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Getting Ready for Christmas

This Saturday we put up our Christmas tree and decorated the house. It seems a bit early but the kids were eager to get the Christmas season started and I enjoy having the house all decorated too...even if there is no snow yet. My hubby was away for a few days moose hunting so we decided we would surprise Daddy with a clean and Christmasy house when he got home. I convinced the kids that in order to decorate ,the house must first be thoroughly cleaned. It has been a crazy and exhausting week with my broken up toddler so the house was in rough shape. Fortunatley I have kids who I have trained to clean :) I had the 5 year old emptying garbages and dusting while the 7 year old vacuumed and tidied up the shoes in the entry. By the time Daddy got home we had the house decorated , the tree up and all the bathrooms cleaned. For some reason its hard to appreciate the beauty of the decorations with a grungy house...not that it won't be grungy again before Christmas.

Silas wok…

More Hospital Pictures

This is the second post about Silas crib accident. Skip ahead to the one below and then backtrack up to this one for it to make sense. I know not very efficient on my part. Here he is finally sucumbing to a short drug induced nap. He still has one foot on the rail in protest.

Unhooked and ready to go for a stroll around the the ward. Still not a very happy camper.

Waiting for our discharge Silas and I were able to get more comfortable than we had been for the past two days. I could have stayed there and napped with him, but getting out of the hospital was more appealing. They had thought we might stay another night but he was doing well after surgery so we were able to go home. Yippee no more chair bed.
The nurses were great and so sweet to Silas the whole time. We didn't have any bad experiences with grumpy old nurses. The Drs....when we were lucky enough to actually see one were really nice too. We will be going back once a week for the next few weeks to get his arm re x-rayed…

Silas' hospital adventure

Sunday evening after a busy day and a missed nap I decided to put Silas to bed early. Well early didn't exactly happen. He crawled out of his crib like he has been doing for the past week but that night he had his first fall. Unfortunately is was a fall bad enough that I heard the thud and the scream from the kitchen. Immediately I knew he had broken his arm so he and I headed out to the nearest small town hospital 40 km away. Turns out it was a busy night in hickville and we did a lot of waiting....about 4 hours. It was a challenge in patience to wait with a very tired, sore an bored toddler. Finally he got in for some x rays. They wouldn't let me in for some stupid reason and my phobic baby screamed for over half an hour as they tried to hold and tape him down to get the shots of his arm. By this time his arm was very swollen and misshapen. I paced outside as my baby screamed for mama. Loads of fun. We found out that he had a "significant injury" near his elbow tha…

Daddy and his boy

I love the tiny feet sticking out of the blanket.

In memory of my first born

As I sit down to write I don't know what words will come or even if I should try to put into words a story that has been kept only in my heart for so long.

May 26th of this year marked the birthday and passing of my first born, Samuel. He would have been 8 years old this year which in itself seems almost unbelievable. In some ways my life has come so far and changed so much since then that it seems like a lifetime away but on the other hand I can't believe it has been so long since I held him last.

On his birthday this year I got out the memory box I had neatly hid away for several years. I opened it, held the blankets that held him, looked through photographs, and read through my old journal. (I also read through each card I received and am amazed again at the outpouring of love from family, friends and two church families...thank you) We also have a home video of him being born and us meeting and holding our son. I had never watched fact I had forgotten that I had i…

gone too soon

Our little family
Saying good bye

mommy and baby


totally bummed

Ok , I was playing around with the labelling thing and the archived posts and managed to delete several of my old posts. Oh well. No more "Dance Party, Roman goes to School, and In the midst of the mundane" and a bunch of others that were labeled "motherhood" Like it really matters but it does bother me when something I put creative energy into or poured my heart into just disapears into cyber nothingness. Computers suck sometimes. Well maybe thats my clue to get off the computer and do something else. Hint to anyone playing with the labels...don't click on delete a label because apparently it also means delete every post with that label...not just the label itself! grrr

Monkey boys

Here is Roman and Silas' new bunk bed. Roman can finally move out of his toddler bed (at the ridiculous age of 5) and Silas will soon be moving out of his crib now that he regularly climbs out of it anyway. Not thrilled for that bedtime battle to start but I'll have to teach him about bedtime and staying in bed eventually. It is hard not to laugh when a couple minutes after I put him to bed he comes walking out sheepishly and waves and announces "Hi". One of those moments I want to giggle but have to put on my tough mommy face. Having my "baby" climb out of his crib always throws me off a little and appears ridiculously funny for a while. Its kind of like when my "baby" first starts having real words come out of his mouth. Its too cute. Here is Silas having fun on a shelf that now happens to be directly above Romans bunk...while he is supposed to be napping. The next picture is his "hiding" which he is good at doing if he knows he's …

For Your Birthday L.P.

I know you will appreciate my computer savvy in being able to find a picture on-line and actually put it on my blog! That effort is for you :)

I will be praying today that today's birthday brings a measure of peace, hope and even a glimpse of happiness.

As I was thinking about what "on-line" gift I wanted to send know facebook flowers, virtual cups of coffee etc. I had the picture of an olive leaf in my mind. So this is the best picture I could find for you. And since my computer savviness limits how I can send this to you...I will dedicate this post to you. :)

This image of the dove carrying the olive leaf is often used as a symbol of peace but I also see it as a symbol of hope.

As I read through the account of Noah a few things stand out to me this morning so I thought I'd share them with you.

" Then the Lord shut them in. For forty days the flood kept coming on the earth and as the waters increased they lifted the ark high above the earth. …


Here are my dorky adorable kids dressed up warm and ready to head out begging for candy. It is fun seeing them excited about finding their costumes. I'm not into buying costumes..unless they are at the second hand store. They mostly dig through the "dress up clothes" and put together some sort of character. I resent spending money on Halloween. Which brings me to my next point. I have decided I really dislike Halloween...more and more each year. I am not legalistic about it or have banned it completely but I have drawn some lines and have redirected the focus as best I can. First rule is no dressing up as anything that makes light of or celebrates evil in some way. I know I might seem like a Halloween scrooge or am not "getting into the Halloween Spirit"...the spirit of which I have a problem with. I just have a huge problem with making something that is very real, very serious and very dark...into a funny childrens costume..or a "its all in fun "cele…