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Avocado chocolate fondue

I know you are wishing you were here to try it! I borrowed a cookbook from a friend called "deceptively delicious". Written by Jerry Seinfelds wife, the idea of the book is tricking your kids into eating healthy by adding pureed vegies to all kinds of foods. I've tried quite a few of the recipes so far.

What has driven me to start making banana bread with pureed cauliflower? ( no joke, I tried it today it was good)

Before Silas was born I was proud of the fact that my two kids were super eaters....I may even have crossed the line into smugness. My first two kids will eat just about anything including foods that most kids don't like. Spinach, peppers, tomatoes, black and green olives, edamame, hummus etc. Romans favorite food is oysters from the can. Their typical snack would consist of trail mix made with whole raw walnuts, almonds , sunflower seeds and dried fruit. That all changed with Silas . He would act like I was trying to poison him when trying to feed him baby…

My new job


Almost done harvest

We are finally nearing the end of harvest. Its a "rain day " today but once the weather dries up we only have a couple days left. This picture is of Roman helping wash the grain dust off the windows. He loves to come along with me and be one of the working men. Please don't report us to child was entirely voluntary. Today I am trying to catch up on stacks of laundry, baking and a really dirty house . Unfortunately the cleaning fairies didn't come while I was away and 2 weeks worth of house work is all still here waiting for me. I enjoy the solitude of operating the combine and being out in the field...just me and my satelitte radio ...singing along to spirit 66. No one asking me for snacks or hanging on my leg...its a nice change for a few weeks of the year. I am not a sedentary person though and this job requires sitting all day...literally. My body is rebelling against this forced sedation and I think I am starting to atrophy as my hips fus…

Sleeping on the job

Silas couldn't resist the hypnotizing effect of the combine. Its a pretty bumpy place to sleep.

Pelo loco and Harvest time

These are my two astonishingly brilliant looking children headed to school. It happens to be spirit week which translates into sending children to school looking strange everyday.

Aili looking groovy on Hippy Day

Silas has "helped" me out in the Combine the last couple days...I only last an hour or so before I call Grandma to come get him...but he loves it. He woke up at one in the morning last night asking to go in the 'bombine'

He can't fight sleep any longer.

Off to School

Romans first day of school! So far he loves it and actually is very disapointed that he only gets to go every other day. I had to include the middle kids are in the "special" class :) And yes, he just HAD to have a mohawk on his first day of school...nothing like a first impression. I celebrated my freedom by going on a date to the city with my husband pick up tractor parts....hey thats kind of like a date...with a one year old in tow..... we did go out for lunch so it qualifies in my book. I'll take what I can get :)

Aili is 7 !

Here are a couple pictures from Aili's seventh birthday party. I ran out of time to make a cake
so I pulled some cupcakes out of the freezer (had made them previously) whipped up some icing
ta-da...its an activity and a birthday cake! They had a blast decorating. Little Silas was a
big fan of them too. He's the one with the adorable shoulder dimples...he's going to hate them
someday but his mommy thinks they are cute!

Off to a good start

When asked how his first day of school was Roman replied "GREAT!" I guess he liked it. I pressed for more details but he wasn't giving me much. I think we was exhausted. A full day of kindergarten wears a kid out. He and Aili have their first day of gymnastics this afternoon. I'm heading off to the dentist....grrr... and then out to the combine if the weather permits. Its been soggy and cold the past few days and we are hoping it dries up enough today and we can get some more crop off. Winter seems to be pressing on us way too quickly , I had to cover my tomatoes last night so they wouldn't freeze! I am so not ready for the cold!

my life as a branch...

A what? Yes you read it correctly. What a way to start out my first post on my first blog! Hey check out this blog... this crazy woman thinks she's a tree! Bear with me. Actually I'm still experimenting with my ability to figure out how to set up a blog. You see I only have dial up...which means a definate lack of highspeed internet....and I'm not exactly a computer whiz either. No, I don't live in some rural village in Mexico...we had highspeed there..and we don't live in Haiti ,I know its available there too. We live in rural Canada (the prairie part) and have been told by our phone company that we are not in the five year plan to get it in our town.....looks like we'll have to move back to Mexico. So, if there is a obvious lack of entertaining features like pictures and background music.....just picture Jessica Alba and hum your favorite tune while you read.
So back to the branch thing. As I was looking over the "who am I?" question in my profile...…