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Open House

After a very busy but only moderately productive day we remembered that the kids school was having an open house. It was our first real visit with their teachers and we get to snoop through their school work and see if they are learning anything. Definately not something the kids will let us miss. They are in two different classrooms because the kindergarten class was too big to fit with the rest of the 1st 2nd and 3rd graders ,there are 8 kids in his grade. They made part of the library into a K classroom and the teacher has done a great job making it a fun learning space. I thoroughly enjoyed having my kids drag me along showing me everything in their classroom . I'm so glad that they both enjoy school.

Its always informative to talk with the teachers..and often funny. Aili's teacher repeated the things her past teacher always told us...its good to have someone else see the same traits in her. Apparently she is the "friendliest kid in the

picture retry

I don't know why but my photos seem to have disapeared from the below post...maybe its just my computer or dialup internet that isn't working properly. But here they are again if they didn't work the first time.

Academy of the Potty

Welcome to Academy of the Potty, where students learn about and experience first hand their own body functions. Students will develop an appreciation for dry underwear , preferably with something cool like Spiderman or Bob the builder on the toosh. This is an intensive learning workshop that will take anywhere from a week to a year based on proficiency and over all willingness to cooperate with staff. Wearing of diapers is discouraged but will be allowed under circumstances where an accident would prove highly embarassing or inconvenient. At Academy of the Potty we strive for excellence and reward students achievements with candy.

Here is our newest student looking surprised and embarrassed at being caught in his briefs. But that little toosh is so cute. This student has begun his training workshop at the impressionable age of 22 months. Our average age of completion is about 25 months so he is right on track to keep up with former alumni.
Here he is again catching up on some studying …

My inner Junior Higher

It happens in so many ways , sometimes by choice and sometimes it happens without our approval leaving us struggling to re balance ourselves. Sometimes it is being forced to look for a new job, sometimes its an unplanned new family member, sometimes its relocating to a new town. Its adjusting to new seasons of life. I feel in some subtle ways we (my hubby and I)are in a new season of life. Even though for a while now I feel like I have gotten used to the change or am over it , grieving what was lost or left behind still comes back to haunt me a little.

My change has come in the form of changing social relationships. Families we were once close friends to...are not families anymore...and have become estranged acquaintances. A close circle of young couples that used to meet once a week to study the Bible and share our lives no longer meet and have for the most part gone their separate ways. I don't know if its the intimacy shared that I miss or the security of being surrounded by peo…

Life with Silas

I know this little guy gets way too much blog time but can you blame me? Just look at him. He loves his new kittie and our Border Collie that we are dogsitting for the winter. He loves animals, no fear of them at all...the vacuum is a different story though.
Each of my kids have spent time baking with mom, its kind of a right of passage in my house. They spend much of their preschool days counting out cups of flour and stirring batter. Its a little messier with a one year old but he loves it. Actually of all my kids he is the only one who actually doesn't like messes or to be messy. He makes it a real issue if he has something on his fingers, playdough, marker, boogers whatever. He is very insistant that I wash it off. He walks around pointing out "mess" in our house. I have my fingers crossed for a neat freak. so far I'm surrounded by slobs. He is such a polar opposite of his brother...although they both like to make lego guns.
Being a toddler he is little mr ind…

Why is it so hard to just take a stand?

This blog is a journal of sorts, random thoughts and updates about my life which as you may have noticed focuses a lot on my family and my role as a mother. You may also have noticed that my faith is not just a piece of my life neatly tucked away in a box to open on Sunday and then put on the shelf again as I resume life as usual. Rather my faith and relationship to my Creator, Savior and Lord is the thread that the tapestry of my life is made of. It can no more be separated from any area of my life than the thread can be pulled from the artistry of that tapestry. Therefore as I write this "journal" it will be a mix of all kinds of things that are on my heart and the events of my life...the joyful, the ugly, the silly , the mundane....everything that makes this Mosaic of my life .

With that said, there is something that I can not get off my mind. Maybe its all the recent politics and debates that have me thinking. I follow politics but I try not to become so emotionally invol…

Goodbyes and watching for winter

We had Mom and Dad over for dinner the night before they left for Haiti. Here they are spending some time with the kids. I can't believe how tall Aili looks in this picture. She is sure growing up. I have this forboding awareness that the years are short and we will be in the grips of adolensence before we know it. What happened to my pigtailed chubby legged cherub? She has become a gangly girl who sits on the couch trying to read chapter books! There is such a difference between the little girl she was even in Kindergarten and the grown up girl she is now in second grade. She is still my quirky, caring, "mothering" Aili though.

We drove Mom and Dad to the Airport Monday. It was nice to meet Auntie Gerrie and my Grandma there too for a quick coffee and visit before the big send off. I am so proud of my parents and their heart to help those in need. They are in for an amazing adventure! We will miss them though, especially the kids. They are such 'hands on' amazin…

pondering pain

This morning I took Silas in for his 18 month vacinations...he's actually 20 months now. Good news he is back on the weight chart and holding strong at 25th percentile! He's gained 5 lbs since April. My baby is now a little boy running around and starting to talk.

If you have ever taken a child to get his shots you know how traumatic it can be. Silas has a total phobia of all things related to drs. and any place that looks like a clinic. Chronic ear infections, ear tubes, allergy testing, trips to the pediatrition and an ear specialist ...add to that a public health nurse yeilding needles every few months and the kid has every right to be afraid.

He was nervous, clinging and whining just walking into the clinic and screamed in terror while being weighed and measured .... we both knew it would get much worse before it got better. They give kids 3 shots in each arm and in a leg. It is just cruel....necessary...but cruel all the same.

As I sat there fighting tears, cradlin…