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Bring The Rain - Canvas

I just got finished reading a post on "Bring The Rain" entitled "Canvas". It was so good that I wanted to put a link on my blog...for anyone who does not already keep up with Angie's posts. I have her on my blog roll and "buttons" on the side bar. Their story is also listed on my sidebar under videostories - The Smith Family Story. Thy lost their fourth daughter shortly after birth almost a year ago. Her husband is the lead singer in the Christian band "Selah". She is a very gifted writer, a very humble, authentic woman of faith who has been on a difficult and beautiful journey this year. Instead of trying to explain and butcher what she so eloquently wrote I'll let you read the post for yourself .

our new pet

Ok, so maybe our new pet is a little unconventional....and uninvited for that matter. Its a moose, actually there are two of them that wonder through our yard on a daily basis lately. They like to eat the trees and leave little "gifts" behind for us. Such strange and fascinating creatures. They look like they are made up of spare parts. Tall , gangly, huge noses and humped backs...sorry moose. I make sure to check that they have gone away before the kids go out to play. The weather has been nice so I am NOT about to keep them cooped up inside. I've warned them not to go near them and if a moose shows up to get to the house.

Since we are being overrun by animals I thought I'd show you the monkey breeding program we have inside the house. Little Silas has learned from the best and is following in his brothers footsteps. I found him up in the cupboard in our back entry way.

Silas! Get down from there!...oh wait let me get my camera first!

Feeding time at the zoo. Silas is …

Random kid pictures

Here are my three little sweethearts in a rare moment of sweetness. I found them watching a movie all snuggled up together along with their stuffed friends.

Kiss me baby!!

I just thought this one was funny. He woke up from a nap and was upset that he couldn't carry his complete entourage out of the bedroom with him with out dropping things. This included three stuffed animals, 2 blankies and his pillow. Sometimes he has trouble letting go. Of course being the sympathetic compassionate mother that I am I responded by grabbing my camera and frustrating him even more....I made it up to him by helping him carry his bed out of his room.

My little warrior. We are so glad to have Roman around for our general protection. There are things in life that must be taken very seriously...alien invasions for example.

just missing him

I've been missing my Kade boy the last couple days. I don't know what brought it on but I suppose it will be like this for a while. I wonder how long I will wonder what he's doing, where he's living , if he's being looked after, if he has someone to rock him when he's sad.
I'm missing his help emtying the dishwasher, his cute little words, his expressions, his snuggles, even his cute floppy ears. Its harder than I thought.
We cared for two other little ones in our home for 8 months. I loved those kids and did feel like a mama to them but we knew from the start that we were working toward them being able to go home to their mom, who loved and wanted them. The goodbye was a little sad but we have been able to keep in touch and their mom is great an sending us pictures and updates once in a while. Kade has been different. We have never met his parents, we knew very little about his history...what we did know was nothing that would make us confident that someone …

The road less travelled

I was looking for some pictures to illustrate a picture I had in my head of people climbing a mountain. Being that we live in a place with no mountains in sight and its been a while since we were actually hiking in the mountains this was the best I could come up with. This is actually a location in SK. The highest elevated land in the province, Cypress Hills Provincial Park. We camped there last summer.

Lately verses in the Bible that refer to the idea of running a race in our spiritual lives have been coming to mind. Some trying and discouraging circumstances surrounding me right now are requiring an extra measure of focus and perseverance.

"Therefore since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus. The author and perfecter of our faith" Hebrews 12: 1- 2
To put the passage into context the author of…

Welcome Home!

This post is a continuation of the last post and our afternoon spent at the fun factory. After the kids had played themselves to exhaustion...well at least two of them anyway...I'm thinking of getting Roman a human size hamster run.
We went to the airport to welcome home my parents who have been working in Haiti for 6 months. As you can see our weather welcomed them too! You can almost see the mercury way down at the bottom. What a change from Haiti. I wasn't sure how Silas would react to seeing his Grandma and Grandpa again. The big kids were super excited and have missed them a lot , but Silas was only 1 and a half when they left for Haiti. Previously he had been a full fledged "Papa's Boy" and Grandma was like a second mom. I knew he would likely be a little shy and reserved around them after so long. He was a little shy for a couple minutes and then jumped right back into being papas boy. He clung to his papa like a little piece of velcro. Poo…

Fun Factory

What do you do when its March and the temperature is -30 plus a windchill? Lock your kids up....or drive to the city and let the kids play themselves silly for 5 hours at the "fun factory". We were going to pick up my parents from the airport yesterday evening and since Aili didn't have school (too cold) we decided to make a day of it. We were joined by two of my cousins, my aunt and my cousins children for an afternoon of visiting while the kids played. It was so nice to catch up with family that I don't see nearly often enough.

