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kitchen dance recital

I just had a fun evening of watching my two oldest put on a show for me. I love moments like this...moments when I can just sit back and thoroughly enjoy them. I think this boy is a dancer, he's been dancing since he was a baby bopping to the music in his excersaucer. Aili is the same way...always dancing. There can't be music playing in our house without someone dancing to it. It was even fun watching him dance to the "gentle songs" that would come on. He gets so into it, he dances with such fierceness and emotion....and he's even with the rythym and the feel of the music the whole time. Dad wants to start teaching him to drum....I'm glad that the drum set is in the garage.

In case you were wondering they were dancing to Starfield and Natalie Grant.

I'm a supa star!!

Here is my ballerina. She wasn't able to take ballet or dance this year but she did it last winter and really enjoyed it. She actually surprised us with how well she learned …

Second Chances

It has occured to me lately how much our God is a God of second chances....and third and fourth and so many more. Ok, many of you now have the song from Vegi Tales "Jonah" in your head. I'm sorry, try to get past visions of singing cucumbers in choir robes for a few minutes and bear with me.

My favorite devotional of all time is My Utmost For His Highest and I love Oswald Chambers insight into all things spiritual. I have a little bit of a peeve for shallow decorative cheesy devotional books. Those little nuggets to read each day that neither challenge or stretch your reality of God. I like to dive into the wisdom of books and read them cover to cover...not a little tidbit a day. With that said I love reading and re reading through this collection of many of his writings and lectures as a Bible professor and army chaplan, put into a daily format. I recently re-read the one put on Dec 31 since I didn't have the book with me while we were on vacation over new years.

As I…


The weather is FINALLY mild enough to be outdoors playing in the snow. It has been such a brutally cold winter here. Fortunately we missed some of the harsh weather while in WA. It has been only a couple degrees below freezing and not much for wind for the last couple days. And the sun is out...perfect. Nathanael pushed up a bunch of snow into a pile in the empty lot next to us with the front end loader (tractor). Instant playground!. Here is sweet little Kade taking it all in. He likes to observe for a good long time before plunging into something new. Unlike my other little maniacs.

A moment of sweetness.

The toddlers. Silas and Kade are 7 months apart in age...makes for a messy house! Here they are hamming it up in the snow. Entertaining them outside for a while was a great change from being cooped up indoors.

Roman conquering the mountain of snow. He spent all afternoon climbing up and sliding down this snow pile. Even Silas got in on the action and just loved acting like a goof t…

New kid in the house

Here is our new foster boy, Kade. I had mentioned in an earlier post that we picked him up on Friday. We have taken almost a year off from any new placements and were waiting until after our trip to WA. to take in any more kids. "Placement" dept of social services has had our phone ringing constantly. There is such an incredible need for foster families, and it seems there are a lot of the 1 and 2 year old age. I almost feel like cracking a joke about totally knowing why there are so many toddlers left in foster care but am refraining myself. Other moms of tantrum throwing fussy toddlers know what I'm talking about. Anyway, we got a call on Wed. asking if we would pick up a 1 1/2 year old girl...turns out he was a boy...yes thats how organized they are. So we are now adjusting to life with two toddlers a 1 year old and a 2 year old. My kids are happy that they have another little guy to dote on. Silas enjoys him too. He is so big for a 1 year old. I'm putting him in …

Silas turns two!!

As you can see I was a little lazy with the cake this year, well not so much lazy as unprepared and out of time. He didn't seem to mind that it didn't resemble any of his favorite cartoon characters. It was chocolate and it had candy on it...looked good to him!

Silas is one happy boy! Cake and icecream are both a rare treat in our house, makes them appreciate birthdays :) In fact if I ever do make a cake for no particular reason they always ask who's birthday it is. Kind of sad I know. Don't feel too sorry for them they do get homemade cookies all the time.

Our little table is all filled up with just our family.
Silas really enjoyed his party. You never know with a two year old. I think coming off of Christmas made him really eager and all practiced up for opening presents. As I was tucking him in bed he told me all about it" cake.....presents....cake...icecream...hat."
Needless to say it took a while for him to settle in to sleep.
Aili our resident …

Silas is two today...and acting every bit of it!

