trip. I missed the kids but did enjoy the pure relaxation and freedom. I would have loved the kids to be there to enjoy the ocean and the sights too but another 3 plane tickets were not in the cards for our unbudgeted spontaneous trip. My husband and I so very rarely go on dates or little trips away alone together that it was so good for us to have thi…