This little guy played hard all afternoon without a nap! He did great with no exhaustion meltdowns. I'm paying for yesterdays late night and no nap today though. He's still surprisingly easy for a 2 year old. Due to the fact that my first two toddlers were so extremely super charged with emotion and will I am constantly surprised at how cooperative he is. He's naturally happy and easy going. He's still a two year old though …

Heart Hardening

I spent a little while this afternoon during Silas' nap time (that wonderful gift from God time of day)in prayer and reading my Bible. This is something I thoroughly enjoy doing and see fruit and growth every time it is a consistent part of my life. Unfortunately it is often too easy to do something else and just not make time for it. I admit I'm often guilty of many distractions, so much to do...too tired. I have a long list of excuses I can tell myself however spiritual growth requires , on our part, some spiritual discipline. Just like physical strenth and fitness requires some work , daily discipline and training.

The fact that God loves us has nothing to do with what we do or don't do, its completely unconditional. Our Salvation is a gift, we can't accomplish it on our own. There is nothing we can do to deserve or earn it all we need to do is accept it. Sanctification, becoming more of a reflection of Christ, does however have an element of effort involve…

more winter pictures.

I hate dial-up..even possibly more than I hate being cold. Anyway my picture limit is four at a time and this time it appears to have kicked the picture off my last post. I decided to put it back on and add a couple more of our sledding outing. Today is -30 degrees celcius. sigh. Spring is no where in sight yet but here we don't typically get spring until April. Then we usually have a few weeks of living in mud and slush at that point. The kids will love being outside in the warmer tempuratures and who wouldn't be thrilled playing with muddy streams of water running through our yard. I'm willing to put up with multiple loads of muddy laundry to have them outside all day. Right now a yard full of mud and slushy puddles sounds better than -30. Okay, enough whining about the weather.
On a more positive note it is beautiful isn't it?

Trying to make the best of it.

I'm not at all pleased with winter at this point in the year. Especially now that I have had a short taste of summer and have returned to the artic. The weather was hovering around the freezing mark for several days giving me hope and visions of spring. But we are now plunged once again into bitterly cold winds and snow storms. Saturday was a pretty decent weather so our family and some friends decided to seize the day and attempt to enjoy winter while its here. I'm the first to admit I'm a total baby about the cold. I prefer to hibernate during our 6 or 7 months of winter. I'm beginning to get cabin fever though...and outgrow my jeans so I'm hoping spring comes soon.

A rare family photo. Not to bad eh?
Ok I totally realize my American friends and family will mock my use of "eh" in a sentence. Consider it a vocabulary lesson.
Its like a non commital question mark at the end of a sentence. Like making a statement without actually having to be bold enough to s…

My favorite work assignment

Everyday that we served at the mission in Baja Mexico we were assigned or volunteered for various jobs that needed to be done. These ranged from construction work, painting, cleaning bathrooms, weeding, cooking or helping in various ministries. My favorite assignment was being sent to the day home for disabled children to help out and fill in for staff who weren't there. I did a variety of other jobs listed above but this one was more like play than work. The mission in Baja is a very multi faceted ministry. The heart of the place is the childrens home (the orgional ministry) which provides a home for about 80 kids. Out of that ministry branches many "limbs" that minister to the surrounding community or support the childrens home. One of the newest of these is the day home for disabled children.

This little guy pictured above has the most adorable smile. It's not totally clear what is causing his problems but he is small for his age (4), is non verbal and is delayed i…

We're home!

We arrived back in Canada yesterday afternoon. I am exhausted and am fighting a Mexican cold (I called it that because we get colds everytime we are there...we had several over our last 6 month stay). We had a really good trip though and our group was blessed with good health and safety during our long trip down and our stay in Mexico. Everything about the trip just fell together with no problems . I definately felt Gods hand of protection over even the smallest details. I am so proud of our team . For many it was their first time going into a different culture, but they did amazing. It was a busy fast paced week but they all kept up their stamina and enthusiasm until they were finished....I did notice the van ride to the airport in SanDiego was much quieter than on the way down :) Thankyou so much to those who prayed for this trip. The above picture is Nathanael and I with our good friends Olga and Trinidad and their kids Isaac and Keila. We haven't seen them since we left the Ba…