I was awake at 6.20 this morning trying to keep a crabby tired toddler happy downstairs while everyone else sleeps. 6.20 came awfully early this morning due to being up more than I was down last night. I knew it had the potential of being a rather sleepless night as Silas hasn't been sleeping very well this week. No clue why , just hoping this phase passes quickly. We also picked up a 1 1/2 year old foster baby yesterday. He was up quite a bit too ( about 8 times) just needing some reassurance. I had some compassion for him knowing it is a huge adjustment and the poor guy is probably terrified. I'm hoping the sleep situation improves the longer he is here.

I'll back up a day. Yesterday Aili had an appointment in the city with a ear/nose/ throat specialist. She has been snoring something fierce, she has sleep apnea, she can't breath through her nose and we found out yesterday she can't hear out of one ear at all. The reason. - Her adnoids have grown back! Who would h…

Sugar Rush

Here is another flash back to our stay in Washington State. My kids with a bakery treat only a Grandparent would buy ...and only a kid would appreciate!

Notice the totally overwhelmed look on Aili's face, a few seconds later she asked me to scrape off the icing so she could taste the cupcake. I did the same to Romans...a total mom move I know. If you've been around Roman lately you are fully aware that he is full throttle enough without a pound of sugar :) Check out the crossed eyes though, he's in sugar utopia. He's got the sweet tooth of the family.

vacation pictures

We are home now and full fledged back into the swing of busy life. Here are a few more photos . Last time they didn't work. I have no idea why other that we are back to using dial up. I was totally spoiled using my mother-in-laws highspeed on our vacation. Its hard to go back!

Here we are at the Columbia River on the Oregon side. The kids are actually facing the Astoria tower. It was all closed for winter though, along with the lighthouses and pretty much everything else. Still great scenery though even if it was cold.

Roman aspiring to be a viking. Ships, conquest, cool hats? Count him in.


My heart is broken once again for a family who were recently forced to say good-bye too soon. Little Magdalena Grace Roberts was born with Trisomy 18 this summer. I have been following her miraculous story, miraculous because with a Trisomy baby each day is a miracle and a blessing. My husband and I both enjoyed seeing her pictures with each blog post, watching her grow, cheering her on and celebrating each milestone from afar. She was adored by her two parents who loved and doted on their little girl knowing that someday they too would have to say good-bye. I can't imagine the pain of an empty bassinet, a closet full of clothes, and a big hole in the middle of a family . Being a parent one day and then being childless the next is a horrible thing. They are an amazing testimony and an amazing family. You can find them and see their little girl on my side bar "Oh love that will not let me go" . I can't beleive how much that little girl has worked her way into my heart…

More vacation pictures

The best armed 5 year old around. Roman's highlight of Christmas was getting a real Swiss Army knife for Christmas from Grandpa. Daddy took it to the grinder though so its about as sharp as a letter opener. He came to the rescue of everyone opening a present with the offer of him opening it with his knife. What would we do without his resourcefulness. He went back to the mall with Grandpa to buy the holster for it so he will never be without his fancy new knife. I think he is sleeping with it under his pillow at the moment.

Exploring Long Beach Washington with the kids. It was really cold and windy but they loved it!

Dad and the kids going down for a closer look. Dad makes a great anchor.

New Years Resolutions

I was sitting here at my computer thinking that the passing of another year really deserves a blog post. The problem is that I'm on vacation still and any sort of creative or poetic energy seems to have been left at home. So forgive me if this isn't in anyway deep , inspiring or funny. Now that you are thoroughly wishing you had done something better with your time I'll try to organize a few thoughts.

New years is a time of resolutions. Out with the old failed attempts and in with a new shot at getting it right this year. I'm not big on one day a year resolutions....mostly because they only last until February at best. Just ask my "bow flex" machine how lonely it is. It makes a nice clothing rack though.

I sometimes make resolutions throughout the year like "I will not yell at my kids ever again"...well just ask my kids about that one. I try but it will only last until the next time I find them in an extreme fighting match or they have pus…